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My Blog

Welcome to my blog!

Maid's Spanking
Posted:Jul 17, 2024 11:51 pm
Last Updated:Jul 18, 2024 6:10 am

The Jane Eyre book, I realized now. He tried to send me a hint three weeks earlier. If only he were more stubborn and rude, as Rochester was in the novel, maybe I'd have more easily understood. At last I could look into his eyes.

I didn't know what to say now that the moment I'd longed for was upon me. My breath hitched and I busied my nervous hands with tugging needlessly at the sides of my apron.

"Do you wish to be treated as Beth was treated?"

That was the submissive protagonist in the book. So I admitted as much with a meek, ashamed nod. I wanted to ask what he thought. Was he interested? I hoped it wasn't all in my head that the professor seemed to enjoy his authority over me. I looked up at him and hoped he could read my submissive and obedient mind.

I suppose, based on context, it wasn't that hard of a task as it normally was, reading someone's mind. The professor did answer my wordless enquiry. "I want you to know this wasn't my first thought when I advertised the job. It really wasn't. But you've awakened something in me... your sweet obedience, the way you look at me - and I did find the book very exciting. Very exciting indeed! I'm sure you feel the same, seeing how badly the spine has been bent from numerous re-readings."

I went from a thrilling joy to instantly dying of humiliation. My head drooped into my hands and my ears burned hot. I couldn't even respond in my usual way.

"Is this book awful and disgusting Sir? Am I... am I awful and disgusting for liking it?"

"Not at all," he promised me, giving my back a gentle rub. "This book was full of love, strange as it might be to some."

I barely could breathe out my own sigh of relief before he went on with the stricter tone I'd most associate to his job in education.

"I'm afraid to say, though, exciting and sweet as it was, it's not very historically accurate. How disappointing! You told me this was historical fiction."

"...Sorry Master?" I asked, my voice barely above a whisper.

"Well, corporally punishing misbehaving servants wasn't common nor legal during the turn of the century in America. And certainly it would be highly unusual for the Master of the house to take a female servant over his knee, bare her bottom, and spank her by hand. Not to mention the... other punishments involved... later in the book."

"Oh..." I said. I swallowed. It was horribly dry due to how fast my breaths came now. "I'm sorry Sir."

"You do know how important history is to me, Megan."

"Yes Master, yes Sir."

"Then, there's only one solution to all this. Come to my study in half an hour and take a good spanking exactly as historically inaccurate as the one in that book."

I felt dizzy as I shyly nodded to him. Getting exactly what I'd fantasized about for three months straight became a surprisingly overwhelming experience.

"Megan..." he warned me.

"Yes Sir," I corrected myself. It sent a new shiver through me, the way he so assertively insisted on my usual response.

"That's better. You don't need to make your punishment any worse for yourself. I'll see you in thirty minutes." He headed off to his study in a such a hurry that I felt a breeze when he passed.

Waiting for that half hour was agony. In the book, Beth and the Master of the house have a sort of mutual understanding that allows for her first, impromptu spanking to go very smoothly. One got the feeling that her Master would easily sense if Beth had reached her limits, and he was no brute. I only hoped the professor had the same instincts, and could tell my true shrieks apart from my exaggerated ones.

I did want it to feel real, though. Even if it brought a few tears and made it difficult to sit for the rest of the day. I wanted to be spanked rather seriously by my employer, at least once before he might become my lover, and I'd rather have it be too hard than too soft. (Sometimes I dreamed of being spanked, and it was always so soft I could barely feel a thing. Nothing more frustrating.)

Approaching the study, every last step felt heavy and awkward. I only now realized that he had set this up in this way on purpose. Instead of instantly pulling me over his lap right there in the master bedroom, the professor opted to give me a way out. If I decided the fantasy was better left to our imaginations, or that I'd rather talk it all through first, I could have simply refused to meet him. But I barely hesitated. The touch of danger in it thrilled me. I knocked on his door at the designated time, and in doing so, fully consented to a rather real spanking.

"Come in," he said. His voice was strong and a touch terse. I suddenly felt like one of his students handing in a paper a good week late.

"I'm sorry for the historically inaccurate book Sir," I said, playing my role very easily. The anxiety was quite real. "It won't happen again!"

"Yes, well, I suppose it's a little late for that, isn't it, young lady?"

The professor's acting was only barely noticeable, in that he was no professional thespian on the stage. It was a balm to my nerves that all his frustration with me was faked.

"Yes Master. It's too late. I'm going to be punished. I really need to be punished Sir"

"That you are." Professor Brooks ordered me to follow him to the back of the study, directly to a straight-backed chair. It was antique, like most things in his house, and seemed like the last remaining part of a dining room set. When he took a seat, it gave no creaky protest. "How was Beth punished in the book?"

"Oh Sir, please..."

"Tell me."

"She was hand-spanked very soundly Master."

"In what way?"

"...over the lap, Sir."


I swallowed and hesitated from shyness before answering in a shameful squeak. "On her bare bottom, Sir."

"How will you be punished then, Megan?"

He was really going to make me say it. I blushed as I spoke the words. "You're going to put me over your knees and spank my bare bottom very soundly, Sir."

"That's exactly what I'm going to do, Megan," he said with a delicious sternness to his tone. "Over you go. Right now. Be a good little gurl."

That was when I felt the strongest twinge of lust, at this lack of a choice. I had to obey. So I lay over his lap with my maid uniform still on and waited, my head hanging shamefully between my arms. I felt so small and helpless.

He pat me just over my very short skirt before gently pulling it up to the small of my back. Feeling the air brush against my skin, only thin pink panties protecting my modesty, I couldn't help but squeeze my eyes shut from shame. The position alone was humiliating, draped over a lap, waiting for a spanking. But then I felt fingers in the waistband of my panties and I whimpered in embarrassment as he tugged them all the way down to my ankles.

I heard his own breath coming in harder now, and felt the growing bulge of his huge cock against the front of my thighs. It was a blessing to know he was as enthusiastic to discipline me as I was to receive it. His hand pat and then rested on the soft, bare skin of my bottom and I had an urge to push my back upwards to meet even more of his palm. But I waited obediently, knowing my place was more in stillness than movement. At least for now. I allowed him to feel me and enjoy his power over me, and held back all but a soft sort of panting moan as his hand rubbed my bubble butt in tender circles.

My Master removed my panties and instructed me to spread my legs. My tiny cock was getting harder and harder, pushing against my Master's leg. Could he feel it, did he know that I'm really a slut?

His hand rose and I flinched before it fell. I was right to do it! The professor had delivered a very firm spank that made me yelp. The smarting burn had just begun to spread when he delivered another sound spank to my other cheek. A third followed even more quickly than that, and I cried out and squirmed helplessly over his lap. I pushed my butt up, wanting more, wanting to be a good little gurl.

The professor all too quickly found his rhythm, and it was fast and hard. His intent on realism made it so that I no longer had to play any sort of role. I was truly being spanked now, and all my complaints, all the little whines and squeaky cries and yelps, were effortless on my part. I couldn't stop if I tried.

"Are you learning a lesson, slut Megan?"

"Yes Sir!" I said, just before his hand went back to delivering my punishment. "Ooh! Ow, I'll be a good gurl Master, I promise Sir."

I now kicked my ankles back, pointing the soles of my shoes to the ceiling, and so deeply and truly felt now like a naughty young lady who needed this punishment. He'd gotten every last inch of my backside now, and still he kept his soundly punishing rapid pace, making me shriek out my repentance as I wiggled fruitlessly across his lap. My tiny cock now rock hard and rubbing against my Master's leg.

Before I knew it, my legs were scissoring back and forth in a childish way, and my hollering was constant and frantic. There were tears in my eyes, threatening to fall. I tried to protect myself with a hand, and the professor took it and held it against the small of my back instead. "I'll be good Master, I'll be your good little gurl!" I promised.

"You've needed this spanking for a long time, Megan, and I'm going to make it memorable." I knew I was leaking precum from my hard little cocklet, on his very expensive pants. That might earn me another spanking.

"Ahhh!" I whined, but I did feel some mercy in the next couple dozen smacks. He felt my panic was becoming too real, which it was, and eased up. But the hot, stinging swats continued to prickle my sensitive skin, so I still kicked and wiggled over the professor's knees wildly, pulling back against my trapped arm.

He paused to rub my smarting bottom. It had gone on for a long time by then, for a spanking, at least for 10 minutes. My shrieking now turned to whimpers and hitched breaths and I let my ankles fall back to the ground behind me.

"Have you learned your lesson my slut slave?"

"Yes, Sir. I'll be the best little gurl in the whole country. I'll do anything to please you Master, anything.!"

"Will you ever be a naughty gurl again?"

I went silent. I didn't mean it to be bratty or mischievous or anything like that, but I suppose it came across that way. Really, I was conflicted, because even as my red bubble butt burned like it had been coated with fire, I wanted to be back over these strong knees again sooner rather than later.

"Megan! Slut slave?" he scolded me.

"I'll try to be a good gurl from now on Sir!"

"I suppose you need further reminding of what happens to misbehaving housemaids."

"Oh, please Sir!" I whined.

But, I resigned myself to further discipline by bracing my arms against the floor and moving forward a bit, presenting my cute butt's most sensitive sit spot and the backs of my upper thighs.

Professor Brooks pat me twice and then resumed my sound spanking. Now all his burning swats were directed right at that most sensitive area, getting the centre of both cheeks at once and often a bit of my thighs. Due to the moment he took to rub me and settle me down, it took a good ten spanks before I was back to feeling the full sting of my punishment. I began to cry out again as the lowest part of my butt and the highest part of my thighs were reddened until the professor felt I had all I could take.

He allowed me to stand, and surreptitiously covered his lap with his own arms. "Your punishment isn't over slut."

"No, Sir?" I asked, my burning cheeks helping me manage to withhold my delighted grin.

"I want you to stand with your red bottom on full display in the corner for the next twenty minutes while I work. The shame will do you well. Remove all your clothes and put your nose in the corner, hands on top of your head, legs spread and butt pushed out." My tiny cock was still rock hard and sticking straight up, amazingly my Master igonored this obvious sign of my submission.

This happened very often in the book as well, so it shouldn't have been as surprising as it was. But I thought for sure he'd want to kiss me. Take me right then and there. He didn't. I was made to wait in the corner in a position he'd chosen.

The shame of it engulfed me, and equally thrilled me. He worked - I heard papers shuffling and sometimes drawers opening. And I had to stand there on display, knowing his eyes would be checking me, taking in my nakedness, seeing the work he'd done on my spanked bottom. After half the prescribed time, the sting in my bottom had settled into a warm glow, and my clitty between my legs I now ached for attention. I wanted him to force my legs far apart, run his hands up my thigh, and then feel me there, too. I wanted him to go on exploring until I helplessly lost control of myself and screamed as my pleasure peaked against his fingers. The thought made me squirm, shifting from leg to leg.

"Megan... " he warned me.

"Sorry, sir," I said, keeping still.

So he was indeed watching me. Like a hawk, it seemed. I sighed and fell back into my role as the professor's maid, his servant, undergoing her punishment. It still filled me desire, but I managed better with my submissive role. I was not to beg for his pleasure - I was to take whatever was or wasn't given to me. Right now, my order was to stand in shame against this wall, and so I did, because it was the professor's command.

The final ten minutes passed slowly. My imagination filled the time with fantasies of being stripped fully nude and bent over that large, old desk and my boi pussy filled with his beautiful cock. But all he did when the time was up was allow me to dress and call me to his side.

I stood beside him almost exactly as I stood right before he spanked me. "Is there anything you'd like to tell me, Megan?"

He was so smart to put it this way. By wording it this way, he was allowing me to say if I didn't actually enjoy any part of what happened. But if I had no complaints, I could let the roleplay continue exactly as before. I began to wonder if I was the only gurl he'd ever spanked or dominated before.

"I'm sorry again for my error Sir," was all I said, because I had no complaints.

"Very good. Well then. I suspect you'll behave in the future. But, maybe you'd benefit from a strong reminder once a week, like Beth in the book."

"Yes Sir," I agreed a bit too quickly. It made him chuckle softly.

"Let's say every Friday evening, Megan. You come knock on this door at around five-thirty, and I'll take you over my knee and remind you to behave with a sound spanking a lot like that one."

I almost thanked him aloud, and changed my mind. I made sure my eyes and a slight smile thanked him, though. "Yes, sir. Every Friday at five-thirty."

I thought that Professor Brooks would have taken me, at least by that night, but he never came knocking on my door. Instead, he only began playing along with the game I started. With a much more active and fully understanding participant in this protracted roleplay, my days became more exciting than I'd ever dreamed.

Every morning he now took me aside to inspect, checking over my uniform if only to run his hands over me and make me shiver with desire. I felt like a new, living artifact in his collection. Not quite a true Victorian-era housemaid, but a modern and deliriously amorous TS gurl version. His warm hands slid just down the sides of my apron, rubbing my very sensitive nipples. How I wanted to grab his wrists and put his palms front and centre. I'd tilt back my head and-

"Good slut Megan. Your uniform is correctly arranged. Please make eggs for breakfast today."

I almost whimpered when he walked away to finish getting ready for work in the master bedroom.

All my needs during this time in our game had to be dealt with by myself alone. I was no stranger to this, and even had an assortment of little toys I'd brought along with me. A couple of rechargeable vibrators, a small plug, and a cock dildo. These served me well while I served the professor, and I had no doubt he was caring for his own needs as well. More than once I saw his need for me begin to tent his pants before he suddenly turned to leave the room. Did he view his own lust as a weakness? I don't know. For now, he and I both seemed more enamoured with the strict roleplay than anything else. So we were patient.

The whole first week of my open submission to him, I was so good. Too good. When he beckoned me, I came trotting up to his side like his loyal lapdog. He'd ask little things, but important ones, letting me prove my servitude to him. These were always little pleasures, quick as they were. I'd have to fetch him a drink or a book or answer innocuous questions as respectfully as I could. Then on Friday I could hardly wait until five-thirty, and knocked on the study door ten minutes early. The professor pretended he didn't notice, but I saw his amused grin just before he walked me back over the chair that I'd begun to call 'the spanking chair' in my head.

He made me announce again with some blushing shame how I was to take my maintenance spanking nude and over his lap. My tiny cock was rock hard by the time I removed my maids uniform, I had no control, I was a horny gurl, always thinking about cock.

The professor reddened my bottom as though some hidden audience might be judging his authenticity as a disciplinarian. I was kicking and crying out helplessly over his lap during the long, hard spanking. The burning pain of the second time made me feel as if it would never be easy for me to submit to his punishments, and maybe that was the entire thrill of it - how deeply I had to submit in order to allow such a stinging, sound spanking to continue uninterrupted.

By the time he'd stopped, I had gone into a strange new state. I sunk even deeper into my role, until I felt like I was nothing and no one. Ethereal. A peace had settled over me and held me still. The whole ten minutes in the corner (a maintenance spanking came with less corner time) I didn't squirm or whine. I just stood on display for him, and enjoyed the complete serenity of the moment.

"Are you alright slut Your little clitty is always hard, so clearly you love your spankings." he checked the moment my time in the corner had ended. I had barely squirmed this time.

"Yes Sir, I'm a very happy gurl Master." I said, my voice still a little faraway and dreamy.

The moment I'd fixed my uniform back into place, I suddenly hugged him. It made him chuckle with affection and I think he understood then that I really was alright. Better than alright. I was a gurl who was getting exactly what she'd always needed.
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Slave boi
Posted:Jul 16, 2024 5:40 am
Last Updated:Jul 16, 2024 1:44 pm

We are boating/camping on the Lake.

I've just finished shaving my thin legs, finally overcoming my fears.

I'd been afraid to be one of those bois with smooth, hairless legs. People would think,

"Is that natural, or does the femboi shave them?"

I already have a petite gurly body, but my leg hair stymied my femboi fantasies. My primary fetish, Fembois with bikini bra tan. I loved my tanned, sexy, gurly, sissy bikini body, and now, smooth, hairless legs.

My "girlfriend", Sara, has allowed my inner sissy/slave to "evolve".

Sara dates whomever she chooses, while I date/serve Sara exclusively.

When I admitted I was a submissive sissy, she didn't want to continue our relationship.

I begged her to let me serve her, in whatever manner she chose. She agreed on a "trial" basis, and began enjoying being her real-life slave, so she's kept me on.

I am her owned cuck-sissy-slave, and she's become comfortable with our relationship.

She could have ordered me to shave sooner, but we've simply allowed my inner sissy to emerge.

I LOVED my new hairless legs, and was getting excited.

Freshly shaved, wearing my sexy pink thong bikini, I lay on her towel next to her.

"You make such a cute sissy-gurl," and I make a gurly coo, while my tiny cock hardens.

Sara is nude; unlike me, she wants no tan lines. Her perfect body on full display, pert B boobs, big hard nipples, smooth hairless pussy, bubble butt, God got it right with Sara.

She knows I'm my absolute most submissive and obedient. Her good litte slave boi.

My tiny bikini bottom contains my tiny cock nicely. It can be situated to either side fully erect, (and remain that way for as long as she dictates).

I am dying to cum.

"Do my feet slave boi," she orders. She loves her feet massaged.

I apply lotion, and she groans with pleasure, and my mouth waters, her freshly shaved pussy, mere inches away.

Our rules are clear, as I work up her legs, I am to massage only to the edge of her
pussy, but no touching/worshiping until she says so. She turns over; her butt is just as sexy.

Again, I start at her feet. I massage; she bends her knee so her toes are at my mouth. I kiss, and suck her toes; I suck like they were a cock.

She smiles, "That's a good gurl. Practice your cock-sucking on my toes. You're a good little cock sucker, right?"

"Yes Mistress, I love to suck real men's cocks" I whisper. She tells me that God gave me a mouth so I could suck real men's big cocks.

I work up her legs, to her ass. She loves her ass cheeks massaged. I kneed each cheek, and she moans. I let a finger drift a bit between her cheeks, and get no resistance, so I apply more lotion, and work my finger to her rear hole, and tease lightly. She moans, "Hmmm, tongue. Rim me slave boi."

I bury my face between her cheeks, and tongue-probe her lotioned hole, and she moans.

She rolls over, "On your back."

She straddles my face with her ass and grinds on my tongue. I can't see it, but I know she's rubbing her hard clit. She likes to cum this way.

She growls, "That's a good little sissy. Worship sissy! You are going to serve me for life! Ahhhh! FUCK, Ahhhh FUCK!" And she cums, she cums hard, twitching, trembling.

She falls next to me, quiet in her afterglow, while my tiny hard cock is nestled against her. I rub and softly grind, yearning for friction. My little cock is so hard; just minimal friction, and I can cum. "That's a good gurl," Mistress whispers, and I know what it means. I'm dying to fuck, but instead she softly orders, "In you go."

I shudder upon her order, and ease into the snow-melt lake; the water is really cold!

Soon my little hard-on is reduced to a little sissy-nub, and my small balls have regressed. Just 1.5" of tiny clitty, not a real man! Very humiliating to have the smallest cock ever, which makes me submissive to everyone, and obedient to everyone.

Now I am still horny, but the imperious need to cum is tempered. When I am hard, my male-ness urges are still prevalent. Mistress has learned the power of bringing me to the edge, and then not allowing my orgasm. This is my true sissy-sub space, shrunken, closer to a clit than a cock...but still horny.

I am my most feminine, when my peepee is soft and tiny.

I play dress-up, but I'm not a girl, just gurly. When I am "gurly" I am inherently submissive.

I am not a typical "male", and not a girl, not gay, but a sub-sissy...serving a Mistress.

That said:

I practice my cock sucking on a realistic cock dildo, while Mistress films me.

It's working, I have begun fantasizing a real cock shooting delicious cum into my mouth and down my throat.

Mistress has transformed my mind. Someday, I will suck a cock, and I'll be fucked in my sissy boi pussy.

Because of Mistress Sara, I now spend hours upon hours in "sissy-mode".

Pre-Mistress, I'd masturbate, merely fantasizing sissy-life, perhaps 15 minutes, an orgasm, then back to "male-mode".

Mistress's terms, I fully embrace sissification, this is the real me.

She has "male" boyfriends ad-nauseum, but I'm her "sissy" boyfriend. She's embraced me as her sissy, (and her SLAVE).

I work from home, so I'm in sissy-dress all day. I wear thong panties, and a bra with realistic (silicone) boobies. I usually wear a short skirt and tight top with spaghetti straps, and high heels.

My eyebrows are thinned, and I am proficient with makeup. I can pass as a woman except from a short distance. Up close, I'm not just some guy in drag, I am a feminized sissy. I spend entire days in sissy-mode, even after I've masturbated...especially after I've cum, (which NEVER happens without permission...and I always send her a vid of the entire experience...including my cum lick-up, and I must tell her how much I love cum and need to be fed daily by a real man).

Mistress can be away for days, or weeks, with some boyfriend, hardly thinking of me. She can be fucking the guy, and smile to herself, knowing her little sissy is at home, waiting for her....and no one else.

Back to the moment at hand...

We are on the lake, in my luxurious speedboat.

It has a sumptuous sleeping cabin, and a bed-like tanning deck, where other boaters can see us, so she can lay around nude all day long...and she does! Mistress is an exhibitionist and love men and women to see her beautiful body.

Mistress just enjoyed an orgasm, and is satiated.

She lays on her side, and I stroke her body, and she mewls, and we drift off for a nap, the sun baking in our tans.

I awaken with a raging clitty hardon.

I may be a sissy, but a horny sissy.

I slip down my pink bikini bottom. I need to cum!

I spoon Mistress, and she feels my hard cock nestled between her butt cheeks, and merely raises a leg, giving me access to her tight divine pussy. I am very lucky, her tight pussy can squeeze my tiny clitty.

Her pussy is already wet; (we've both enjoyed the tease, but now it's time for real FUCKING!) My tiny cock head enters and we both groan, savoring this divine moment.

There's no hurry, and I ease in at her comfort level. She's now on her back and me on my side. Her leg raised, and my legs scissoring her other leg; this is our favorite fucking position. She slips a hand down to her clit, and soon she'll experience simultaneous clitoral and vaginal orgasms, and hopefully, I'll cum at the same time. This is our (orgasmic) sexual goal....every time we fuck.

"I'm getting close!"

"Me too!"

And we both a moment of ecstasy! I feel her pussy gushing as my clitty is exploding. We're both quietly groaning, and moaning, and chirping. It's life's finest moment, and then it subsides, and we exhale.

The sun is baking our freshly fucked skin.

My tiny bikini bottom is laying next to us, but I'm still wearing my small bikini top.

We just fucked like men and women fuck, but I'm still Her sissy-slave.

Early on, I told her that she should ALWAYS make me lick her clean.

We have evolved. Initially it was fun, her ordering me to "clean-up", but now, I am expected to lick her clean with zero prodding.

We lay quietly in afterglow.

Like a typical male, I just came, I don't want to lick her pussy, but as soon as she stirs, I slide down. Her pussy is glistening, with a large dollop of my yummy cum collected at her opening. I lick the dollop, and taste my salty cum. Once I've made the first lick, my mind returns to full cum loving sissy-mode.

I love that I'm still wearing my bikini bra while I lick Mistress's pussy.

When I am finished, we jump into the water, which gives us goosebumps, and we're quickly back into the boat.

I pull on my bikini bottom.

My bikini is stretchy, and fits snuggly, so the tan lines are always the same, stark and unmistakable.

The following weekend, at Mistress's house, She invited her friend Crissy over.

I served them, and Crissy noticed my sub nature, and Mistress casually told Crissy I was her sissy slave.

Crissy inquired, "How so?"

"Take off your pants slave," Mistress ordered, and I did, revealing my shaved legs, and my pink thong panties. Crissy was mildly amused, but panties on a boy were hardly a surprise. "Now the panties," and Crissy was appreciative of my panty-tan, and shaved pubes, but still only mildly.

Mistress then dropped the bomb, "Now remove your shirt," and I answered, "Yes Mistress, as I pulled my tee-shirt over my shoulders.

Crissy shrieked! "A bra tan! What's he do at the Doctor?! Who else knows about this???" Crissy is a Doctor, (now my MD), and Sara answered, "You'll be her Doctor, and she wants to be on hormones....(or shall we say whoremones)," laughing.

Crissy looked at me, "Is this true?"

I nodded, "Yes," and she smiled, "So be it."

Fully nude, shaved, with hands locked behind my neck, Mistress tossed some heels to me, and rather than bend over, I raised my foot to the arm of the couch to put each one on. Heels are a major turn-on, and I was hard by the time they were buckled on. Crissy looked on, "I've never made the connection, until now, but I love the idea of male-sissy-slaves."

Mistress said, "Let's have my slave serve us for the rest of the day."

Crissy smiled and nodded.

Mistress ordered, "Play with your nipples."

Crissy watched, as my nipples hardened along with my hardening clitty.

Mistress commented, "Sissy has a boy-sized cock. Watch this!"

Mistress squirted lotion into my hand, and I knew what to do. Kneeling with legs spread, I dabbed a finger into the lotion and began stroking my sissy-pussy. The other hand went to my clitty, which was super-hard, now spewing pre-cum, which I dabbed into my mouth.

Crissy commented, "He DOES have a nice tiny tool with a tiny mushroom head."

I stared at Crissy, eyes half mast, knowing Mistress wouldn't allow me to cum, knowing Her directive was forthcoming, and sure enough, she said, "That's enough."

I immediately removed my hands and locked them behind my neck, "Yes Mistress," my clitty throbbing, yearning.

Mistress said to Crissy, "She makes a better Sissy when she's revved up."

Looking to me, "Make it cold, my little sissy. And be quick!"

She smiled at Crissy, "Now for her sissy clittie. Tiny sissy-clitties are so cute."

Cold meant a cold shower.

Mere seconds later, with goose bumps, I returned, nude, my hairless clitty a shrunken sissy clittie, just 1.5", holding my Sissy-maid outfit.

My "V"-neck top, sheer, see-thru, skin-tight, half covering my shoulders, stopping just below my sissy breasts, my thong panties also sheer and see-thru; my nub clitty tucked nicely. A satin tutu, thigh-high fishnet stockings, 3" high heels, and a choker collar. Last, a cheap, shiny, tiara, which would fall off if I moved quickly. It forced me to keep my head level, and take measured steps.

Crissy commented, "His tummy is so tiny! He really does look like a girl!"

Mistress corrected, "HER, tummy. For now, she IS a girl."

I retrieved my make-up kit, and vanity mirror, and on my knees, in front of my Mistresses, completed my look.

Mistress smiled, "Now the plug."

It made me flush. I retrieved my 1-1/2" butt plug, and with minimal lube, Crissy watched in amazement as I eased it into my sissy boi pussy.

I spent the afternoon mincing around, serving my Mistresses drinks and food, quietly answering, "Yes Mistress, Yes my Goddess." all afternoon.

When not following orders, I cleaned.

Mistress's house stays very clean. Very, very clean, less I get a spanking.

Crissy commented, "She cleans really well! Can I borrow her?"

"Absolutely," smiles Mistress, "You can keep her until your house...(and pussy), are nice and clean."

Now I serve two Mistresses.

I have cute little (hormone induced) A cup boi-boobies...highlighted by my bra tan.

Crissy has a bi-boi-friend...I'm soon to meet.

Soon I will experience my first cock....blasting delicious cum down my throat.
Forced Bi
Posted:Jul 15, 2024 6:55 am
Last Updated:Jul 15, 2024 11:22 am

In our BJ competition, I had cum first, so I won....a piece of me wanted to "lose".

As if our Mistress read my mind, "We have a treat for you two horny sluts. You get to cum all you want."

All were intrigued!

Slave Collars were locked on our necks, and our wrists, which were locked to the collars...with about 6" of chain...we could touch our own faces, but that was about it.

We couldn't reach our own genitals, but we could "help" each other.

How DEVIOUS!! Our gorgeous Mistress was incredible.

Prissy was clearly turned on by the creative "bondage", gave me a pleading look, "Please make me cum! I'm dying!"

I was happy to oblige; I wanted to bring Prissy to orgasm. I motioned, "Sit back in the chair," as I kneeled before him, handing him lotion, which he squirted into my hands....lots of lotion!

Prissy sat legs spread and head back, as I applied lotion to his big cock and balls, and he sucked in air with a start, and then if he'd been holding his breath his entire life...and groaned. His beautiful cock was rock hard, spewing pre-cum...some I tasted, some I mixed in with the lotion.

As I stroked his huge cock and balls, he eased forward, allowing me access to his boi pussy.

I took his big cock into my mouth, and stroked his anus. His anus relaxed and I gently massaged until it relaxed and opened, and slipped a finger in... I was gentle, allowing his body to adjust.

Prissy twitched and panted with urgency, but I was in total control of the pace. I eased my tongue on the super-sensitive underside of his big mushroom head...maximizing his pleasure.

He moved more to the edge of the chair, allowing me greater access to his rear, and he groaned loudly as I eased my finger all the way in.

The intensity was palpable, but except for my tongue lightly playing on his cock, I was still. For a moment, the entire world was still, and Prissy was suspended in sexual ecstasy.

My finger rested DEEP in Prissy's tight little hole, allowing him work his ass on the finger, while increasing tongue pressure on his cock...Prissy whimpering and moaned like a horny slut.

Keeping my finger snug in his ass, I backed off his cock, "That's a good little slut." I twitched my finger and he thrust upon it, and I smiled, "You like being fucked in your little sissy pussy?"

He groaned.

"Answer me, slut!" All the while, I lightly ran my tongue up his cock, teasing his yearning need to cum.

"Yes, I love your finger! Please make me cum Master!"....Now working his ass back and forth on my finger.

"Perhaps my little cock? Would you like that faggot?"

Groaning, "Please! Please get me off Sir! Please make me cum Master, I'll be your good little gurl!"

"OK, but I get to fuck your ass slave. Say it, say you want my cock!"

I put his big cock back in my mouth. It seemed I'd been sucking cock all my life...I was enjoying it, making him so excited.

I backed off, and looked up at him, "Say it. Say you want me to fuck you. In your little Prissy-pussy."

I thrust my finger a bit more, and he exhaled, "Absolutely! I want to feel a cock in me! OH! Work you finger up...Right there!" I'd found his G-spot, and that was it; he started to CUM!

My tongue working on his cock; thrusting the finger was the "tipping point".

The sound he made, of relief and orgasm he'd remember (and pursue) for life.

I'd never had a cock cum in my mouth...some I swallowed, some I let run out the sides, and I worked my tongue only, keeping my head still, just my tongue, while barely moving my finger...Prissy's muscle clamping and clamping...pumping on my finger. The moment was sublime. Then I bobbed my head up and down, vigorously and loudly, while more delicious cum gushed, squeezing all I could out of Prissy's orgasm.

I heard our Mistress Joy's voice, "BRAVO! What a BJ, good slaves!"

Cum on my chin, I smiled...homophobia be damned; I thoroughly enjoyed sucking that boi off. First, I'd been a (closet) submissive, then sub with Misttress Sara, then "forced" feminization, then "forced" bisexuality, and now enthusiastically bi...sexual evolution at it's best! Two slaves forced to obey our gorgeous dominant Mistress.

As long as we were locked, Prissy and I could do as we pleased; No other demands would be made. Once we asked to be unlocked, we returned to servitude. We welcomed the respite...and the challenge! Exactly how long could we exist with our hands locked to our collars? We'd have to do everything for each other, dress and undress, put on shoes, and provide each other with orgasms...unlimited and unrestricted orgasms!

Both having just cum, we were not particularly horny, so we ate and showered...washing each other, adjusting to life with our hands locked to our collars.

After our shower, I wanted to wear panties; Prissy had to help me put them on. He kneeled as I sat, slipping them on, and up my legs, and fully on...and situated my small cock and balls for comfort....and I began to get hard. He smiled, stroking my tiny cock thru my panties. Without a word, our eyes locked, he started pulling my panties back down, and my hard little cock slipped into his mouth. (It'd been less than an hour...what horny bois we were!)

I pulled out of his mouth and retrieved some lube, and began working it into his rear...."Oh FUCK!...moaning. My other hand could barely reach his cock, which I teased him to fully hard. Then I "flipped" him, "Lay back slave boi."

He smiled and spread, "Fuck me! Sir Fuck me like a gurl!"

My small cock pressed against his anus, and then...eased in, and we both moaned.

We were face to face, collar to collar, hand to hand....cock to ass...eye to eye, and if we wanted, lip to lip.

I fucked him easy. His eyes closed, I read the ecstasy on his face. "Oh fuck," he said, "All my life...I've...I've...." he started moving his bubble butt, "I can't believe how good this is. Oh God I'm your , your cock loving Master!"

"OH! I need to CUM! Please, make me cum!"

I withdrew from his ass, and slid down taking his huge cock in my mouth, while easing my fingers down to his ass...the length of my collar chain, I could barely reach. His hole was stretched, two fingers in his ass, my mouth on his cock....he whimpered like a gurl, but he came like a !

"AHH, AHH, AHH"....on and on, while I gulped his yummy cum, relishing my cock sucking proclivity.

We were "converted" (willing) bisexuals...bisexual slaves....bisexual cock loving sissy slaves for our sexy Mistress

Joy and Lexy stood in the open doorway, arms folded, smiling, joking, "What have we done!"

I still needed to cum.

I feared our Mistresses might torture me, but they just laughed and left us alone.

I knew to give Prissy a moment of afterglow.

He lay on the bed on his side, eyes closed.

I snuggled up and spooned, my hard little cock nestled at his crack...sending a subtle message..."When you're ready, I plan to fuck you."

After a few moments, he stirred, and raised a leg.

Already lubed, I eased against his hole, which slowly gave way.

It was Heaven!

I moved slowly, and Prissy uttered, "Oh God! This is nice!"

He moved against me, allowing me to plunge a bit deeper...then I eased back...then slowly, in and out, slowly, in and out, and his breathing was heavy, "Fuck! This is NICE!"

"Very nice!" I replied, short strokes, a bit deeper, until I was fully inside, still short strokes, in and out..."I want to feel you cum! Cum inside me Master!"

And I obliged! I blew my load, which provided additional lubing, providing a new and unexpected "feel", and I pumped with a bit more vigor, which elicited "Ahhh, Ahhh, Ahhh," from Prissy. "Oh God! I never expected it to feel so good!"

I continued slight strokes, as my orgasm abated, stroking, wishing it would never end...the I was still, and we laid quietly, as my tiny cock began to soften, which was a seemed I'd been hard for days.

My softened clitty regressed, and slowly Prissy pulled away, chirping a bit as my clitty exited, laying quietly for a bit, then off to the shower...What an event!

Locked as we were, we couldn't wear tops, so after our shower, we wore pink thong panties only, and fell asleep.

I woke up with a woody, and had to pee, and had to wake up Prissy to remove my panties so I could pee...then I did the same for him.

Being locked in this manner was becoming tedious...we were ready to ask our Mistresses to release us...after one more fuck-session, of course.

We had become comfortable "serving" each other sexually...discussing our preferences. I wanted to straddle his face and fuck his mouth, and he wanted to lay on our sides, and fuck me from behind.

I went first, slowly fucking his mouth...he could tell when I was ready to cum...we were in "concert", not resisting at all, to the contrary, assisting...I was a lovely orgasm.

After a respite, I laid on my side and raised my leg.

I'd lubed his big cock, he lubed my hole, and again, I found it to be lovely.

He was considerate, allowing my body to adjust, attempting to give me some pleasure, as well as his own pleasure...and I found it to be wonderful...feeling him cum inside me...I'd invite this sexuality any time.
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Cabin Play
Posted:Jul 14, 2024 4:55 am
Last Updated:Jul 15, 2024 6:07 am

Casey must have been really horny that day; his dick was huge. The sight of it, with its swollen rosy-purple head, coupled with his gorgeous feminine body blew my mind. His balls looked bigger than normal, too, and his free hand gently cradled and rolled and pulled at them. The look on his face clinched it for me. He had a look of intense pleasure with his teeth sunk into his full lower lip. His eyes closed and his lips curled in a secret half-smile as his fist began pumping in those signature short, hard strokes. There is no way to describe it but to say Casey looked beautiful approaching climax.

His face contorted in that look of sweet anguish that I so loved to see, and with his usual gasp, his penis pulsed and shot its cream across the room. The first jet landed right on my naked thigh. Its warmth shocked me; even in that stifling room, Casey's cum felt as hot as soup. The rest of his load splattered the floor between us and all over the magazine in front of him. Another one ruined, that distant part of my mind noted. I honestly didn't care.

I stared at the glob of pearly cum oozing down my leg. I had stopped masturbating. My little dick pounded angrily in my fist but I ignored it. I watched as my free hand reached out to scoop it up. I tasted it.

I shut my eyes, and they rolled under their lids. Casey's cum was delicious. I'd sampled my own cum once, and it wasn't bad, but Casey's tasted startlingly rich and sweet. No wonder he liked it so much. Then I realized what I was doing. I had my friend's cum in my mouth. I couldn't believe I was doing something so erotic and sexy. Instead of being disgusted, waves of excitement ran through me; it was like Casey's cum was a turn-on drug. I swallowed and wanted more delicious cum.

I stroked myself twice, and then a runaway orgasm jolted through my thin body like a freight train skipping off the rails. Great long strings of semen flew up into the air.

We both panted like crazy in that little one-room cabin. It reeked of boy-sweat, semen, and an odd oceany, salt-air funk that made me think of my mother's laundry hamper. I was relaxed, but still pretty horny. It gave me courage.

Casey was licking his cum off his fingers, like he always did. "Hey Case," I said, trying to sound casual, "you mind if I taste some of your jizz?"

He cocked an eyebrow at me.

I shrugged, trying to act casual. "You always do it. I figure it must taste pretty good."

Casey nodded. "It does." He held his dripping hand out to me. My eyes kept sliding down over those seductive balls. I licked the cum off his fingers, and it tasted even better the second time. Without thinking, I took Casey's index finger into my mouth and sucked it. More of that warm, delicious fluid filled my mouth. Casey didn't pull away; instead, he inserted each of his fingers in my mouth in turn and I sucked them all clean. I used my tongue to swirl around and around each finger, sucking and licking.
My eyes closed in pleasure.

The look on my face must have been telling, because Casey chuckled. When I opened my eyes, he looked even more flushed and breathless than he usually did after an orgasm. I belatedly wondered if me sucking his fingers had excited him.

"It's good, huh?" He said (more to break the pregnant silence developing than anything else, I think).

"It's great," I said enthusiastically.

I wanted to do two things very badly at that moment. First and foremost, I wanted to suck his big nipples. Secondly, I wanted more of his sweet semen.

My timidity won out. I didn't try for either of these things. Instead, I asked Casey if he wanted to jack off a little more. Of course he said yes. That second time I made sure I was sitting closer, and in his line of fire so I got an even better view of his beautiful body, and an even larger sample of his cum would accidentally land on me.

After that afternoon, whenever it got hot, you can bet I was quick use it as an excuse to strip off my clothes. Casey liked watching me walk around in the buff. I made sure to oblige him without being too obvious about it. Every time, Casey would follow my lead and take off his top. Every time, it was hard for me not to giggle idiotically out of pure joy. I tried my best not to be blatant about staring at him, but I don't know how well I succeeded. I know I got more delicious eyefuls than any boy my age had a right to see. I'm sure Casey noticed from time to time, but he remained amiable as ever. He got just as many good long looks at my nakedness, so I guess we were even.

He became very comfortable hanging out nude (to my great delight).

Casey seemed happy I'd developed a taste for his cum, and always offered me some. I always accepted. I tried not to look too eager.

One time we were jacking off together, really pounding our cocks with well-slicked ferocity, and we sort of naturally fell in tempo with each other. We traded grins; this was another jack-off game. I looked at the puckered lips of my centerfold, and my eyes flicked over to Casey's pulsing, sap-oozing cock. The thought just popped into my head--what would it be like to put Casey's penis in my mouth and suck on it until he came?

All that cum, my brain marveled, shooting into my mouth...mmmm...swallowing it...

I came with an incredible rush. I came so long and hard, I thought the spurts would never end. I felt a little weird about it afterwards, but I had a new favorite fantasy.

Life got even more exciting shortly after that.

A division of labor existed in our friendship. I was good at finding cool stuff like comic books, porn mags and really good vintage wine. Casey was good at finding dangerous stuff like firecrackers, alcohol, and once, his father's.45 handgun. One Saturday I brought a jug of fruit juice and he brought a bottle of some dark, sweet rum.

I'd tasted vodka before, straight, and hated it so much I'd spat it out. I couldn't fathom why people bothered with booze. Casey showed me what it was all about. He mixed us some drinks and did such a good job that I barely tasted the alcohol. I found the rush of light-headedness that followed each swig pleasant. In no time we were both rolling on the floor, drunk and giggling.

We decided it was jack-off time, and I did a lurching striptease for Casey. He shrieked and clapped girlishly, and even flung a dollar bill at me. His shirt was off even before I'd gotten my jeans unbuttoned. By the time I was nude, Casey already had his super-hard cock in hand. His copy of Cheri lay ignored next to him; he was jacking off to me.

I gyrated my hips, feeling both sexy and foolish. I didn't care though. The alcohol made me fearless.

"Oh yeah... oh yeah," panted Casey. His beautiful eyes were bright and avid. "Turn around, Davey. Show me that ass." The booze made his upcountry accent thicker: show m' that ayesss.

I stuck my ass out and wiggled obligingly. His appreciative groan made me feel great. Without prompting, I reached back and spread my cheeks showing off my hairless boi pussy. I grinned at the sharp, heartfelt gasp that inspired.

"Oh God, look at that asshole," Casey whispered. "Look at that pretty, pretty asshole."

The sudden feel of the lube-slippery hand sliding up my thigh made me stop dancing, but the booze had rendered me as uninhibited as my friend.

"Hey now," I slurred with mock-severity, "Watch the hands." I hiccupped. I didn't really want him to stop touching me, but I had to say something. "If you fondle me...I get to fondle you." I supposed that sounded logical.

"Okay," came the wheezy response from behind me.

Casey palmed each of my buttocks and squeezed them. He did it one-handed. I could the sloppy sounds of his other hand masturbating frantically. I felt his index finger slip between my bubble butt cheeks.

"Davey?" his voice sounded shy and unsure. "Is this okay...?"

My heart was pounding. What had started as a drunken lark had gotten very serious (and very exciting) very fast. I certainly didn't want to stop.


Casey's lube-slick finger gently touched my anus. It slid around the perimeter in tiny circles. I shivered; it felt delightful.

I abruptly noticed my tiny dick was rock-hard. I grabbed it and began pumping.

Casey's finger pushed lightly, and I concentrated on relaxing my asshole. My ring of muscle softened, and we both sighed as the finger popped through and slipped up my ass to the second knuckle.

Casey's fingers were wider around than my own. This was a more substantial and pleasurable penetration than any I'd experienced to that point. I pushed back, and with a grunt, took Casey's finger all the way.

"Ooh yeah," my friend moaned. "Ooh, that's so tight, so hot..."

Right then, I wanted nothing more than to keep jacking off with Casey's finger squirming pleasantly in my gurly boi pussy. I was going to come; I could feel it taking shape. But I recognized the tone in Casey's voice. My friend was already about to come, right then and there.

I didn't want to miss it. I moved forward off of that finger, and then swung around to kneel in front of my friend. I opened my mouth inches from his throbbing, enraged bulb. I extended my tongue.

"Oh yeah," Casey gasped. His fist pumped in a blur. "Stick your tongue out, yeah, like that sissy boi..."

Looking up, Casey's studly body with stiff pink peaks. They were hard and erect from the fist pounding his cock. I flicked my tongue in an obscene beckoning motion. Casey gaped down open-mouthed, like my little give it to me tongue action was the most erotic sight ever.

The fat knob of his mushroom head looked enormous this close to my face. I could see every bulging vein in his shaft, every quiver in his soft, retracted foreskin. His bulb started to pulse as shivers ran through those smooth thighs. My heartbeat pounded in my ears. At last I was going to get all the yummy cum I wanted.

And I got it. Casey cried out like a woman as his perfect cock flexed and a fountain of sweet jism erupted all over my face. It poured into my mouth and over my tongue, as thick and hot as thanksgiving gravy. I gulped it down.

Casey and I both moaned loudly.

My friend came and came and came. It splashed over my nose and across my cheeks. My mouth filled up and I swallowed. When more of that thick, salty sweetness filled it, I swallowed again. When Casey's hand began shaking, and his aim grew erratic, I moved my head around to catch those last wild shots on my tongue, like hot, melty snowflakes.

Finally the geyser ebbed, and that gorgeous monster sagged.

"Give me more Master, Case, c'mon, please Sir" I begged.

In response, Casey stepped forward and rubbed his oozing prick all over my face. I gasped. It was warm and smooth and juicy-slick. The smell of his cum filled my nostrils like incense, and made me more light-headed than the booze. He giggled and slapped my face with it a few times. I laughed too. As it passed over my slack lips for the dozenth time, I just opened up and sucked it inside.

"Ohhhh..." Casey's long sigh sounded dreamy, and oddly regretful.

Casey's cock had softened slightly, post-orgasm, but as I slipped my tongue under his foreskin and licked the head, the hardness rushed back into it. It inflated to a hot turgidity in my cock sucking mouth.

I thought of all the blowjobs we'd read about in my dirty magazines. They always described some gorgeous brunette 'bobbing her head' in some guy's lap; I tried to emulate them. I took more of that thick haft into my mouth. I slid the tight closure of my lips down the sperm-slickened length of it, and then pulled back with a strong, slurping suck.

Casey let out another of his strangely feminine moans.

I could only take about a third of Casey's cock in my mouth. I'd read a lot about deep-throating, but there was no way I was ready to swallow that massive bat. When I tried to take him into my gullet, I could feel a panicked choking fit coming on, and backed away regretfully, gagging like a little gurl.

Casey certainly had no complaints about my efforts. Both of his hands were on my head, and he played with my ears as my head went back and forth. He was panting and whimpering, like he was getting ready to cry. It was a happy sound.

Amid the fresh smell of sperm and the bite of sweat, that other smell was strong in the lair as well: a fleshy, marine twang.

I couldn't believe the pleasure I took in sucking that cock. The way it filled my mouth with its beefy, salty firmness, its living, pulsing heat, and the sheer depravity of the act itself all made my senses reel. Sweet pre-ejaculate seeped onto my tongue. Being on my knees felt so right, this is where I belong.

I looked up, and took even greater delight in the open-mouthed ecstasy on Casey's face. The quivers that ran through his belly and filled me with a warm, good feeling. I remembered my drunken assertion, if you fondle me, I get to fondle you.

I reached up and slapped my palms onto those erect nipples. They had teased me for too long. I thought my fingers would never stop squeezing their warm, pliant smoothness. In my drunken-aroused state, I just did it without thinking.

Casey's hands left my head and went to my wrists. For a moment I thought he was going to pull my hands away, but instead, he pushed them tighter to his chest.

I squeezed those pert little tits in my hands and gloried in their softness. Casey especially liked it when I mashed them against his chest and lifted up slightly.

"My nipples," Casey grunted. "Pinch them sissy boi."

I obeyed, and sucked harder on his cock. I moved my ovalled lips faster. I flogged the underside of his glans with my tongue.

"Oh God, Davey, that's good. Keep doing that. Just like that faggot."

I could hear the rising urgency in his voice. I could also feel it in the pulsing of his huge prick. My own excitement shifted to a higher gear.

"Tug on my nipples. Harder. Pull, pull. Oooh!"

The eruption happened inside my mouth this time. I gurgled and wiggled my tongue in the delicious flood. Its creamy thickness made me think of condensed milk. I began swallowing again, and Casey's plentiful orgasm went straight down my throat. Not one drop escaped me.

I released Casey's nipples to grab that spouting dick. I squeezed it with both hands. This too was something I'd wanted to do for a while. I could feel the muscular action of sperm pumping through it. I helped it along by milking and sucking until I'd consumed the last of my groaning Master's climax. I held it in my mouth even after Casey stopped shooting, and just stroked it gently back and forth, enjoying the taste and texture of that fat cock I'd admired so long.

Casey's legs trembled. "Ooh, stop, stop Davey," he panted. "I have to sit down..."

I reluctantly complied, and my friend collapsed onto our bed. His soft, red, well-sucked dick sprawled over his thigh like a length of summer sausage. I sat there licking my lips, wiping up all the sperm on my face and licking my fingers.

"Sweety...that was awe-some." Casey's voice sounded weak and earnest and happier than I'd ever heard. I couldn't help but grin.

"My pleasure Sir, I live to be your little gurl."

"Okay," Casey heaved himself up to his knees. "Your turn. Stand up."

"What?" At that moment, all I could think was: Wait, there's more?

"Stand up. C'mon. Come here."

I stood on unsteady legs and my rigid little dick proceeded me like the ram of an ice-cutter. I'd never been so hard, and so excited. My small balls felt bloated, and they ached pleasantly. I'd been so busy pleasing my Master I hadn't even thought about myself. Casey was fondling one of his nipples as I reached him. He was kind of weighing it and circling the nipple with his index finger.

My friend drew a circle in the air. "Turn around first sweety."

I was obedient and submissive like a good little gurl. I just did as I was told. As I did, Casey sighed again.

"God, you have such a cute butt." That voice had gotten so feminine it was hard to remember it was a boy behind me.

"Thank you Master," I mumbled in reply.

I felt his hands on my ass cheeks again, squeezing and separating them. The next thing I knew I felt the warmth of his breath back there and a long, wet tongue licked deep into the crack of my feminine butt.

I just about jumped out of my skin. Casey moaned as he licked the ridged pucker of my boi pussy. That tongue drew delicate circles over the muscular cinch of my sphincter and then pushed with delightful insistence at the seal. I let out my breath in a ragged "ahhh!" as it moistly insinuated itself up my asshole.

It was unbelievably delicious. I could feel that familiar face snuggle between my buttocks. His nose nestled upon my tailbone. The warm body pressed against the backs of my legs.

"Jesus," I grunted. Tingles ran up my spine and down the backs of my thighs. My little cock was a vibrating bar of pleasure.

Casey's tongue playfully slipped in and out of my sensitive rectum and wiggled around and around. I couldn't help moaning like a horny gurl.

Casey's tongue withdrew and I felt a trail of wet kisses dapple my perineum down to my balls. I felt my small nuts get licked and sucked with crooning affection. I almost came from that alone.

"Turn around slave."

I did, and noticed that Casey's hat had tumbled off, leaving all that beautiful blond hair tousled attractively about her face. I blinked, but it was unquestionably the face of a flushed, horny gurl looking up at me. In my daze, that odd sense of gender-doubling was gone. I saw my friend fully as a gurl for the first time.

My heart just about stopped when the kneeling gurl grasped my clitty and placed it in her mouth. The moist circle of her lips slid down, and took me into warm, sucking, tongue-swirling bliss. Unlike me, Casey could take me all the way to the roots with no trouble at all. I could feel her chin on my balls, and her nose against my tummy. Her cheeks pulled in with the suction, and when she swallowed around me, her throat squeezed my clitty without mercy.

A slippery finger went up my boi pussy. That gorgeous blond head pumped all the way up and down, over and over again. I never imagined something could be so pleasurable or so exciting.

The only bad thing about my first blowjob was that it didn't last long. In less than two minutes I began shaking all over, and then it was happening. I came with a strangled kind of shout.

My long-delayed orgasm burst forth in a high-volume spray of spermy ecstasy. I clutched that head of long, lustrous blond hair tight to my crotch. Spurt after spurt shot through me. I could hear glutinous swallowing noises from Casey as she gobbled down my cum.

"God," I screamed. "Oh...God Master...ohhhh..."

"Mmmm," Casey groaned at the same time, "mmmmph...ummm..."

My hands fell numbly to my sides, but Casey kept her face pressed to my groin as she industriously vacuumed out every drop of semen my small balls could produce.

When Casey pulled those shiny-red lips off my clitty, I was still hard. My legs had turned to putty, however, and they folded under me. I dropped down onto my knees.

I found myself nuzzling Casey's. She cradled my head, and directed my mouth to her nipple. I sucked it without hesitation. With one hand, I squeezed the breast I nursed upon like I was trying to force milk out of it, while my free hand palmed the other one.

I did that for what seemed like ages. I sucked each of those fat cylindrical nipples while kneading Casey's breasts thoroughly. It was absolute heaven. She kissed my forehead and murmured things like, "Play with them sweety, squeeze them, yessss..."

Gradually I became aware of her big cock rearing up again and brushing against me.

I freed one hand to stroke her soft belly. Took hold of that tower of flesh again. Casey's erection had regained its full hardness.

Casey's dick throbbed in my fist, and I needed to suck it again. I kissed my way down Casey's belly. I kissed that proudly rearing penis.

"Wait, Davey," Casey shifted over onto the middle of our bed and rolled on her side, facing me. "Here. Get on your side, too. Let's do each other at the same time."

It was like a dream come true. I slotted my mouth onto Casey's enormous dipstick while my hard clitty speared directly into hers. Loud slurping sounds filled the cabin.

First secret buddies, then jerk-off buddies, and now cock-sucking 69 buddies, I thought dizzily. I like how this relationship is progressing.

Casey's mouth and tongue did splendid things to my clitty, and I faithfully reproduced them upon hers. A nosy index finger probed at my ass again, and without thinking, I tried to returned the favor.
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Mother & Sissy
Posted:Jul 13, 2024 3:40 pm
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Should she let Mark know she knew about his late-night rendezvous with Bobby? And if she did, should she be approving and supportive? Or should she lecture him about... about what? Disease? Bobby definitely hadn't used a condom when his huge dick was in Mark's mouth. About people finding out and making fun of him and Bobby?

And what about getting herself off while she watched her suck his friend's dick? The only sex she got lately was when she couldn't stand it any longer and she looked at porn on her phone and used her fingers to make herself cum. But why did it turn her on so much to watch her suck dick? Her pussy hadn't been that wet in a long time, maybe even years.

She fell asleep and slept fitfully, dreaming dreams of Mark coming out in public as a ts gurl, and Bobby coming out as his...her master, boyfriend/lover/whatever, and people in the town laughing and pointing at Mark and Bobby and a wedding with Mark in a beautiful white gown and...

Bobby crept into his house and bedroom and tried to undress without waking anyone. But as he was taking his jeans off his mother appeared in the doorway.

"Ya'll have a good time?" she asked sleepily.

"Yeah, mom, it was great," Bobby said softly. "And I'm home now, so you can go back to sleep."

"Okay, honey," she said. "Don't stay up so late tonight."

"I won't, mom," he told her. "I'm going to bed now."

He stripped down to his boxers and lay on his bed. He put his hand inside his boxers and gently massaged his big soft cock. It was still wet and slick with his cum and Mark's saliva. He wondered if he should get up and wash it. But he was tired. He fell asleep trying to remember every detail of how great it felt when Mark sucked his huge dick.

But in his dream every time he looked down Mark looked up at him and smiled a sweet gurly smile.

Larry Marx sneaked back into the back door. He heard the yip, then settle back down.

He quickly stripped off his wet jockey's and shorts, used them to wipe as much of the cum off of his crotch as he could, then tossed them in the hamper.

He lay in his bed smiling, his hand inside the clean jockey's he'd put on, absentmindedly fondling and rubbing his soft cock and balls. He wasn't sure why he was smiling, but he knew that what he'd witnessed was going to do him some good. He wasn't sure how just yet, but he knew it would.

He first thought he could easily blackmail Mark into giving him a blow job. It was obvious she liked to give them. What he had witnessed wasn't an act of love. Bobby hadn't even kissed her. He'd just pulled his meat out, and she'd dropped to her knees and let him shove it in her mouth. She had swallowed his seed, and then he'd simply tucked his dick back into his pants and turned to walk away. She'd sat on her knees and watched him walk until he got to the tree line, then stood and went back into her house.

But as much as he loved the idea of making her suck his cock, Larry also considered that there might be an even bigger reward... a monetary reward. Just how much would Mark pay him to keep his mouth shut about what he'd seen? Or, even better, he could get both- a blow job and a stack of cash!

How did it start? Larry wanted to know. He thought of all sorts of scenarios for why Mark was sucking Bobby's huge cock, but none of them really made sense.

Laura Grant rolled over and looked at the window. It was still dark, but her husband was in the shower, getting ready to go spend the day with his first love- his store.

She wished he'd come back to bed and make love to her before he left, but she knew that even if she asked him to, he wouldn't. He'd bend over and kiss her lightly on the lips and tell her they'd be waiting for him at the store.

So she rolled over and tried to go back to sleep. But sleep wouldn't come. She finally got up and went to the kitchen to make herself and Frank cups of coffee.

She looked at Mark's closed door when she walked past it and pictured him on his knees in a dress in front of Bobby McAlister. She felt a tingle in her pussy when she remembered how it felt to know that Bobby was shooting a load of delicious cum down her 's throat. She wondered again how many times Mark had met Bobby, or maybe other boys, on the side of the house late at night to give them blow jobs.

She was sitting on the edge of the bed drinking her coffee and watching the news on tv when Frank opened the bathroom door to let the steam out.

"I've got some coffee for you Sir," she said when he noticed her.

He walked into the room naked and bent over to give her a kiss. "Thank you slave Laura," he said. He took the coffee cup from her and sat down next to her on the bed. Laura looked down at his big soft cock laying against his hairy thigh. Even soft it looked big, and she knew when it got hard she had a hard time getting it in her mouth, and it stretched her pussy when he put it in her. She truly loved cock!

She reached over and ran hand over it. "Hey there, big boy!" she giggled as she touched his dick.

Frank laughed. "Have you been having those sexy dreams again slut?" he asked as he sipped on his coffee.

Since he hadn't protested, Laura wrapped her delicate fingers around his floppy shaft. "I don't need sexy dreams to make me want this Master!" she said softly. She thought she felt the dick stiffen just a bit in her hand. "How big of a hurry are you in to get to the store?"

He looked at her and laughed. "What'cha got in mind, sexy slut?" he asked.

She shrugged. "You got time to stand still for a blow job Sir?" she asked.

Frank took another sip of his hot coffee, then set the cup on the nightstand before he stood beside the bed and faced his wife. Laura set her cup down and slid to her knees beside the bed.

She put her hands behind her back and looked up at him with her mouth open, like she used to do so often when they were younger and she wanted to show him that she was still his submissive cock sucker, obedient and always ready to serve.

Frank smiled and stepped closer to her. He dropped his dangling dick in her mouth and moaned when she closed her lips around the swelling head. Laura sucked more of his shaft into her mouth while she swirled her tongue around his uncut head. He put his hands on her head when she pushed the tip of her tongue inside his tight foreskin.

"Oh, shit yes!" he moaned softly as he started to gently fuck his hardening cock in and out of his slutty wife's mouth.

Laura loved to suck Frank's uncut cock. Actually, Laura loved to suck any man's cock, cut or uncut. She remembered a time when she and her best friend Lawanda sucked multiple cocks in the parking lot of The Round Up club before they married Frank and Bill. She almost smiled as she thought that it was almost natural that her Mark would love to suck cocks, too.

As Laura sucked her husband's semi-hard dick she pictured Mark on his knees with Bobby McAlister's huge hard dick in his sissy mouth. She assumed Bobby's was rock hard, the head pointing at the sky like Frank's big cock always did.

She thought about the times she and Lawanda were on their knees, side by side out by the lake, sucking Franks and Bill's cocks while the two men sipped on a beer and talked. She imagined her and Mark on their knees, side by side, her sucking Frank's cock while Mark sucked Bobby's. Submissiveness must run in the family.

She was getting turned on by the images in her head and the cock in her mouth. She put a hand between her legs and rubbed her panty-covered clit while she worked to make Frank shoot his yummy creamy cum in her mouth. She worked her mouth on Frank's cock the way she had watched her work his mouth on Bobby's.

"Wow slut, you're really hot for it this morning!" Frank gasped. He thought his wife was almost frantic trying to make him cum in her mouth. He knew she loved to swallow his delicious cum, but she seemed... different this time. He could tell she had a hand between her legs furiously rubbing her pussy while she sucked him.

"Here ya go cocksucker," he said when he felt the wave building in his balls. He held his wife's head and fucked her mouth harder. "Here it comes, here it comes," he whispered. "GGGGGGOOOOODDDDDDD," he grunted when the first wave swept through his midsection. He held Laura's head still and fucked her mouth with short jerks as the cum shot out of his dick into her throat.

Laura opened her mouth and moaned when she felt her husband's giant cock pulsating in her mouth. She held her hand tight against her clit, barely moving it, as her orgasm wracked her body. She held her mouth open and let Frank's cum pool on the back of her tongue. She swallowed automatically when her mouth was full, then opened back up to be filled again, this is a perfect world for a sexy slut wife.

Frank reached down and squeezed/jacked the last of his cream into her mouth. He'd always been surprised by how much she seemed to love the taste of his cum. Laura sat down on her feet, gasping for breath and swallowing the musky fluid.

Frank bent over and kissed her on the forehead. "Thank you slut," he said softly.

She looked up at him and licked her lips and smiled. "Thank you Master," she said. "It's exactly what a slut wife needs to start her day, Thank you Sir!"

An hour later Frank was at the diner in town having breakfast with a group of men before he opened the store, and Laura was sitting at the breakfast bar in her nightgown drinking coffee. She didn't bother to put a robe on, and she could still feel the dampness in her tiny thong panties.

Mark had laid in his bed listening. He could hear their muffled talk through the walls, but then it was different. When he heard his dad's low growl he knew. He wondered where he was shooting his cum. Was it in his mom's pussy? In her mouth? Maybe on her tits? He smiled when he thought about how just last night he was thinking that he hadn't heard those sounds in a long time.

He waited until he heard the rumble of Frank's Porsche leaving the driveway before he got out of bed. He wished he had a gown to put on... he'd have to talk to his mom about that... but he didn't, so he pulled a long tank top over the bralette and pink thong panties he was still wearing. The shirt was just long enough to cover his panty covered crotch and cute bubble butt if he was standing up straight.

"Good morning, Mommy," he said as he walked into the kitchen. He stopped short when he saw her in just her gown. It wasn't like he hadn't seen her in her underwear, but usually with a gown she wore a robe. He could see her hard nipples and a clear outline of her pert tits through the thin fabric of the gown. As he walked by her to get a cup of coffee he stopped to kiss her on the cheek, and he could smell her sexy musk. He felt his tiny dick stir in his panties.

"Morning sissy boi." She smiled when she saw him staring at her chest. "Did you sleep well?" she asked as he poured his coffee.

"Yes, I did," he answered. "You?"

"Like a baby," she told him. "I thought I heard you up moving around once, but I went back to sleep." She watched Mark closely when she said it. She thought she saw him breathe a visible sigh of relief.

"Uh, yeah, I got up for some water," he told her. "No reason for you to get up. Are you not going to work today?"

She nodded. "Yeah, I'm going to work. I'm just not getting in a big hurry this morning. What about you? Any big plans?"

Mark shook his head. "Nah. I'll just work on my classes, mostly. Um, mom, you usually wear a robe with your gown."

Laura looked down at her chest. "I'm sorry, baby. Is this too much? I was kind of hot so I didn't put a robe on, but I can if it bothers you."

Mark shook his head. "No, mom, it doesn't bother me," he said quickly. "It's just different. And, uh, kind of sexy," he blushed.

Laura blushed with him as she thought about how turned on she had gotten watching him suck Bobby's big hard cock.

"Well, thank you for thinking I'm sexy," she said. "And you don't usually come down for coffee in a bralette and pink panties. That tank top doesn't cover much."

Mark laughed. "Does it bother you?" he asked. "I can put on some shorts if I need to."

"You're fine sissy boi," she told him. "And, um, kinda sexy," she smiled.

Mark picked up a napkin and wiped something from the front of his mother's gown, near her nipple. They both knew what it was. Mark noticed that her nipple hardened when he touched near it.

"We might need to launder that gown before you wear it again," he said mischievously. "I can take care of that cum if you want me to."

Laura blushed. "That would be nice. Thank you. Will you also launder my dress that you wore yesterday?"

Mark blushed, wondering how much she knew. "Yes, mommy, I'll hang it back in your closet. Thank you for letting me wear it."

Laura wanted to talk to him about his late-night tryst with Bobby. But she didn't want to just bring it up. So she decided to get ready for work instead.

Mark opened his laptop computer and started to browse his social media and chat room while he drank his coffee. He looked up when his mother came back into the kitchen, as usual, in her bra, thigh highs, thonh panties and slip.

"Mommy?" he asked as she was working on her lunch.

"Yes, dear," she answered, her back still to him.

"Um, mommy, I'd like a night gown to wear around the house in the morning, and maybe even to sleep in. One like you had on this morning."

She put her lunch container on the breakfast bar and faced him. "So, do I need to buy you one of your own, or is there one in my drawer you like?"

Mark laughed. "You know, that's one thing I've never really looked for in your drawers," he said. "Do you mind if I look and see if there's one I like?"

She smiled and shook her head. "I don't mind, sweetie. I have several. Let me know if you don't find one you like and we can go shopping for one."

"I'm not sure I'm ready to go nightgown shopping with my mother," he laughed. "If you don't already have one I like I'll find one online and order it."

Laura laughed as she walked around the bar to kiss him on the forehead. "Silly me. I forget that you can get pretty much anything you want without leaving the house."

Mark laughed. "Yep. I just need your credit card and the world is mine!"

"Look at what we already have first," she said as she went back down the hall to her bedroom to put her outer clothes on.

Mark watched her walk away. He felt his tiny cock stir in his panties, and wondered how that could happen. Why would he get turned on by an older woman, especially his mother, when most of his thoughts were about being with stud Bobby? He didn't understand it, but he did understand that watching her walk away from him made him want to drop to his knees behind her and bury his face in her soft ass.

After she left for work Mark went to her bedroom and took off his tank top and the bralette. He pulled several gowns out of her drawer and tried them on. He found two that he liked and tossed them on the bed to take to his room.

He went into her closet and looked through her dresses, trying to decide what to wear today. He chose one of her older ones that she rarely wore to work. He needed a bra with it, so he went back to her dresser and picked one out. He fastened it around his chest, then took the gowns and went to his bedroom.

He folded the gowns and put them in a special drawer in his dresser that already held several pairs of panties and pantyhose. He got two pairs of his socks from another drawer and folded them to use for bra stuffers. He'd learned how to do that in a YouTube video. When done correctly they gave the appearance of nipples in his bra.

With his bra stuffed and his dress on he went back to his mother's bedroom and sat down at her vanity. He pulled his hair back to apply some light make-up, brushed his hair, and looked at his mother's earrings. He wished he could pierce his ears and wear her pretty, dangly earrings.

She had some of the clip-on style earrings that Mark suspected she kept around just for him. But they weren't new and stylish.

"You need to talk to her about getting your ears pierced," he said to the image in the mirror. He sighed and clipped a pair of the clip-ons on his lobes.

He stood and looked at himself in the full-length mirror, and smiled. He looked good. He looked cute. But he wanted to look feminine, not cute. He put on a pair of his mother's good pantyhose and his heels.

Now when he looked in the full-length mirror he saw a pretty young woman on her way to work... or shopping... or out with friends... or on a date. He smiled wistfully at the image in the mirror and wished he could do those things... or even just one of them.

Laura had a hard time concentrating on work. Her mind kept straying to what she had watched her do last night, and what she had done when watched him. She thought about this morning with her dominate husband, and how much she loved the feel of his 9" cock in her mouth, and how much she loved to feel it throb when it was shooting hot yummy cum in her mouth and down her throat.
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TS Massage
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Linda stepped away and spent the next ten minutes finding every bit of stiffness in his back and shoulders and working it through with her fingers. Richard was able to ignore his tiny cock throbbing because he had honestly never in his life felt as blissful as he did in this moment. He felt weightless as the knots around his back were eased out. Her hands moved up across his shoulders and down his spine with repeated movements until she adjusted her position to reach his lower back and upper thighs. Richard adjusted his position slightly to allow Linda's amazing hands to move more easily but immediately became aware that with his legs apart, his little cock would be on display. It was already starting to grow. Linda then moved, her body no longer pressed against his, her hard nipples no longer tickling against his skin. He heard her walk around to the base of the bed. His cock was now in full view. She said nothing and yet Richard felt like she was smiling that devilish smile again.

Linda's hands travelled up the back of Richard's right thigh towards his ass. As she reached near the top, she separated them to bring them back down across each side of his thigh. Linda's oily hand rubbed across his inner thigh. She repeated this movement, travelling up his inner thigh, her fingers lightly brushing Richards small balls. His cocklet twitched. She continued this a couple more times, each movement brushing slightly close to his cock which was now pressing down with some strength on the bed. He wasn't fully hard but he could feel it throbbing as it grew. It was also facing the wrong way. Soon he would need to adjust for it to press upwards against his waist.

She withdrew her hands and moved over to his other thigh. He adjusted his legs again, moving his waist to give his tiny cock more room to grow. Her hands moved up his thigh again. His tiny cock twitched again, growing more, pressing harder into the bed. It was hard enough now that Linda must have noticed it.

'Mmm. You like?' Linda said quietly in a way that Richard could tell she was smiling.

'Yes' he replied nervously. This time her hand didn't just brush his clitty. Her finger tips moved along it, down his thin shaft, up his small balls and along his ass crack. It was a surprise but not an unpleasant one.

She stepped away. Richards clitty was now throbbing with a noticeable wetness on his tip. His nerves were gone, this was not just a massage and he wanted whatever would come next. He'd read about this technique. The teasing, the 'card swipes' of his ass. He knew the game, he would now turn over and be given hand relief. He was desperate for it now. It had been ten years since his marriage to Jenny and even longer since he'd been with another woman. Whilst Jenny had spent her university day fucking her professor, Richard had sat wanking to old dvds. He had missed so much and now he needed something new. He was ready for Linda to turn him over. But she said nothing.

She stepped forward again. Her hand rubbed against his clitty, stroking it against the bed. Richard adjusted his position, slightly up on his knees allowing her hand to grab the base of his clitty and tug slightly, but then she pulled her hand away.

Richard expected to be told to turn him over but instead he felt the bed move as Linda climbed on top. He felt her knees press down on the bed as climbed on, moving his legs further apart. This wasn't what he was expecting. Both of her hands rubbed the tip of his inner thighs behind his testicles. Her thumbs travelled up opening his ass crack slightly. He'd not read anything about this. Maybe it was deeper into the reviews but he couldn't access those as a guest on the website. His head started to rise but Linda's strong hand immediately rest on the back of his neck.

'No, no, you lie down sissy boi' Linda said with a little more firmness in her voice than she had used so far. For some reason, Richard did as he was told, obediently.

Her thumbs continued to move up and down his ass crack, now brushing his hole. Was this what the 'in' of an 'in and out' massage was? Was he about to get a prostate massage? The thought terrified him. Jenny hated anything to do with any kind of ass play so Richard was completely inexperienced with his prostate. He'd read online that some parlours offer a prostate massage. It wasn't at all what he was expecting when he made the booking, but for some reason he'd put his head back down when Linda had told him to, and he didn't want her to have to tell him again. The reviews for this massage were excellent, perhaps he would enjoy this?

'I've never seen you here before.' Linda said, one hand still rubbing his ass and firmly pressing against his asshole. He could hear her other hand doing something, it sounded like she putting on a rubber glove. Richard was now sure of it, she was about to stick a finger inside his virgin boi pussy and as nervous as that made him, he had never felt his little clitty so hard.

'Yes, er, I read about it online.' Richard said, more nervous than he'd ever felt in his life.

'You never done this before?' she asked now circling his anus.

'No.' it was the only word he could get out through the fear. His breathing was heavy and his clitty was aching.

She moved upward, her name body pressing down on his back as her mouth reached his ear.

'Don't be nervous sissy boi. I'll be very gentle. You'll love this'. She whispered pressing down on him.

Suddenly something hard pressed into his boi pussy. He could feel the weight of her body pressing down on his back. His ass burned as he felt himself open up to Linda penetrating him. The pain was almost blinding, he didn't realise a finger would feel this big. It felt like it was stretching him and filling his entire insides. He raised his head to see both of her hands near his head, holding her body up slightly.

The fear overtook Richard as he considered what the 'in' of the 'in and out' massage must be. Until this point she had massaged the outside of his body. He had guessed correctly that to massage the inside of his body then it must be a prostate massage. But as he looked at both of Linda's hands propping up her body it was clear that whatever was now penetrating him, definitely, without a shadow of a doubt, was not a finger.

The thing pressing against his ass pushed further inside and Richard let out a gurly moan as he felt his virgin hole stretch with Linda sliding herself into him. He turned his head back to see Linda, nude, pressing her waist down against his ass. She pulled away revealing a thick hard cock more than twice as big as his own exiting his ass but before the full tip was out she started pushing back in. Again the pain burned as he was torn open by the monster cock that Linda had somehow hidden in that tight black dress. He wanted to stop her. He wanted to cry out in pain. He wanted to shout 'I'm not gay, I'm not a cock loving faggot!' But, he didn't. Like many bois Richard had explored a lot on the internet. He'd fantasized once or twice about trans gurls, although he had always been on top in these fantasies. He'd also watched a lot of videos about dominant women, and submissive bois. A million thoughts rushed through his head but they all started melting away as he took another look at Linda's cock. It was enormous. It was terrifying. It was beautiful. It was peerfect.

Richard let out another feminine moan as he felt himself become full with Linda's engorged cock. His head flopped back down into the bed as he accepted his fate and she began to thrust herself slowly in and out of him. He deserved the pain for cheating on his wife. He deserved the pain for not having confidence as a younger boi. He deserved the pain for only having an small size cock, which he now realised was harder than ever and throbbing for attention. The pain would be his punishment and Linda's thick juicy cock would be the judge, jury and executioner. But the pain began to ease as Linda picked up a slow rhythm. Soon the pain was completely gone and he felt only euphoria as Linda used him as a fuck toy. Richard moved his legs wider, lifting his knees higher to his chest and allowing Linda full access to his hole, offering himself up to her thick pole. A submissive boi who now loves cock.

She thrust into him again, now deeper, her huge cock pressing against something inside that shocked Richard with both pain and pleasure. She had found his prostate and pressed her cock against it, rubbing it lovingly with the tip of her mushroom head as she grinded her hips against his body. Richard moaned again, moving himself back to push her cock in deeper. Right now, at this moment, his boi pussy belonged to her. This was no longer a punishment. Richard had found sissy heaven.

Linda moved, lifting her weight off of Richard's back. Until now she had been using her position to hold him down, perhaps she had expected him to be more feisty, but no, he had given himself up to her. She held his hips and lifted them up into a doggy position. It was Jenny's favourite position because it allowed Richard's tiny sized cock the most depth in her pussy. Now he knew why his wife loved it so much, as he allowed every inch of Linda to enter in and out of him as she explored him with her
huge she cock.

Richards clitty stood up strongly, dripping with excitement and throbbing from the pleasure of Linda's cock entering him. He felt her balls slap against his own and she grunted with pleasure as she pushed deeper and deeper. She fucked harder and the sound of her body slapping against Richard's drowned out the speaker. Only the sounds of fucking could now be heard as Linda pulled Richard in harder and faster until she stopped moving entirely, allowing Richard the freedom to bounce up and down on her big hard cock, just like a slut. She leaned back into a resting positon as Richard sat back onto her thighs to fill himself again with Linda's full shaft, moving himself up and down her pole. He didn't even realise that she had stopped controlling his movements.

She reached her arm around and stroked Richard's clitty. It leaked cum as she began to slowly tease it up and down. But then she stopped, moving her arm higher into his chest. She pulled him close into her body, pushing him down onto her thick cock so that she was completely balls deep inside him. As he sat motionless with her inside him she wrapped her other arm around him tightly pressing her perfect pert tits against his back and nuzzling he face into his neck. Every inch of Linda was inside him as she slowly pulled herself out of Richards boi pussy. He felt empty, desperate to be filled with her cock again. He looked around and saw her taking off the condom she had been wearing. He now realised what the glove sound had really been. Richard had been in such a state of bliss that he hadn't even thought of a condom and he was extremely thankful she'd had the initiative to do it. Until now he'd assumed that she had been breeding him. The condom was empty, she was still full of cum and so was Richard. She turned him around and raised herself up on her knees so that she was taller than him on the bed.

'You want this?' she said pointing down the her huge hard cock. At this length it was nine, maybe ten inches and pointing directly up towards Richard. He nodded.

'Tell me what you want.' Linda said, looking directly into Richard's eyes. He broke her gaze looking away.

'Look into my eyes when I'm talking to you sissy boi!' she ordered, her calmness now replaced with a firm tone. Richard looked into her eyes.

'I want your beautiful cock Mistress, please, please, I love your beautiful cock.' Richard said. He didn't blink.

'Time to turn over then' Linda said. 'You need a throat massage faggot.' she continued, climbing off the bed and standing next to Richards face. He looked at her tool inches away from his face. It was shocking to him that only 40 minutes ago he had met this very attractive and rather delicate woman and she had been hiding such a big secret between her legs. He had been worried that he would break his marital vow and cross a point of no return by letting her simply touch his clitty. He had been so innocently concerned about his loyalty and was now a fuck toy for Linda. Although technically was he really cheating? Linda had fucked him, not the other way around. She had barely touched his tiny cock and nothing Linda had done to him would, or even could, be done by Jenny. Jenny had a tidy delicious pussy and Linda had a gigantic juicy cock. They were completely different experiences, so was it really cheating? Richard's thoughts were broken by Linda's voice.

'Open wide cock sucker.' She said, placing a gentle hand on his cheek.

He was right, he had definitely passed a point of no return. His mouth trembled as Linda moved her cock towards his feminine lips.

'If you want it, come and get it.' She said to him, seeing him deep in thought. She stroked his face with her thumb. 'Nobody will tell her.' she said looking down at the tan line in his ring finger. He'd been caught out, but at this point he didn't care. He was past the point of no return.

'Your time is nearly up. Are you going to be my little cock sucker baby?' Linda asked calmly.

This was why Linda had such good reviews. She knew exactly what she was doing. She had a soft and caring voice but her words proved her dominance. Richard now needed to come to her, to make that choice and cross the final threshold. Until now she had controlled his every movement. She had relaxed him and then fucked him but he hadn't needed to actively do anything except let it happen. Sure she could hold his head and fuck his throat, and he would let it happen, but she didn't want that. She wanted him to fully submit, so now he had to actively, willingly give himself up to her. Richard knew either way her big cock would be in his mouth, but there is a big difference between someone fucking your throat, and choosing to suck someone's cock. Begging for cock, becoming a cock graving sissy boi.

'Does your wife have a cock?' She asked.

'No.' Richard replied

'Then it's not cheating.' she said sensually, as she leaned down and kissed him. 'Do you want to suck my cock sissy boi?' she asked.

Richard nodded but Linda raised an eyebrow. She wanted to hear him say it.

'I want to suck your cock Goddess.' Richard said, looking into her eyes and opening his mouth. He leaned forward and took her big cock in his mouth. His lips closed around it, as he eagerly bobbed his head up and down, allowing his tongue to explore the taste. It was divine. He had never in his life wanted to suck a cock and now he didn't know how he would ever live without doing it again and again.

Linda ran her hands through his hair as Richard moved his head back and forth, completely giving himself up to her. He'd passed her test. He'd given himself up and made the choice to pleasure her willingly, without her pushing him to do it. There truly was no return from here; Richard was a cocksucker and he loved it. She held his head and pushed deeper and deeper with each of his head movements. He gagged a couple of times but kept going. She held tighter and began to thrust. Her cock hit the back of his throat. This time he didn't gag. He pushed on and moved his mouth further down her shaft, pushing it down his throat. It burned but he was now desperate to please Linda. He pushed again, even further into his throat.

'Good boi, good cock sucker.' she said lovingly. Richard continued pushing her cock in and out of his throat. Nothing else mattered now, he wanted to be Linda's good boi. He pushed again, his nose hitting her waist. Every inch of her was now in his mouth and throat.

Linda pulled back and Richard gagged as he caught his breath. She was stroking her cock towards his face. Her other hand reached down to Richard's mouth, beckoning it to open. She continued to stroke her shaft as the tip of her cock rested on his bottom lip. He was exhausted, but he knew he needed to finish. Linda moved both hands away as Richard took the tip of her cock in his mouth, using his tongue to tease the head as he bobbed gently up and down.

He felt her big cock stiffen as he sucked and then opened his mouth wide, taking her tool in his hand and tugging it. He stuck out his tongue catching the thick ropes of cum shooting towards him. It was the first time he'd tasted cum but immediately knew it wouldn't be the last. Her cum covered his tongue as he closed his mouth, swallowing every drop he could catch, but another load shot across his face as he continued to stroke her.

He moved his hands towards his face but Linda held them.

'Not yet' she said 'leave it there while I finish you up.'

Richard's eyes were now closed, covered in Linda's delicious cum. She helped him stand up and sat him on the bed and leaned him back taking his clitty firmly in her hand. Her touch alone was enough to send Richard into ecstasy, shooting thick yummy cum into her palm as he collapsed on the bed with his orgasm.

He panted heavily as Linda wiped the cum from his face. He opened his eyes to see her mixing the two loads together in her hand. She looked at him and her eyes travelled down to his mouth. He knew what she wanted and Richard opened his mouth as she deposited the mixed cum onto his tongue and then kissed him deeply.
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Pimped Out
Posted:Jul 1, 2024 10:55 am
Last Updated:Jul 18, 2024 1:15 pm

Master came to collect his slut at exactly 6pm, summoning me out to his car with a message. I exchanged 'love you's' and make-up-preserving air kisses with Mistress then hurried from my front door, wheeling my suitcase with one hand, the other holding my pink clutch bag. I could only pray none of the neighbours were at their windows. I put my case in the back then sat in the passenger seat, my pvc coat squeaking with every move.

"Looking hot, Bimbo. I like the coat."

"Thank you Master"

"I also like the make up. Makes you look even more of a tart. Consider it a permanent requirement."

"Yes Master. I'm glad you like it. Mistress did it."

We pulled away and Master continued with the compliments.

"Sexy nails! You've made an effort, haven't you?"

"Yes Master. I want to please you Sir."

"It's working, Bimbo Lari. Are they new shoes?"

"Yes Master"

"Very slutty"

"Thank you Master, thank you Sir"

"Have you thought about serving me since I last had you?"

"Of course, Master. I've thought about your incredible cock every day."

"What did you think about it?"

"Touching it, licking it, sucking it, fucking it, feeding it into Mistress's wet slit"

"Good gurl. I've heard your Mistress is almost as dirty as you, Bimbo. I hope to find out for myself one day."

"I hope you do, Master. She'll love your huge cock."

When we came to the inevitable standstill on the motorway Master said he wanted to see my legs so I opened the bottom of my coat to expose them.

Master's hand stroked my thigh as we shunted forward a few feet at a time.

"First we're going to your room, Bimbo. I'm going to cum in your sluthole then take you for a drink at a little club I go to. Phil will be there. He wants to see your public debut."

"Yes Master"

"I won't let anyone use you on this occasion. I'll just be showing off my little slut."

"Yes Master, thank you Sir."

My heart pounded with a mixture of excitement and nervousness. I was excited Master couldn't wait to ram his thick shaft inside me and excited to be paraded as a sex slave, but nervous of the reactions I'd receive.

"They'll all want you." Master added, boosting my confidence somewhat.

We got to the five star hotel and I was again astonished by Master's utter disregard of what anyone else thought. He kept a hand on my bubble butt as he checked us in, giving it an occasional squeaky squeeze.

The room was on the top floor so I wheeled my case into the elevator, the closing doors relieving my embarrassment and shame.

"I'll take your bag. Show me how my slut will walk into the club." ordered Master as our floor pinged.

I did my best impression of a porn star when leading the way to 3211, the last room along the corridor. I tried to keep my hips fluid, legs straight and bum wiggling. Master seemed pleased, spanking my plastic-shrouded butt when we paused at the door for the green entry light.

The moment the door closed Master was fishing his conga from his trousers. The massive tool looked even bigger than I remembered and I immediately wanted to worship it. I got to my knees and begged.

"Please may I suck your beautiful cock before you take me, Master."

"Why would you want to do that, Bimbo?"

"Because I'm a nympho slut, Master. A sex slave who needs big cock."

"Good gurl. Open wide."

I opened my mouth and moaned as Master filled it with his smooth tip. The majestic organ quickly got very hard so I held it around the base, my glossy nails glinting as I steered the monster back between my lips.

When I pulled back to admire the huge shaft I noticed lipstick smears an inch below the shiny bulb. I was surprised so little had been in my mouth, considering how full I felt, and I was disappointed with my performance.

A good slut should be able to take more than that.

I got back to work, cramming cock into my mouth, failing to control my gagging but continuing to try. Next time I came up for air thick strings of saliva connected my gasping orifice to the stiff pole. Master called me a dirty little bitch in acknowledgment of my effort.

I sucked the erotic phallus back between my lips, cupping the heavy balls as my tongue lapped the underside of the massive glans.

Master's groans made me feel so slutty I instinctively reached for my tiny hard on, squeezing relief into the warm ache.

"Lube me up, Bimbo."

I took the tube from my handbag, squirted a generous amount into my hand and stroked it over the enormous cock, making the thick shaft shine. It looked incredibly impressive, pure sexual potency.

"Please may I take a picture of my fingers around your superior cock, Master? Mistress wants to see how my nails look in their proper environment."

"We wouldn't want to disappoint your gorgeous Mistress would we. Give me your phone. I'll take the photo."

"Thank you Master"

Even with an additional half inch on the end of my fingers they still didn't come close to encircling the girth. Master took the snap then told me to lick the tip like a lollipop.

"And now with both hands, Fuck Toy."

I put one hand on top of the other, at least an inch of shaft and that huge bell end protruding from my grip.

"Tongue out, Bimbo. That's right. I'm sure your Mistress will be in no doubt what a cock slut she owns."

"Thank you Master"

He tossed my phone onto the bed and gave an order.

"Bend over the desk, Bimbo. Ass in the air."

I did as he asked, keeping my legs straight and arching my back to push out my butt. Master pushed my coat to one side and tugged my pink thong panties halfway down my thighs.

Then I felt myself being slowly split in half as the steely meat worked its way inside me.

I whimpered in pain, telling Master he was too big for me, hoping the discomfort would soon pass, which eventually it did.

"Like your slutstamp, you dirty bitch." Master complimented as he stretched me.

"Thank you Master. Mistress gave it to me."

"She's a very good Mistress. I can't wait to meet her."

Large hands held me by the waist and the thickness pumped in and out, each stroke putting me deeper into subspace.

"Send those photos to your Mistress while I fuck your tight little boi pussy, Bimbo. And tell her what you're doing as you send them."

"Yes Master" I groaned, thrilled by the instruction.

I attached the photos to a message; 'Worshipped Mistress. I hope you like how my nails look wrapped around Master's big cock. It's stretching my sluthole as I type this. I feel so full, like a sex slave should. Hope you're enjoying yourself xxx'

"I've sent them, Master." I informed.

"Good gurl" he said, spanking my exposed bubble butt.

Moments later, amid some grunting, delicious cream shot deep inside me, his pulsing cock almost lifting me off the bed.

"Pull your panties up, slut, and fix your lipstick. We're leaving in 5 minutes."

"Yes Master"

I took my pink clutch into the bathroom and reapplied the scarlet grease, a wad of tissue in my panties to soak up the cum dribbling from my hole. I wondered if Mistress had been used so soon into her date.

"Let's go, Bimbo" announced Master from the other side of the door. I flushed away the tissue and pulled my panties firmly up. A quick check my stockings were in the right place then I belted my coat and followed Master back to his car.

Conversation was limited during the drive, giving me too much time to think. One minute disappointed in myself, my desire to share my adored wife, my weakness in resisting depravity, my diminishing masculinity, my growing love for cock, the next minute feeling intense arousal at the same things.

By the time the car pulled in to a parking space outside a non-descript building on the edge of an industrial estate, I had once again accepted my new reality. Willing cuckold and sex slave.

Master put an arm around my waist as we walked to the door, making me feel extremely emasculated. I could still feel Master's seed leaking into my panties. There was no point trying to be anything other than the gurly slut I was.

"Remember Bimbo, no sex in the club this evening. You'll get your chance to have all the cock you crave next time."

"Yes Master"

I was trembling with nervous excitement as he steered me inside, doing my best to walk demurely.

There was a guy behind a counter who greeted Master by his name, evidently familiar. Master told him to put the guest fee on his tab and took me through another door.

Behind it was a surprisingly large space; a bar along one side with several occupied stools, a small dance floor overlooked by tables and chairs and a raised area with two latex-upholstered contraptions that looked like massage beds. I could imagine what they were used for.

Master guided me to the far end of the room where three large sofas formed an angular horseshoe.

"Hi Bimbo." said Master's friend Ed, the guy I was instructed to call Sir when he fucked me a couple of weeks earlier.

"Hello Sir" I replied, feeling other customers starting to look at me.

"Looking very hot, little slut."

"Thank you Sir"

"Make sure you tell me when you send her into the glory hole." he said to Master.

"She's not going in there tonight. She's got a busy day tomorrow."

"Shame. What do you want to drink, Bimbo?"

"She'll have a strawberry daiquiri." said Master. "A pretty drink for a dirty gurl."

"Thank you Master"

Sir got up and went to the bar and Master told me where to sit.

Almost immediately another guy came over and shook Master's hand. "So who's this?" he asked.

"My new slut." Master replied. "Nympho sex slave who never says no."

"Nice! Any chance of passing it around?"

"Not tonight. But she'll be begging to come back soon."

"Make sure you let me know. I'd love a go on that."

Master grinned. "You won't be the only one."

The guy drifted to the bar and two more came over, again obviously familiar to Master, exchanging handshakes.

"How much is that costing you?" one of the men asked with a laugh.

"Not a penny Bob. But she is a filthy little ." Master joked back, albeit a true statement.

"Size queen is she? That's usually how you bag your bitches."

"She certainly gets a bit excited by big cocks, don't you Bimbo."

"Yes Master"

"Oh! 'Master' is it? You're a lucky fucker, Phil!"

"Make your own luck, fella." quipped Master.

"Or you're born with a big bit of 'luck'!" laughed the guy.

"Where'd you find her, Phil? Online?" asked the other guy.

It was humiliating to be talked about as though I wasn't there, as though I was an object, so of course my tiny cock was getting even more turned on.

"An old friend of mine introduced us. He's fucking the wife. I know you two wouldn't appreciate such a sexy creature, but the wife is unbelievably hot if you're that way inclined. Bimbo's going to get me into her pants, aren't you Bimbo?"

"Bimbo!" the first guy snorted.

"Yes Master. I'll do my best."

"How sweet" said snorter.

"She's desperate to watch her wife cum on a big cock."

"She's found the right guy." laughed the other one.

Sir arrived with the drinks and sat on the sofa adjacent to me and Master. "Here you go, Bimbo." The drink was almost as red as my lips, with a 70's pink umbrella and strawberry skewered on a cocktail stick. I sucked on the straw and liked the taste.

"Get it down you, Bimbo." said Master. "You'll dance better when you've had a couple of those."

Oh God. I was expected to dance. I sucked harder, hoping the Dutch courage would kick in soon.

"See you again, Bimbo."'said snorting guy before leading the other one to a group of Blue Oyster types at one of the tables.

As I sipped my colourful drink I looked around at the other clientele. There were about 20 people, none of them female.

There was another fully-dressed transvestite accompanied by a man in a suit. More Rocky Horror than I would choose. I actually thought 'If I was a man I would rather fuck me than him.'

Not only did I have a bitchy, comparative appearance-based thought, I also momentarily, on some level, forgot I was actually a boy.

For the first time I wondered if me and my adored wife were going too far along a dangerous path. But it was neither the time nor the place to dwell on that.

The sound filling the room would probably be described as EDM. It was electronic. It was for dancing. But calling it music was generous. The type of soulless fodder A.I. can churn out. Although difficult to say for sure, I think the track changed which caused 3 fairly standard looking guys to move onto the dance floor. Their dancing was as bad as mine so I felt a twinge of gratitude.

Master was stroking one of my thighs as he chatted with Sir, pushing the lower half of my coat over my crossed legs. The thought of Mistress wearing similar stockings for her lover at that same moment gave me an erotic rush. I was a sex slave. A free , owned by a sexy mistress. I must not disappoint her.

I sucked up the last of my daiquiri. "Please may I have another drink, Master."

"Yes Bimbo. Go to the bar and put it on my tab. This time you will have a Pink Russian."

"Yes Master. Thank you Master".

I had no idea what a Pink Russian was but it was served in a classic cocktail glass and looked feminine. I took a sip so it wouldn't spill as I returned to Master. It tasted quite strong.

A few minutes later, the glass empty, Master ordered me onto the dance floor. It was the most humiliating thing I'd done as a slave but I did my best, wiggling and writhing about, using my PVC shroud as a prop like a stripper with a feather boa, pulling it tight over various parts or almost opening it.

I'd been doing my best impression of a lap dancer for less than five minutes when I noticed Master beckoning me with a curling finger. I felt a wash of relief that the dreaded task was over and returned to him.

"You looked good, Bimbo, but I think it's time you let us see what's under your kinky coat."

Oh no!

"But Master, Mistress sent me out with only pink thong panties beneath this coat."

"Like a good little . I'm sure nobody will mind seeing you in your underwear."

It was evident Master wasn't interested in excuses and I would have to obey. If I felt humiliated dancing in my coat, being almost naked was a new level. I didn't show my reluctance and accepted my order with a weak smile and "Yes Master".

With my heart thumping I removed my plastic wrapper and laid it on the sofa beside Master, acutely aware of my exposed body.

"Love that tattoo as well, my sex doll! Very good! Off you go."

I've never felt so self-conscious as I did walking back to the dance floor on my heels, stockinged legs on full display and only a pink bra and panties for modesty. I could sense all eyes were on me. Part of me wanted to shrivel up and run out of the club but another part needed to please my Mistress and Master. It was like jumping into a cool pool on a hot day. Once the initial shock had passed it was kind of liberating. My exposure was complete. Couldn't get any worse. Resistance is futile. Accept and embrace.

I am a sex slave. Nothing else matters.

I basically just wiggled my cute bubble butt side to side with feet varying distances apart, stroking my hands over my body. It seemed everyone was watching me but I concentrated on the furthest wall, half an eye watching for Master's signal.

I had acquired a new level of subservient acceptance, blotting out my shame and embarrassment as inconvenient obstacles to pleasing my superiors.

After what felt like hours, but was probably less than two minutes, a couple of people came over and started dancing beside me, making no attempt to hide their leering. I didn't mind. It was better than being the only focal point.

They took my lack of hostility as an invitation to get closer until they were almost pinning me between them. I was happy to see Master summoning me so politely extricated myself.

"Well done, Bimbo. I'm pleased with you. Everyone's had a good look at my little so now I'm going to take one or two bookings for tomorrow. I think I'll make a nice profit after paying for your room and sustenance."

Oh my God! Master was literally going to me out. He was making me a genuine .

The thought sent a depraved thrill through my scantily clad body, but tempered by concern at what I might be expected to do. As if reading my mind, Master gave some reassurance.

"Don't worry Bimbo. I know all these guys and know which ones I wouldn't trust with my sex doll.

But I think you should check my intentions with your Mistress."

"Yes Master"

I retrieved my phone and sent Mistress a message, apologising for interrupting her time with her boyfriend and explaining the situation.

A reply came almost immediately.

'Of course your Master can out his little slut, Bimbo. You're a sex slave! I'm sure you'll please your . I look forward to hearing all about it xxx'.

I shared my wife's words with Master and my fate was sealed.

Master told Sir to "look after her for me" and went off to tout for business.

"Looking forward to it?" asked Sir, correctly reading what I was thinking about.

"My purpose is to serve cock, Sir. I always look forward to doing my duty."

"I don't doubt it." he laughed. "I'd book a slot myself if I had any money."

"Thank you Sir"

"Another daiquiri, Bimbo?"

"Yes please, Sir"

Sir got up and went to the bar but I wasn't alone for long. A guy dressed for the 70's New York gay scene plonked himself on the sofa beside mine.

"Very tasty. Loved the dance."

"Thank you"

"You've got me fired up."

"Thank you. I hope you can put it to use."

"I'll save it for our appointment tomorrow Lari."

I felt a bit famous, him knowing my name while I had no idea of his.

"Of course, Sir. I'll be ready for you."

"Good gurl. Look forward to it."

"Thank you, Sir"

I wasn't sure what title whores gave their tricks so thought 'sir' was a safe option.

"I hope this man isn't bothering you, Bimbo." joked Sir when he returned with drinks. "How are you, Jock?"

"All good, Ed. You?"

"Been better, but Bimbo here's been a great help. Very distracting." he laughed. I hoped they wouldn't have a conversation about whatever miserable situation Sir needed distraction from.

"Have you had a go?" asked Jock.

"Too right! Total filth!"

"Happy to hear it." he grinned. "Looking forward to my turn even more now Lari.

"I'll try to not disappoint you, sir."

"Booked a session, have you Jock?"

"Be rude not to. She's a sexy little bitch, isn't she."

"She is. And she fucking loves cock."

"I hope these men aren't bothering you, Bimbo." Master said when he returned, proving what an obvious joke it was.

"No Master" I replied, playing it straight.

"You're entertaining three tomorrow, Bimbo. 10am, 1pm and 3pm. They have an hour each."

"Yes Master". The butterflies in my stomach were coked up. An entire day of sex service. I felt my little clitty getting hard.

"I see you've already met one of them. They've all paid to fuck you. I'm sure you'll have no problem being good value."

"No Master."

"Good gurl. Now drink up. I want to make use of you and that hotel room."

"Yes Master"

"No chance of a blow job before you take her away, Phil?" asked Sir.

"I did tell her there'd be no sex here tonight, but as she's done so well perhaps she deserves a reward. Would you like a mouthful of cum, Bimbo?"

"Yes please Master"

"You'll have to take her on the stage, Ed."

"Understood. Come on, Bimbo. Follow me."

He led me up the two steps onto the stage and unzipped his jeans, tugging them open and unfurling his huge swollen cock. "Show them what a dirty bitch you are Lari." he instructed as I crouched on my heels.
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Sissy Maid
Posted:Jun 30, 2024 11:58 am
Last Updated:Jul 18, 2024 1:15 pm

Seeing how easily I had given up to her demands and given up my boi pussy was immediate confirmation for Marion that her plan was headed in the correct direction. She realized how much I was willing to give up for the privilege of fucking her, and knew that as she normalized that I would give up much more. On top of that, it was proof of what she had found online: a horny sissy is an obedient and malleable sissy.

As a result, our following sessions would always begin with her edging me while playing with my boi pussy soon after I changed into my sissy-clothes. I was naive enough to enjoy this part, looking forward to it in fact, as Marion would always find ways to put me into compromising positions that left me vulnerable and stripped away at my masculinity, perfectly playing into my sissy fetish. Whether she had me bent over a table, tied spread eagle on the bed, or even 'stuck' in the washing machine, Marion let her imagination take the reigns. As she edged me a few times, fingering my ass the whole time, I would be left a quivering, begging mess, a mindset suitable to expand Marion's power.

Marion would make me beg for release, and of course, work for the right to fuck her, pushing my sissy-duties a little further every time. She later explained to me that while she of course enjoyed having a maid for free, what she really loved was the power rush she got from humiliating me. Every time I would obey one of her orders, she would get a little hornier. Seeing chores that used to be a massive concession on my end become 'normal' would find her squirming with excitement. And every single time I debased myself in a new way to gain a minor favor she felt empowered beyond belief. She craved the validation of seeing someone who was once her equal grovel at her feet, beg for her scraps, and willingly give up their dignity. And in my sex-addled mindset I would be all for it, relishing in the humiliation of having to pander to the whims of my superior Mistress for the privilege of something that used to be the whole reason we were meeting.

Marion expanded my maid duties by building upon me doing her dishes, as it was now a given, so she didn't expect me to fight her much on it. At first, she simply stopped pilling up her dishes in the sink before my arrival. So when it was time for me to do the dishes, she asked:

"Can you pick up the dishes around the apartment and get them cleaned up?", to which came the now usual "Yes, Misstress, yes my Goddess."

From that day, I would have to pick up the used plates from the living room table and used teacups from her bedside table and the coffee table. She claimed she like "watching me strut around in my sexy heels", and so I dutifully obeyed, getting more comfortable in my heels every day. She also began leaving the pans and pots she used for cooking scattered around the kitchen, which I dutifully picked up.

Picking up the dirty dishes lying around her apartment naturally expanded to picking up after her in general. She started letting the used napkins from her lunch in the dirty plates, and any packaging lying wherever she was when she finished using it. Cereal boxes would be left in the living room after her breakfast, wrappers for the biscuits she enjoyed with tea could be found pretty much anywhere. Walking around the room under Marion's gaze while picking up after her was one of the most degrading experience I had ever gone through. I couldn't help imagining her snacking on a biscuit and just tossing the wrapper wherever, with a disdainful the-maid-will-get-it shrug. It was such a small gesture but it reeked of entitlement, and that made my dick twitch every time. I was here to serve her, here to make the life of my better more comfortable, and she was taking advantage of it even when I wasn't actively serving her, building up a mess that I would have to clean up later. This whole time Mistress Marion would either be lounging on the sofa, touching herself, or following me around and groping me, ensuring I remained an obedient, horny, mess.

Being asked politely if I would do something for her, implied there was room for me to disagree, which kept pulling me out of my submissive persona. So when she suggested that my tiny dick would now be a "Clitty", I felt truly emasculated.

On top of the usual mess I needed to pick up, clothes were lying around the apartment. She barely acknowledged it, until she had edged me twice, on all fours in the middle of the living room, in my very sexy French Maid dress, at which point she pulled out a box, and showed me its contents, which I immediately recognized: it was three metallic butt-plugs, of increasing size. The first one was fairly small, probably just below an inch wide at it's widest part and not too long, I was fairly confident I could handle it since I was now pretty used to getting my sissy-pussy fingered. The second one was already noticeably longer, and looked probably around 1.3 to 1.5 inch in diameter at it's largest spot. I assumed it would probably fit into my boipussy, although I presumed it would fill me up nicely. The last one however, was terrifying: its conic tip seemed to be the same width as the smallest plug, but quite shorter, but it was then followed by a spheric shape, which looked to be around the same width as the second plug, and finally another spheric shape, slightly bigger than the previous one. I sincerely hoped she didn't expect me to wear that one any time soon, as I could not imagine it fitting inside of me. Each one had a flared base adorned with a round, pink jewel, which would protrude between my cute bubble butt cheeks, announcing my status as a sissy boi to anyone who saw it.

"From now on, I will expect you to wear one of these at all times when serving me. We'll start with the smallest one today, maybe train our way to the medium one. The biggest one I figured would be a good punishment when needed."

And with that she simply lubed up the toy, and stuffed it my ass. Since she had just been fingering me a moment ago it went in effortlessly. She slapped my ass, sat on the couch and continued:

"Pick up the mess and get the dishes done now, we don't have all day. While you're at it, pick up the dirty laundry and put it in the hamper."

And just like that, I was expected to wear a butt plug, and a new chore had been added to my list. She stared at me with intense eyes, gauging my reaction, seeing how I would adapt to this new dynamic. My mind was in intense turmoil, part of it revolting against the tyranny, against the intrusion in my ass, and against the thought of picking having to pick up even more after someone who not so long ago was my equal. That part might have won, if not for the edging I had received which had empowered the other part of me. The one that had my tiny dicklet twitching in my panties, who felt it only fair that a maid should pick up after her Mistress, and who was thankful that she had used the smaller plug. That part of my brain made me get up, whisper "Of course, Misstress" with a small bow. That part of me was irrevocably in charge when I was this horny, and relished feeling the plug inside of me every time I bent over to pick up something, reminding me of my station in life. Picking up her panties felt somehow intimate, while picking up her dirty socks was humbling, especially the smellier gym socks. Once my arms were full with what I couldn't help but notice was more than necessary for just a week's worth of change, Marion beckoned me to the couch where she had been laying, watching me and playing with herself. She took of her panties which had now a visible wet spot, and said

"Here, you can add these ones to the dirty pile... Oh but you're pretty full... Surely we can find some place...".

She then feigned having a great idea, before folding them neatly in a square, making sure the gusset was on the outside, and shoving them in my mouth.

"There. Keep them in there until you're done with the dishes."

And so I took the dirty laundry to her hamper, and started picking up the coffee mugs and tea cups lying around the apartment while sucking on the juices of the panties still in my mouth, loving Marion's newfound authority. That dynamic switch would accelerate my downfall, but I loved it. As my kinks were centered around humiliation and domination, nothing made me harder than begging not to do a humiliating task just for her to administer a swift spanking for resisting her orders and being forced to do it anyways, usually with an even bigger twist to 'teach me a lesson'.

Once done with everything, I came back to the living room where Marion was waiting for me. She had me bend over the armrest of the couch, took her used panties out of my mouth and replaced them with the cock dildo that had been in her pussy a second ago. She fucked my mouth with it for a second before taking it out. She asked me if my ass was enjoying its new toy, which I shamefully acknowledged. Moving around with the plug in my ass was a constant reminder that I was an owned slut. She lifted my skirt, and took the plug out. Once again she started edging me, fingering my pussy before saying:

"I'm going to need you to start coming over more than once a week. It's pretty crazy that I have a maid now, and yet I'm living in an apartment that has never been this messy."

I wanted to argue that just because she had a maid didn't mean she couldn't pick up after herself. Putting the dirty dishes in the sink and her dirty clothes in the hamper really wasn't that complicated, and it would go a long way to making the place feel nicer. Instead, as my orgasm was building once more, I said:

"Of course Misstress, what do you have in mind Goddess?"

"We can still have long sessions once per weekend, but I will probably request your services twice or thrice during the week, I'll text you when I need you. We can keep those sessions shorter, you can just do some tidying up, get me off, and I'll send you on your way. You should probably leave your uniform here, and start packing a set of underwear so you can come straight after work."

"Yes Misstress, I'll do that. I'm getting close Goddess."

She had never actually instructed me to warn her, but I knew better than to cum without warning her. She stopped the edging, and got on her knees on the couch, her hands on the backrest. "Good gurl, come get your reward now, fuck me good with your little clitty." It was the first time she let me fuck her from behind since we started exploring my sissy side, and I didn't have to be told twice. I entered her in one smooth motion and went to town: clearly she had enjoyed seeing me slave around her apartment because she was soaking wet. A few energetic pumps and it was obvious I would be cumming in no time. I mean, I had literally been about to cum seconds ago, and I upgraded from her hand to her pussy. I tried to slow down to keep myself in check, but Marion started moaning and immediately told me to go faster. I tried every trick I knew, trying to focus on something mundane, trying to do some mental math (2 times 2 is 4, times 2 is 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256...), but I was past the point of no-return.

With a grunt I came inside her. I tried to keep going as long as possible, but that barely added 20 seconds to my mediocre performance. I pulled out of her as Marion gave a disappointed sigh. I started to apologize but she cut me off:

"Don't stand there with your useless clitty in your hand Slut, pick up a toy and get your Mistress off."

I grabbed the dildo she had been using while I did her dishes, knelt on the floor next to her, and started fucking her with it. It didn't take long for her to take the whole thing, while I kept a steady rythm pumping the toy in and out of her pussy. I could her her moans increasing and her breath getting short, clear signs that the toy was succeeding at the job I had failed so miserably at. In between breaths Marion told me:

"Lick my pussy slave boi... Don't stop fucking me..."

It took a bit of time to find a good position giving me access to her clit while still fucking her with the rubber cock, but eventually I settled on sitting on the floor below her. This way I could lick her from underneath, while still fucking her. It wasn't the most comfortable position, but it was the best I could come up with. The double stimulation was working it's magic on Marion: her moans were getting louder and I could feel her tense up. Soon enough she was coming, grabbing my head and keeping it in place in her pussy, which really wasn't necessary as my face was the only thing keeping her from collapsing. Eventually she came down from her orgasm, and lifted herself slightly off my face, and told me to take the dildo out.

I did so slowly, the dildo coated in a mixture of our juices. As I took the bulbous head of the dildo out, a dollop of my cum came out of her pussy, landing in my mouth directly beneath her. She got herself off the couch and took a look at me before telling me in a laugh:

"Well Sissy, I guess that's the price you pay for cumming early. What's wrong? Guys give girls their delicious cum to swallow all the time."

Except Marion had never let me give her a facial. She found it degrading, and that didn't mesh with her dominant side, and now that I was sissified I'm sure that wasn't going to change... No way she would let me 'mark her' like that. So for me to get a mouthful of yummy cum was very emasculating. Sure it was my own cum, but I still felt humiliated.

"It's humiliating Misstress, you said so yourself, it's degrading."

"Yeah, but you're not me slut.

I quickly shut my mouth. Swallowing was yet another thing Marion refused to do ("Hell no I'm not letting a man cum in my mouth, I'm not a hoe."), but apparently that restriction only applied to proper women, not to sissy sluts. In the back of my mind I took note of her saying "next time", but her threat prevented me from voicing my concerns.

After I cleaned up the toys, Marion sent me on my way, satisfied with her orgasm, her clean house and the progress she had made with my training.

Before I left her apartment she had reminded me to leave my dress and heels with her, and to start packing a set of pink thong underwear to the office. She expected me to come straight after work when summoned, unless I gave 48h notice that I wasn't available one evening. The thought of being at her beck and call lit a fire in me.

I couldn't help but be afraid that someone would spot and question me about the garter belt, panties, stockings and bra that were now in my bag at all times. It also meant I had to maintain my body hairless, so I now took ten minutes in the shower every morning to run my pink razor all over my legs, chest, armpits and of course, my pussy. I was starting to see why it took women so long to get ready in the morning, there was a lot more upkeep to deal with.

Very quickly we developed a new routine. Every other day Marion would text me, and I would go to her apartment straight after work. She liked not giving me too much of a heads up, and I seeing her entitlement when she summoned me without warning. She would let me in, watch me change into my sissy underwear and my maid uniform. She would then plug me with the small plug, and edge me once, before sending me to do my chores. The main purpose of my visit was to pick up after her before the apartment looked like a pig pen, since she wasn't interested in doing it herself anymore. When I was done with all the chores she would edge me again, then she would often make me get her off, with a combination of my tongue and her toys. When she was in the mood she would allow me to fuck her for a quickie before that (being edged constantly, a quickie was rapidly becoming the only way I knew how to fuck).

On some rare occasions she sent me on her way immediately after my chores were done, claiming she didn't have time for more fun as she had to hit the gym. She made it sound like no big deal but really she wanted to see my reaction when she used me as her maid without any sexual gratification. For once, I did meekly complain:

"Misstress, I was hoping maybe you could..." and then I looked down at my tiny clitty.

She gave a long sigh, before bending me over her knees:

"Slut, you are here for MY pleasure, not the other way around. I just told you I'm in a rush. You think a body like mine happens by accident?"

She punctuated every sentence with a loud spank on my ass. The combination of her strict treatment and her reminding me of my role sent me deep into sub-space, and made me melt into her. I made no effort to protect myself, feeling that I deserved the punishment I was receiving. Marion was doing her best not to show it, but she was stunned: it was the first time she had tried to ignore my complaints, even though she considered them pretty reasonable. If I had stood my ground even a little bit here, she would've relented and accepted that the price of an obedient Maid was a quickie, or at least a hand job. Instead I folded almost immediately, not only apologizing for stepping out of line, but even thanking her for punishing me.

My surrender had her juices flowing, and it took all she had not to fuck my brains out right there. Realizing that she could fuck me whenever she wanted, but only had this one opportunity to make me accept that being her maid no longer entitled me to sexual pleasure, she instead ordered me:

"Go fetch the second plug Sissy. Your punishment isn't over."

Any will to fight gone, I went to the box of sex toys, and brought her the second butt plug and the bottle of lube, before silently bending over her knees again. Slowly, this time, she worked the larger plug in my ass, pushing a bit before relenting, and pushing again, making progress while careful not to hurt me. As we neared the largest point of the plug I started to squirm in discomfort, but Marion squashed that down:

"Stay still sissy. And don't make me use the other plug as a gag to make you quiet."

Fresh out of my ass I had no desire to have the smaller plug anywhere near my mouth, so I did my best to obey. After a few more attempts the well-lubed plug made it past my sphincter and buried itself in my ass, kept in place by its flared base, the pink jewel clearly visible in this position.

"Good gurl, I knew you could take it." praised Mistress Marion, before starting to jerk me off. While slowly taking me close to orgasm she jiggled the butt plug in my ass, making sure I could feel it inside me.
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Poker Night
Posted:Jun 29, 2024 2:20 pm
Last Updated:Jul 18, 2024 1:15 pm

I know better than to bet against him. Jack could bluff like no other. But my hand was awesome, a straight flush. Not many hands could beat that. But Jack's royal straight flush did. The rest of the guys and ladies around the table laughed and congratulated Jack on his win while I just shook my head. I should have never taken the side bet. Something told me not to, but I ignored my gut instinct. "You better show up next week Stacy," Jack said laughing. "I can't wait to see how pretty you are!"

That launched another round of laughter. "He's going to look better than any woman you've ever dated Jack," Steve said generating more laughter.

How do I constantly get myself into these situations? "The first one to grab my ass is going to lose a couple of teeth," I said. "I'm a man of my word. I'll be here next week looking like the gurl of your dreams you bunch of scoundrels." More laughter erupts.

Justin's girlfriend Paula tells me to give her a call and she would bring some clothes to try on. "I'll make you look gorgeous Stacy," she said. I would be willing to bet she could too. Wait, that's what got me into this mess to begin with. No more betting on things like that, ever. She gave me her number and said she was free in the afternoon.

The poker night ended and we all went to our individual homes. It was about mid morning when I crawled my ass out of bed. The group chat we had set up for our weekly poker get together had multiple messages talking about my wager with Jack and how I better come through. That if I didn't they would shave one of my eyebrows or write "Loser" on my forehead with a Sharpie.

I sent Paula a message asking when she wanted to come by. She replied with one in the afternoon.

Paula was right on time and she came in with an arm load of clothes and a bag of other things. "We are going to have a blast. I have always wanted to do this. Justin won't let me dress him up," she said setting the clothes and her bags on the dining room table. She looks at me critically for a moment. "Take off your shirt," she orders. I do so and she walks a full circle around me. "You have a nice figure. And your hair is just long enough that we can style it with some curls. We're about the same size so what I brought should fit. You need to shave though everything."

"Why do I have to shave?" I asked her.

"Do you like girls with hairy pits and legs?" she asks.

"No, but I'm not a girl either," I replied.

"You will be for the next poker night though. And you know the guys won't be satisfied that you held up your end of the wager if you don't."

"Here," she says grabbing a razor from the bag she brought in and a small bottle of shaving gel. "Go shave." Grumbling to myself I went into my bathroom to do as she recommended. I trimmed the hair down in my pits and legs with my trimmer first. I knew I would dull the razor and clog the hell out of it if I didn't! Finished shaving I went back to the living room. Paula had set out some clothes on the couch. The first outfit was a blue jean skirt and a pink tank top. The second was a baby blue summer dress.

"Sit down at the table," she ordered. She started putting some gel stuff on my face. "This is a primer. It helps keep your makeup on." Each item she applied she told me what it was and how to apply it.

"Why can't I just put on a little lipstick and mascara and call it good?"

"Same reason you had to shave," she said. When she was finished she told me to pick an outfit. I went with the skirt and tank top. "Don't forget about these," she told me and handed me a pair of pink thong panties and bra. I knew better than to ask why now. I went into my room and put the clothes on. I had a heck of a time with fastening the bra.

All dressed I went back to the living room. Paula wolf whistled at me, "You look adorable," she told me. I went into the bathroom to see the results, I looked like a girl! And I was kind of cute at that! "Do you think you will remember how to do it on Saturday?" she asked

"Yeah, hopefully I don't screw it up." I replied.

Paula told me she would stop by and help if I wanted then left. Now what do I do? Change back into my clothes? I decided to keep the outfit on for a while to get used to how I needed to sit without exposing myself. Now I understood why women crossed their legs the way they do.

I had to admit that the skirt was pretty comfortable. And the tank top wasn't much different than what I would normally wear. The panties and bra though, they were a turn on. I rummaged through the other clothes Paula had left. The summer dress I tried on felt like I wasn't wearing any clothes at all. The one other outfit she left was a tight fitting red dress. I tried it on but didn't quite like how it looked or felt on me. At the end of the day I took all the clothes, folded them up and put them aside until Saturday.

Paula stopped by Saturday afternoon like she said she would and helped me put on the makeup she had left me. She said overall I did a good job but she did fix a couple of things. "If your going to do something, do it right," she kept telling me. It's something I recall saying often and here she was, tossing it right back at me!

I went with the skirt and tank top outfit. And for some reason I was getting aroused. She brought me a pair of sandals to wear to complete the outfit and we took our separate cars to Jack's house. I was so damn nervous that I thought I was going to throw up. I knew I was walking into a snake pit and would be teased to no end. But a wager is a wager and I will never go back on my word.

I walked in the front door and everyone was cheering and cat calling. Making jokes on how I looked better as a girl and making passes at me. At first it was embarrassing. But I also liked it. I know they weren't serious about what they were saying. At least not all of them. One or two of the guys had me questioning. But when they called me pretty I felt elated. I actually took the last pot of the night and went home feeling pretty good about myself.

About mid way through the following week Paula sent me a message asking if I wanted something different to wear for the next poker night. "A girl shouldn't wear the same outfit they wore to one event at the next after all," she told me. That made sense. And I was having to do this for the next two months. A variety would be nice I guess. Sure I could wear the summer dress but the red one was a hard pass.

Paula took me out to the places she normally shops at and together we picked out a few outfits. It was a bit awkward at first but I soon found it quite fun. I thought I would get some strange looks from the sales people. Even buying lingerie didn't elicit any strange looks though. I guess having Paula there kept the looks from happening.

She dropped me off and I tried all the outfits on to decide on Saturdays pick. I had just finished putting a face full of makeup on when there was a knock on my front door. Not even thinking I went and opened it wearing a plaid pleated miniskirt and black bodysuit.

"SURPRISE!" my girlfriend Jenny says. "Uh, who the fuck are you?"

No shit, surprise. Why did she knock she lives here? "Oh shit, Jenny what are you doing home so soon? I thought you weren't coming back for another week?"

She looked at me weird, "Stacy? What the hell is going on here?" she asked pushing past me into our apartment and dropping her bags in the living room.

"Remember me telling you I lost a side bet?" I started, "Well this is what I have to do for losing the bet. Every Saturday for the next two months I have to go to our poker games like this." I could tell she was upset. I hadn't told her what I had to do.

"Don't fucking lie to me," she said. I grabbed my phone and showed her the group chat history. "And they are making you do this? You have some seriously twisted friends." I couldn't refute that. "Ever gonna make a bet like this again?"

I just looked at her like she was the one who was crazy. "What do you think?"

"Why don't you tell them to fuck off?" she asked. She knew the answer though. If I told her I would do something, I did it. No matter what. "Never mind answering. I know why. Two months? You fucking idiot." she said then started laughing.

She looked at me from head to toe. "Your actually pretty cute as a girl! From what your wearing I am going to guess that Paula took you shopping. At least she didn't dress you like a Lolita." She looked me up and down again, "I always wanted a girlfriend!" with a chuckle I told her she could go and get one. "Why when I have one right here," she said grabbing my bubble butt and giving me a kiss.

I tell her I'm going to go change and she tells me not to. Instead she pushes me back onto the couch, pushes my skirt up and starts hungrily sucking my tiny cock. She had never gone after my shaft with the intensity she was at that moment ever before. After a couple of minutes of deep throating me I could feel her throat spasm, squeezing my member in its velvety grasp. She moans, vibrating the head of my penis and when the moment passes she pulls off my little cock exclaiming "Oh my God! I don't think I've ever had an orgasm from just sucking a tiny cocklet!"

Standing up she quickly kicks her shoes off and rips off her pants and panties. Climbing up onto the couch and straddling my face she crams her pussy onto my mouth. "Fuck, eat my pussy sissy boi. I need you to eat my pussy right now with that pretty little face of yours. Get that tongue inside me..." she demands and I comply. Her pussy was so wet that rivulets of her nectar were dripping down my chin and neck with me barely starting to pleasure her. With her fists gripping my hair she ground her groin onto my face and had back to back orgasms before collapsing into my lap with her legs shaking.

We kissed deeply and I could taste a bit of saltiness on her lips. She starts gyrating her hips grinding her crotch against my small swollen shaft then reaches between us to ease it inside of her. I yank of her shirt and bury my face between her breasts taking in her scent. Massaging her pert tits, her hard nipples tickle the palms of my hands. She starts riding me slowly and the sound of her wet pussy against my pubic makes a squishing noise.

She hugs my face against her chest riding faster and faster. Our combined moans grow louder. I crush her against me and match her movements; thrusting up into her as she slams down onto me. Her legs begin to shake as another orgasm courses through her but I keep thrusting up inside of her. Her pussy grips my clitty tightly and I tell her I'm going to cum. I pound a few more strokes into her and a second before I erupt she takes my cocklet out of her and jacks me off. Streams of cum burst from my 3" penis and spray all over her belly.

Poker night had arrived and Jenny insisted on choosing my outfit. She picked out a teal bodysuit, black Jean shorts, and a pair of wedges. We almost didn't make it out of the house. It would appear that Jenny liked me dressing up like a girl. A lot! If I had known she liked it before now, I would have done it sooner! All night she was more physical with me than she normally was. The catcalling and wolf whistling still occurred along with the joking about how cute I was and going on dates from all the guys and even from a couple of the ladies in attendance.

"I'm serious Stacy. I want to take you out on a date." Sam told me as he tossed a couple of chips into the pot.

"You're going to have to wait. I've been gone for a few weeks and I need my Stacy before I have to leave again," Jenny told him.

That generated some laughter. When we got back to our apartment Jenny told me she had ordered some clothes for me. "While I am gone I want you to wear lingerie. I expect pictures as proof you are doing what your told," she said while sitting on my face. "If you do as your told I promise to reward you," the 'you' was more of a moan than a word as she had an orgasm. "But if you don't I'll lock that tiny penis up in a chastity cage." I had no clue what she was talking about but I mumbled my agreement with a mouth full of her delicious sex.

True to her word packages began to show up at our doorstep. She went on one hell of a shopping spree. Lingerie in the form of bra's, panties, garter belts, corsets, and teddies were amongst short skirts, sexy blouses and bodysuits. A couple pairs of heels in a few different colors also showed up. I ended up having to get a new dresser and put it in the spare bedroom to hold all the girl clothes that were purchased.

After a couple of weeks Jenny was packing up for another long business trip when I walked in our front door. "Hey there babe," I said giving her a kiss. "Do you want me to cook or do you want to go out to eat since your leaving tomorrow afternoon?"

"Lets go out." She nods her head towards my side of the bed, "Wear that tonight." I look at what she set out and tell her no. With a flat almost dangerous look she says, "Wear what I set out or I'll lock you up and you will have to wait till I get back to get it off." The way she said that threat made me believe her! "Don't forget I will be asking for proof," Jenny said.

I take a quick shower and put on the lace bikini panties and wireless triangle bra she set out. I barely started getting dressed when my clitty began to stiffen. A black leather miniskirt, a red silk tank top and a pair of heels were the final articles. I was hard as a rock when I finished putting on the heels. I felt and looked sexy. I did my makeup and hair while Jenny got herself ready.

She donned a body contouring purple dress without a stitch of underwear, fixed her hair and makeup then asked if I was ready. Damn she looked hot! We went out to dinner and all I could think about was how she wasn't wearing any panties. And withher not wearing a bra I could see her large nipples were hard. I was so happy that my skirt wasn't tight fitting because I couldn't get my tiny erection to go away at all. Just when it would start to go limp, Jenny would do something provocative and it would return with a vengeance. That woman was enjoying the torture she was putting me through. It was written all over her face and she had such a evil little twinkle in her eye!

She insisted that we go to a Speakeasy after dinner and sat in a chair opposite from me. With a malicious little grin she would spread her legs just enough to give me a view of her cute little pussy. On the way home I almost got us into an accident because I was paying more attention to her masturbating than on the road! I tried to take control as soon as the front door was closed by pushing her back against it and kissing her neck and reaching between her legs.

She fought me off though and turned it around. She pulled me along and into our bedroom. Pulling my skirt up over my hips and pulling my panties down she pushes me back and I sat down on the edge of the bed. Dropping to her knees she moved between my legs and took my hard clitty deep into her mouth. Bobbing her head up and down and massaging my small balls she sucked my clitty with gusto. I could feel a finger brush across my boi pussy and the sensation made my clitty twitch. With her saliva dripping down my shaft my testicles were soon drenched and she spread that fluid all over my boi pussy.

With her finger tickling my hole and her mouth working its magic she had me near orgasm in no time. I think she knew that too. She took that moment when I opened up my mouth to tell her I was going to cum to stick her finger as far as she could go inside me. The surprise postponed my eruption for just a moment. The second she started moving her finger inside of me she touched something that triggered the most powerful orgasm I have ever had. It was so strong it took my breath away and when I finally returned to my senses I laid back on the bed gasping for air.

After she sucked the last bit of cum from my softening clitty she came up and kisses me. As my lips part to accept her tongue; hers do also and she lets the cum she held in her mouth to flood mine. The taste of my cum was actually delicious; because of the delivery? Or did I actually like it?

She grabs my clitty and begins jerking me off to get me hard again and succeeds with very little effort. Straddling me she eases my cocklet inside of her while continuing to share a cum filled kiss. Slowly pumping my clitty into her she looks me in the eye and says, "You like the taste of cum don't you. You want to suck a big cock don't you faggot. I want to watch you suck a cock Stacy." My name is cut off as she moans out in ecstasy. Her vagina convulses and her legs shake as she says, "Give me that cum you filthy little . Be a good gurl and give it to me you slut!" Her ass bouncing up and down on my lap has me blasting her insides with semen in seconds. She grinds her clit against my pubic bone and orgasms again then climbs up my body to put her freshly creamed pussy to my mouth. I open my mouth to stick my tongue inside of her and she pushes the cum I had just deposited out. I nearly choke with the unexpected deluge because of the sheer volume that filled me. I start jerking off and quickly built another orgasm; spraying my load all over myself while I clean her and make her orgasm once more.

Rolling off of my face she positions herself to have me lay my head on her chest and begins to pet my hair. "You are a little slut aren't you my sissy boi," she coos, "I'm going to find you a huge dick to suck. Maybe I'll let them fuck you too." I have no idea why but that got me excited. "You like that idea don't you, you little , " she says seeing my cock stiffen. "You would love to suck a cock and get fucked wouldn't you?"

All I could think to say was yes. When she stuck her finger in my boi pussy I instantly thought about what it would feel like to have a nice hard cock inside of me. I knew just how much I enjoyed her mouth wrapped around my clitty and I wanted to give a real man the same pleasure. I always tried to ensure that whoever I was having sex with was satisfied. I knew I was a little bi-curious, could it be I was no longer curious and was in fact bisexual? Could be, but I also knew I would always prefer girls over guys. I didn't find guys nearly as sexually attractive as girls. We dozed off fully sated and exhausted.

My debt was finally fulfilled a couple months later and I returned to wearing my usual clothes for poker night. Jenny was scheduled to return in the morning and I couldn't wait. I did as she told me to. Proving that I wore panties and bra's with pictures. She rewarded me by sending me videos of her playing with herself. I purposely kept from masturbating the last few days and when I got out of bed to pick her up from the airport I was horny as fuck.

She had demanded that I wear something sexy for her so I chose my outfit with extreme care. I made sure my legs were nice and smooth, put on thigh high stockings, attached them to a garter belt. Put on a pair of snug fitting bikini panties to keep my penis tucked away and a corset. I covered my lingerie with a floral patterned dark blue summer dress and a pair of black stiletto heels. I did my hair and makeup and thought I looked damn good. My poor little clitty kept trying to get hard and escape it's confines between my legs and it took every ounce of concentration I could muster to keep it limp.

When I got out of the car to help put her luggage in the trunk she praised me for how gorgeous I looked. We got home and she told me she was going to go freshen up. I waited for her in the living room. "Hey Stacy, come here babe," she called for me.

I walk in the bedroom and she is sitting in the edge of the bed wearing a huge strap on. "Get on your knees faggot and suck my dick," she orders. The dildo was veiny and had a more pronounced glans. I get to my knees between her legs and licked it from the base to the tip like she had often done to me. Looking her in the eye I took the mushroom head in my mouth and swirled my tongue around it. I could feel my clitty begin to strain in it's captivity so I pulled my panties to the side to free it. As I slid my lips up and down the shaft my tiny clitty became hard as steel and started to drip. With a hand on the back of my head she told me how good I was doing.
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Posted:Jun 26, 2024 11:40 pm
Last Updated:Jul 18, 2024 1:15 pm

I lived with my aunt and it had just been the two of us for as long as I could remember. We lived off of a large trust fund my mother had and neither of us needed to work for a living. I was approaching my 19th birthday when my mother said;

"For your birthday this year, plan on just the two of us staying in and having dinner here."

I was a couple of years into college in a nothing major and sexually I was a complete virgin. I had never been on a date with a girl; never kissed a girl; or ever had any feelings about a girl. My boi genitals were severely undersized, and even though the doctor had told me they would grow to a normal size for my age, they never did.

I had never had the experience of ejaculation and I rarely ever experienced what could be called an erection. I had evidence in my bed of wet dreams on an infrequent basis, but I was pretty sure I was not able to function as a boi sexually.

On the night of my birthday before we had dinner, my aunt said to me;

"Follow me into my bedroom; I want to show you something."

I followed her into her bedroom and she went to her dresser and opened the two drawers that contained her extensive collection of beautiful lingerie.

"Do you see anything in these drawers that you like?" She asked.

"What do you mean?" I answered.

"It's alright, you don't have to hide anything from me. I'm aware you have been going into my lingerie when I'm not at home, haven't you?" She said with a smile.

"How can you tell?" Was my answer.

"These are my personal items. I can tell when they have been moved from how I put them away. Now is the time to just admit it. You've been playing in my panties, bras, and slips; I'm not mad, just tell me." She continued.

"Alright, you're right. I've been doing it for a long time." I said with a sigh.

"Why don't you show me what you do?"

I began to move toward the dresser to show her when she stopped me.

"No, no. Not with your clothes on. Strip off all your clothes while I watch you. When you are totally nude, then you can show me what you have been doing in my lingerie."

I was a little shocked, but also a little relieved, as I would not need to sneak around anymore to enjoy my aunt's panties and bras. I slowly stripped while she watched me revealing my thin nude body to her and the fact that I had no body hair and my penis and scrotal mound were obviously undersized.

"Oh wow! You're 19 and you have no hair on your body. Even between your legs!" Said my aunt.

"Well, my pubic hair I shave." I quickly answered.

"Why do you do that?" She asked.

"I like the way it feels." I answered.

"Are you nude when you get into my lingerie?" She asked.

"I undress in my room and then I come in here and open your dresser drawers." I answered.

"Then show me what you do." She directed.

"Well, I find a pair of panties I like and then I select a bra, and I top it off with a full slip." I said not moving.

"So sometimes when I put on my panties in the morning, you have worn them without me knowing?" She asked.

"I guess so." I answered.

"I've been with lots of men and I have to say your little penis is very, very tiny. And the whole time you've been standing here nude I don't see any signs of it getting bigger." She said looking and my shriveled little cock.

"It won't get bigger. I hate it when it tries to get plump. I don't have erections, because I hate the idea of being a boi." I said quickly.

"So putting on my panties, bras, and slips makes you happy?" She asked.

"It does. I love the feeling on my body of pretty lingerie. It feels very natural for me." I answered.

"I know you have never been on a date with a girl before. Have you ever kissed a girl before?"

"Never. I've never done anything with a girl. I'm not sure I want to." I said looking down.

"That's good to hear. Have you ever masturbated your little penis and ejaculated?" She asked.

"Oh my, no. I don't want to ejaculate, the very idea is disgusting to me. Besides, I'm fairly sure I won't be able to do it anyway." I said again looking down.

"Well that's okay sissy boi. Why don't you show me what you do when you sneak into my lingerie drawer." Said my aunt as she gestured toward the open drawer.

My aunt and I were very close in size to each other. I was only five foot three inches tall as was she. We weighted about the same, so fitting into her panties was very easy for me. I took out a pink pair of thong panties with lace around the leg openings and the waistband. I slowly pulled them on as my aunt watched me do this. I then picked out a satin and lace bra and fastened it with my arms behind my back.

"You know how to fasten a bra behind your back very well." Said my mother.

"I've had a lot of practice." I replied.

Her bra was the only item that did not fit perfectly as I did not have large enough breasts to fill out the cups. The front of the bra was in the proper place, but there was a fair bit of extra fabric without anything to fill it out. I followed these two items with a full length nylon and lace white slip. The hem of lace came down just below my knees. I turned to my aunt and showed her how I looked.

"Oh my God. You are right. You look very feminine and gurly in my lingerie. I had no idea. How about we go into the bathroom and you let me put some lipstick and make-up on you, I think you'll really like your look." Said mother.

"I've used lipstick before, but I would like to have you teach me about make-up." I replied.

"I'm going to take off my dress, I don't want to get make-up on it." Said my mother.

My aunt unbuttoned her dress and stepped out of it showing me she was wearing a white full-slip with a pink satin and lace bra, and pink thong panties. My aunt put lipstick on me and followed it up with foundation with some blush and eye shadow. Then she kept going, adding mascara and false eyelashes. The result was startling.

"Holy cow! You are a beautiful gurl!" Said my aunt as she looked in the mirror. "And you are so feminine."

"I think there's a reason my little penis has not grown in size. I'm really a gurl deep inside. It's obvious by what we are seeing." I smiled.

"Let me get you one of my wigs and we'll complete the look." Said my mom as she went into her bedroom.

With a shoulder length wig applied there was absolutely no trace at all of anything masculine on my body. My look took my breath away. I was in shock.

"Oh my God. I so want to live my life as a gurl. This make-over has really convinced me, a gurl is who I am." I said with a tear in my eye.

"I may have a way for you to do just that honey. But it will involve some very strict rules." Said my dominant aunt, smiling.

"What do you mean? What do you have in mind?" I asked.

"Well starting right now I think you need to stop wearing boy underwear. I want you to wear panties, a bra, and a slip every day no matter what outer clothes you have on. I'll let you select three pairs of my panties for now, and a bra and a slip. Tomorrow I'll buy you a complete lingerie wardrobe, including long sexy nightgowns for you to sleep in. How does that sound?" She asked.

"Okay please, anything you want." I said in haste.

"First, you're going to be my full-time sissy maid. You're going to do all our laundry every week, and you're going to keep the house clean at all times." Said mom.

"I can do that Mistress." I replied.

"I'm going to want you to wear a maid dress every day that comes down below your knees. Under it you'll have a petticoat on any time you are in the dress. And remember, I want you wearing a bra every day. I'm going to slide my hand up and down back every day to feel for your bra strap and it better be there. I'll be buying you some pretty training bras so they will fit you better, but in the meantime, pick out one of my bras to wear every day. It's important for a gurl to wear a bra and you are now a gurl, my gurl, my slave gurl."

"I can do all that easily my Mistress." I smiled.

"And when it comes to sex, you are not to engage in any kind of sexual activity. You're a virgin, so it shouldn't be difficult to stay one. I also want you not to masturbate in any way. No playing with your clitty, no ejaculations, and no erections if you can control it. Agreed?"

"Okay, I guess. I know what it's like not to have sex and I'll do as you say." I said softly.

"Your name will now be Julie going forward. I'm going to again bring men home occasionally and allow them to fuck me and I'll introduce you as my maid named Julie."

"You're going to be having sex Mistress?" I asked.

"I am, but you are not to watch. I don't want to catch you masturbating while I'm letting men fuck my tight, hairless pussy. You can listen from your room, but that's as close as I want you when I'm in bed with a real man with a huge cock." She said.

"And if I agree to all this you'll buy me a complete feminine wardrobe? And if I ask for more female clothes you'll get them for me?" I asked.

"I will. Whatever you want. And I'll want you to put on make-up every morning as part of getting dressed. And let's stop you getting your haircut so you can grow out your own shoulder length hair." She continued.

"Anything else?" I asked.

"Oh, I'll want you to make sure your body is always fully shaved. Pubic area, armpits, everything. I don't want you to have any kind of body hair. I'll let you use my feminine razor and shaving cream to do the job." She smiled.

"Will that do it?" I asked.

"Yes, that should be all. You want to be a gurl and I want to have a sissy maid. Do we have a deal?" She asked.

"Before I say yes, I'd like you to promise me you'll buy me some sexy satin and lace garter belts and several pairs of nylon stockings." I replied.

"Of course I will honey. You're my little sissy now and I want you to be happy. Do we have a deal?" Smiled my mother.

"We have a deal. I'm really excited about being able to be a gurl full time." I smiled.

My aunt made good on her promise and bought me satin and lace garter belts and nylon stockings to go along with my now extensive collection of the most feminine lingerie I had ever seen. There was no way I could ever go back to wearing boy underwear or clothes. Lingerie and dresses was going to be my clothing on a full-time basis going forward.

"Julie honey, I'm going to be having a few of my lady friends over tomorrow and I want to introduce you to them and have you serve us as we are together. Are you ready for that?" Asked my mother.

"Of course I am. I'll do whatever you want." I replied.

"Perfect honey, I know they are going to just love meeting you." Said my aunt.

The next day four of my aunt's long-time friends came to the house around noon. My aunt ushered them into the living room and then called for me to come into the room. I was fully dressed as I was every day and my aunt said to the ladies;

"Everyone, this is Julie, she's my now and she's going to be serving us today."

A hush came over the ladies as I entered the living room and then Shirley said;

"Oh my God, she's beautiful! So natural. Do you have her on any kind of hormones?"

"I don't, she's such a natural, don't you think?" Replied my aunt.

"She sure is! So feminine! I can't get over it." Said Shirley.

"Julie honey, lift up your dress and show the ladys your pretty petticoat." Directed my mother.

I did as she asked and revealed my chiffon and lace pink petticoat.

"Oh that's beautiful!" Said Shirley.

"Now show the girls your pretty panties; go on, lift up your petticoat." Directed my mother.

I did as she asked.

"Slightly open your legs honey." Said my mother.

I did as she asked and felt my tiny clitty pull quickly back into my body.

"Oh my God! The front of her panties are perfectly flat! No sign at all of anything between her legs!" Said Shirley.

"She's really feminine, don't you agree?" Asked my aunt.

"I'll say she is! Are you sure there is a penis in there?" Asked Shirley.

"She has one but no ball sack. Just a little mound. It's what makes her panties fit so well." Said my aunt.

"Do you allow her to experience any sex?" Asked Shirley.

"Oh no. She is a virgin and we have agreed she is going to stay that way." Answered my Mistress.

"What about masturbation? Do you allow her to do that?" Asked Shirley.

"No; she is not allowed to do that. And she has agreed not to." Said my Mistress.

"Julie honey, do you ever get bigger in your penis?" Asked Shirley.

"Not really ever. Sometime a tiny bit of white and clear liquid comes out of the end of my tiny cocklet and I can't control it. I really think it is disgusting when my body acts like a boy." I answered.

"You know, if you gave her testosterone blockers it would shrivel up what's left of her tiny cock and balls and it would stop those unforced ejaculations." Said Shirley to my aunt.

"I'd really like that! I am a girl, and I hate having a penis. I have no male sexual thoughts and I don't want to have any." I said to my Mistress.

"Okay Julie; put your petticoat and dress down. I'll see what I can do to get you those pills." Said my aunt.

It took a few weeks, but my aunt was able to find a doctor who prescribed the testosterone blocker pills I wanted and I began taking them. The results were a little startling. My already tiny penis lost just about all of its girth. It shrank down to the size of a AAA battery and most of the time the only part that was visible outside my body was thecute little mushroom head. Most of the time it retracted itself inside my body which I loved. Sitting down to pee became a necessity. Needless to say any form of erection was completely gone. I never again remember feeling that disgusting little thing feeling plump. My balls shrank to a size so small they too retracted inside my body. I was more than certain all sperm production stopped. The doctor told me my prostate would shrink too and stop producing any form of semen. This I was particularly interested in as I stopped having involuntary ejaculations. I hated the feel of semen in my panties and now it was impossible for that to happen. My boy sexual thoughts diminished to a very low level as my body was getting closer and closer to being fully female. Thoughts of big cocks started to fill my bimbo brain!

I continued my duties keeping house for my aunt and me and I was living full-time as a gurl. I noticed that Shirley was coming over to our house on a more than regular basis as my aunt's friend. Then totally by accident I was putting my aunt's laundry away one evening and when I opened the door to her bedroom I saw my aunt and Shirley on the bed together. Shirley was in a white chiffon baby doll nighty with bloomer panties on with lots of lace. My auntwas on her back on the bed in a long nightgown that she had pulled up way above her waist. Her legs were spread wide apart and Shirley was kneeling between them with her mouth on my mother's vagina. I could tell Shirley had her tongue up inside my aunt's cunt and she was sucking on my mother's clit at the same time. My aunt had her eyes closed and was enjoying the moment and Shirley had her eyes closed as it became obvious she was sucking my slutty aunt to an orgasm. I could see between Shirley's legs and her bloomer panties were soaking wet between her legs. The two women were really into an intense sex act with each other. I quietly put down my aunt's laundry and as I backed out of the room I heard my aunt climax as she was being sucked off.

The next morning Shirley was still in the shower when my aunt came down for breakfast.

"I didn't know you were into girls." I said casually.

"I didn't either. It was Shirley who made the first move. She said she needed a place to stay while hers was being painted and when she came over and it was time for bed, she put on her sexy baby doll and asked me to pull up my nightgown. She slid her finger into my wet pussy and began to flick on my clit with her thumb and it was the best sex I had ever felt. I did not stop her when she put her tongue inside me. This morning, I put my tongue into her smooth pussy and sucked on her clit and now I'm hooked." Said my mom.

A week or so later Shirley moved in with us and she and my aunt began living together as a couple. I had no interest in their sex life as I was a very heterosexual gurl, and still being a virgin, I found myself looking online at porn occasionally and being most interested in watching real men grow large erections and fuck their female partners.

Shirley was always trying to make a move on me but the pills my aunt had me taking had permanently altered all of my male sex organs to the point they were hardly visible which I loved because I fit into my lingerie just right and I did not have to show any boi sexual responses which I hated doing with my body. I only projected myself as a female and my bimbo brain had been wired to think of myself as a female.

Maybe one day I will be able to have a relationship with a real man who will find a gurl like me attractive. I would love to fulfill the role of a sexy wife. In the meantime I am content to wear panties, a bra, a petticoat and a camisole under my dress every day and remain a completely virginal gurl who loves her femininity.
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