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PaganDawn 47F
23 posts
9/18/2021 1:06 pm
What Walks With Me

Sometimes I write with words in rhyme
What I cannot express in verbal times
The thoughts that swirl inside my head
When emotions are full and need to be expressed.
I hope you enjoy this glimpse into my soul.
About how I feel, what makes me whole


In this world where I reside
A constant presents walks by my side
Holding my hand through fear and doubt
A form I cannot live without.
It holds my soul in gentle hands
Controls my steps with subtle commands.
Guiding me to always strive
Never letting my resolve subside.

Who is this form I hear you say?
Who journeys with you both night and ?
He is my demon, he is my light
He is the one who controls my life
He brings pleasure beyond compare
He brings pain without dispare.

How can this be that you would give,
your life to one who controls how you live?
What power does he have to hold you so?
Can you not walk alone, can you not just go?

I have walked alone, thinking I was free
I have walked with those that I thought loved ?
But on my path I found,
its not enough to just take a hand.
This form takes more from , than I allow the world to see.
It climbs inside my very soul,
and tears apart the chains that hold,
the very darkest parts of , and lays them bare for all to see.

Who is this one who has such presence,
who's strength and resolve can see your very essence?
It must be strong and powerful beyond compare
To hold and bind you in its snare?

No my friend you have this wrong,
It did not come with strength alone.
It came with heart, passion and need.
It came with longing, want and greed.
It came to own and posses my soul
It came to take, and to Control

But, it is also weak and soft and kind
It has its doubts, and worries of mind
It has a life like many do,
Full of stress and trouble too
In me it finds its release.
A place of safety a place of peace.
Where is can be, all it wants to be
A place where it can be truly free.

I give  it strength as it takes mine
I give it power to control and bind.
I surrender to its every need,
I allow the darkness a place to feed.

It holds me fast and I hold it
Through times of trouble
Through times of bliss
I give it control, it gives me courage
To just be me, to grow to flourish.
And it has in me a place to be..completely open, to roam fee.

It is not the clothes that make this one
It is not the stature, it is not just the Dom
It is the way he gets inside..
Sees my soul, feeds my mind.
In rags or riches it would be the same.
It is not the fortune, it is not the name.

It is everything he sees inside
It is how he takes what he desires.
It is how he allowes me to be,
to give, to release, to serve and be free.

In chains or cuffs, restraints or collar
In pain or tears or fearful torture.
I am exactly what he allows me to be
For he ownes the real me.
And I will skip and step with pride
As I walk behind his left side
My path is his to choose for me
Without reserve
So mote it be.

Domkevin03 60M
101 posts
9/18/2021 5:11 pm

Very enjoyable reading

Domkevin03 60M
101 posts
9/18/2021 3:14 pm

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690 posts
9/18/2021 1:41 pm

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