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My Blog

I am on the sky as Submissive For Use but, I will refuse connections to females and other fem types too. I never switch and I only desire RLT too. NOTHING LESS.

Opening up more here: my profile:
Posted:Jul 7, 2024 6:08 am
Last Updated:Jul 9, 2024 2:56 am

I am living alone but, hopeful just the same. I have no STD's with no negative habits to break and expect others around me to be the same as well. I prefer mystery men dressed incognito more so than not.

I didn't learn about my real dad until after becoming of age and felt like a mistake at best until I learned of sites like this. Ever since being made aware of him, it became clear on why I always paid more attention to my grade school principal and some of my friends DADS as well.

Now, I crave to be kept by an older man who is a single parent with like urges as well and will force me to be used as a PROP for teaching and to be used in private gatherings of mystery friends with like urges and needs as well.

No, I never switch to TOP ROLES either. Nor will I ever play with nor even around others who are not one of these men either.
My Ideal Person Mature masculine man I seek is not a VANILLA type and only does things in ways that others call "TABOO". Meaning, to him I am his to exploit with and used as an INSTRUCTIONAL DEMO PROP as well. Nothing in the arenas consistent to the extreme S/M but, roughly applied just the same.
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Posted:Jun 13, 2024 6:53 am
Last Updated:Jul 10, 2024 4:02 am

These men would never shadow the the thoughts of switching from their TOP ROLES of choice much less be noticed as being fem in any given form , shape nor demeanor attributes of any kind. These men keep their bodies in good shape at least. Meaning, nothing sags any where at all. Finally, their skin tone is light to lightly tanned at most. Meaning, no dark pigments. If you fit the bill as written in this blog and want RLT as well then, find me on the sky.. there as SUBMISSIVE FOR USE.

These men have already gained their fully developed frontal lobes and lost boyish features too. Also, they do not have any STD's nor negative bad habits to support with either. In other words, they do not need special treatments for breaking any of any kind. Finally, they are drama free by nature and enjoy the highlights of peaceful environments over all else. Keeping things on an even kill simple basis is the motto here.
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Posted:Jul 10, 2024 5:22 am
Last Updated:Jul 10, 2024 5:23 am

GM. Thanks for dropping by. Due to the negatives and boring side of cybering, I am not interested at all. I am strictly here to meet up with my type of men seeking the 24/7 RLT for same reasons as well.. I do have a PROFILE, BLOG, GROUPS for more details too. This is why I randomly RELOAD, BAN, BLOCK silent viewers and those who are not my type.
Posted:Jul 7, 2024 4:50 am
Last Updated:Jul 10, 2024 4:01 am

Just about at every given turn of each page on these sites here there are more and more and more people complaining about the FAKES because, they are being swamped by non readers, BOTS and PROS all the time. Oh well, as long as these are allowed here it will eventually die completely. Suggestions on having more updates on filters have been given but, as usual, TOTALLY IGNORED. Complaints only cause more disruptive issues because, they don't want to read it nor hear it either. All just want to rake in the money over garbage like these while laughing all the way to the bank at the poor saps who are suckered into paying for it. I, for one, NOT ONE OF THEM. Show me the care first then, I will know it is deserving of reward but, NEVER BEFORE HAND! NOT HAPPENING!
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This would be perfect if it weren't just mere fantasy;
Posted:Jul 2, 2024 5:21 am
Last Updated:Jul 3, 2024 3:52 am

Just lounging around the homestead alone leaving me with my daydreams to pass time away with while taking care of the drudge of tasks compiled into the mix. HOHOHUM. So, after a couple of hours of work, I go soak in the tub of warm water when I start hearing strange sounds of heavy feet stomping across the floor as well as other things too.

After about 30 mins. or so, I get out of the tub, dry off and simply forget about getting dressed. Why bother, right? I go to the kitchen for hot tea before lounging on the sofa in the living room. As I get comfy, I reach for the TV remote when very large hand grabs my wrist to stop me. Next, I feel more very large large hands grabbing my other wrist and ankles

I am mysteriously elevated in midair floating where I feel restraints, collar and other other items being clamped onto me. I begin being carried away from the furniture and once I stop moving, I see giant sized muscle bound nude men appear all around me. One of them silently looks at them and they spread my less apart in order for him to go in between them.

First, he paws and manipulates my naked body with his huge thick massive hands while flexing his huge massive arms simultaneously. The expression on his face for the whole time was an evil impish smirk of gratification as in showing he has control and I am his. He raises one hand to make a cage and collar appear in which is placed over my head and locked around my neck. He firmly grips my ass checks and forces them apart until my hole opened up. I begin feeling a long worm like object protruding inside while fluctuating as in breathing motion.

He finally telepathically started speaking to me and said, "You are my meat now. I own you. Expect more use than this from now own pet.".
Honestly my attention span here is short:
Posted:Jun 18, 2024 5:09 am
Last Updated:Jul 10, 2024 4:03 am

Dead empty GROUPS in which remain with user ID's listed in the viewing sections and old, old posts remains as well. So much for cleaning the house as they say. Who cares to see someone supposedly dropped in at least a month ago or longer especially when they spammed the page in the first place.

To link to this blog (SonOfGrandfather) use [blog SonOfGrandfather] in your messages.