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Spankeesubsarah 35F
61 posts
8/29/2021 11:44 am
Best implement for me

What would be the best implement for spanking me?
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ohioeagle 71M
1587 posts
8/29/2021 1:36 pm

Id start with my hand then a leather paddle followed by a leather belt or flogger

PainToys 57M/60F
41 posts
8/29/2021 2:24 pm

a riding crop

robj1956 65M
975 posts
8/29/2021 2:29 pm

love your nice red butt cheeks, definitely use my hands only, I want to feel your flesh as your cheeks redden

Rassilon_AB 58M
88 posts
8/29/2021 2:35 pm

Leather belt, whip or crop/

yuprightthere 57M  
2 posts
8/29/2021 2:39 pm

All the toys are nice but my hand is the best.

ISpankNauteGrls 58M
5 posts
8/29/2021 3:03 pm

Two pillows put over the end of the bed. Bent over that. Your panties are already down. Then my Spencer Spanking Paddle with 9 holes in it to aid in aerodynamics and delivering the proper sting and redness. Of course your promising to be a good girl and a few light sobs thrown in for measure...

Alpha_Tauri 81M  
4 posts
8/29/2021 3:30 pm

A proper spanking is done with a bare hand. No wimpy leather glove, nno doggy leather paddle. If I am going to watch your ass grow red - I want to know that it was my hand that did it.

ExperiencdSadist 68M
25 posts
8/29/2021 4:12 pm

a cane

tnbimm4fun 59M
11 posts
8/29/2021 7:56 pm

Whatever implement was used to give you those rosy ass cheeks would be the best. Absolutely gorgeous color!

tastetester61 60M
654 posts
8/30/2021 12:32 am

Definitely hand. There's no reason why bdsm can't be sensuous, and the feel of your soft cheeks flinching and warming as the redness grows is scintillating.

Very nice ass and legs by the way, just the build I like.

looking4fat 69T
350 posts
8/30/2021 2:53 am

Personally, i prefer to be spanked by hand. A Man's hand makes for a much more intimate and personal experience.

My "gurl name" is Kate Coxuker. It is who i am and what i do.

Spankeesubsarah 35F
9 posts
8/30/2021 6:02 am

I enjoy reading all the comments. Thanks everyone!

Beachguy000 47M  
14 posts
8/30/2021 9:42 am

Hand - so much more intimate

bdsmDOMdaddy 58M
41 posts
8/30/2021 1:49 pm

all of the above & anything that leaves a red mark or creative think outside the box!

NudeMuse1 38M  
61 posts
8/31/2021 1:08 pm

if you stare at his saddles, you better believe thats a paddlin'.

OldJeakel 70M
258 posts
8/31/2021 11:50 pm

definitely my hand

gafferh 66M
258 posts
9/1/2021 3:26 am

Warm you to a nice pink by hand, then the wooden oval headed hairbrush to bring that lovely red glow...

MasterBob65453 68M
6 posts
9/1/2021 3:43 am

Flogger !!

pussymaster147 59M
58 posts
9/1/2021 8:52 pm

I have a paddle with your name on it!


Spankeesubsarah 35F
9 posts
9/2/2021 7:53 am

Ok, show me

slavesteve0 61M  
31 posts
9/2/2021 12:50 pm

You have a nice buttocks. It should be spanked with a bare hand.

Evincio 60M  
3 posts
9/3/2021 2:37 pm

My hands to start with..... until they are too sore to continue. And then a heavy leather flogger

oaky177 64M
18 posts
9/4/2021 1:23 am

spanking your little ass . would be best bare handed , so an accidental slip
would be my fingers sliding into your sweet ass

shadny 75M
18 posts
9/4/2021 6:58 am

Well I would like to position a long butt plug between your cheeks and paddle it in with a nice hair brush. Maybe every so often reaching between your legs to check your clitoris for wetness

northbrissiedom 46M
23 posts
9/4/2021 6:19 pm

start with my strong hands, then my trusty riding crop

daddycockinvan 55M
38 posts
9/5/2021 12:23 am

scream bitch .

rosaenaluin 62F
5131 posts
9/6/2021 4:00 am

Whips! Big, heavy horsetail whips, or latex/rubber whips, the big ones!
and maybe his belt and hand too.....?
Or any other implement "he" see fits......

I am in for the thud, not the sting.

CBTundQueening 43M
26 posts
9/13/2021 6:32 am

If only one paddle. Red and bruised mmmm

SociallyTwisted 54M  
245 posts
9/13/2021 7:29 am

I prefer a cane.. Love the stripes it leaves but I don't consider that 'spanking' so I voted for hand.. on a side note: @shadny... the clit doesn't get wet... the inner labia do! lol

owned_one 52F
63 posts
9/13/2021 2:27 pm

That depends. Which one will make you cum from having it used on you?

longtermjayGM 61M
21 posts
9/15/2021 9:22 am

paddles and floggers r perfect but i like to spank ,,it is so much more personal

wantsubbitch 62M
114 posts
9/16/2021 5:42 am

such a sweet sexy little ass to spank and oh what a great time it would be , daddy would start with you over his lap using my big hand , end with you standing and getting my belt then it sure would be time to take your sweet little red ass deep hard , your a sexy sweet sub 1208514

jthp6969 37M
13 posts
9/20/2021 2:54 pm

hands because I enjoy feeling ur tight ass on my hands as I slap it and make u moan as I pound u deep!

NicebutnoBottom 48M
76 posts
9/20/2021 9:32 pm

starting with hands then lets see...

Jvargas85 36M
1 post
9/23/2021 9:20 pm

Paddles ate fun 😉

AlphaFlorida21 50M
1 post
9/26/2021 10:37 am

All of it!

Domkevin03 60M
109 posts
9/27/2021 3:43 pm

Hands are the best for a good spanking and nice red rose cheeks

NMmrzia 70M
24 posts
10/9/2021 4:36 pm

One of my handmade thin stingy paddles.

wantsubbitch 62M
114 posts
10/17/2021 8:19 am

would love to lay u over my lap and tell u what a bad girl u have been , bare your sexy little ass , use my hand and spank your ass till red and burning hot , then to make u ride daddy as your ass checks are stinging , pinching your nipples as u do as your told, face slaps to keep u in line till done with u

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