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Poetic Pussy Craft

A journal of a woman's empowerment through the journey of life
A compilation of rants, poetry, and other folly.
Subject matter is random and vast.
Your input is not necessary within, but welcomed if done with respect.

* All material except for some pictures within are now copyrighted as intellectual property including the name Pussy Craft*

Postad:1 juli 2020 7:29 am
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If you are new t/o visiting my blog, welcome.

**TIP: You never know if what I write here is fantasy or reality. That's just my style. It's not because I am fake, I assure you.Everything has a true story behind it**

This Alt blogosphere has been m/y home, o/n and off, for the past sixteen y/ears . I met my former late master here and was married ten years. A/ll of my love interests or lust affections during those sixteen ye/ars , were met here. Therefore, I am an Alt proponent, even albeit for the scammers and fakes we encounter and bitch about. The simple fact is, Alt is at least a place where we can meet, connect, learn, and love.

I have met some extremely amazing high quality people and not so high quality people here.
There are players, predators, and unsavories of a/ll sorts - But that is the world we live in and the break down of societal norms gives freedom for everyone t/o thrive. And, why focus your energy there? Simply ignore them, report them if merited, and move o/n .
Life is too short to waste being angry o/n rubbish.

But, the blogs...they are my sanctuary t/o write my feelings, fantasies, read others, commune, and love. It is where you get t/o peek into our minds and share your own with those who "get you". Th.ere was a man, that I never even contacted back,h.e told m/e that blogging was self masturbation and he basically saw i.t as a waste of time. Bye Felicia...

Some of my best friends in the world were met right here. You will see them posting here quite often and I love them all.
So, again...a warm welcome is extended t/o you t/o share, be a part of, and embrace the blogs of Alt.

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You're My Best Friend - Queen

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Secret Code for the Pussy Craft
Postad:23 november 2020 4:52 am
Senast Uppdaterad:26 augush 2021 5:32 pm
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People ask m.e, when they read the Pussy Craft, why I have slashes and periods breaking u.p words...

Well, Ironic as it is, the one site where you think you should be able t.o blog most anything, has censor programs that troll our blogs and emails. They delete the words so we have t.o either post again in comments or come u.p with our own code t.o deal with it. Of course, it is t.o deter predator practices and remain within the legality of regulations...And for that we excuse it.
But, this is ridiculous

The following words are frequently deleted and have to be broken u.p :
u,p but not down
M.ommy, Da.ddy ch.ild, dau.ghter, so.n or any variation of these
Any number except one
gi.rl, bab.ygi.rl,, sm.ack or any "violent" word
Words that end in "k" for some odd reason
etc., The list goes on...

Therefore I offer my explanation and key t.o reading my posts.
And as for Alt - Lighten the u.p and change your algorithms, for FU.CK sake. .

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Radio - Rammstein
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Cirque Du Kink
Postad:18 october 2021 7:05 am
Senast Uppdaterad:24 october 2021 5:32 am
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KinkConnect is currently for Presenters, Artists, Performers and Vendors for an event in March/April in Myrtle Beach. The overall theme will be Cirque Du Kink . Think of kinky clowns, rope suspension, swinging from silks, contortionists, side shows, etc. And you have the idea...

This will be a total immersion event with education/presenters/vending area/ and events scheduled including play party, costume party, classes, and demonstrations.

This will also be an all inclusive event with no discrimination based on any experience level, kink, gender, race, or religion

We will have a need for photography of the event. If a professional would like to expand their portfolios, please drop us a line with your interest. You may comment below with information or send to my box.

Deadline for sign ups will be February 1st, 2022. Spaces will be based on customized consultation with artist/vendor/performer for needed space and electrical needs. Submit your talent today!

Please include:

The product or you wish to highlight.

If you need a space to set up within event and how much space would be ideal. And what other support items like electricity you will need and what for?

What you will have in place for safety protocols when demonstrating or your product or

If you are a performer, what will you be performing and how?

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Come to the Circus - Circus Contraption
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Practicing the Craft of the Pussy
Postad:6 april 2020 6:56 pm
Senast Uppdaterad:22 september 2021 1:28 pm
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People make comments about Pussy Craft. calling a clever or asking what means...

The pussy craft is a certain power women can tap into, if they are open minded and self-aware. Each and every one of my fellow sisterhood possess this special gift - The Pussy Craft. Some may wonder in an era of political correctness as t.o why I would choose such a controversial phrase to describe women. And no, it wasn’t the man on the bus being taped and talking about grabbing them. I had given the special gift that moniker, Pussy Craft, about fift.een years ago. It dawned o/n m.e while exploring the local BDSM scene and researching, that I recognized this power in myself and other females. While exploring I also learned t.o master that power within a Master/slave relationship.

The Pussy Craft is…
1. The sum of talents that a woman has honed that round her as a person. These are not talents she developed for her partner, they also benefit her in her life including examples like; Being educated, Having a Career, Ease of talking with people, Cooking, Art, Needlepoint, Musical Talents, Fashion Sense, A sense of humour, and always open-minded so her partner can talk t.o her about anything;
2.. The ability she has mastered with any and al.l sexual acts she participates in. She has comfort t.o talk with her partner about her wants and desires, her needs and limits. She can literally make a man fall in love with her sexual energy.
3. The traits she has t.o remain steadfast, stable, and determined t.o stay as calm and devoted t.o her tasks as possible. By doing so, she calms her partner and gives them room for their creativity t.o flow.
4. Her demeanor which is pleasant, fun, witty, and a huge heart. Being interesting and intelligent are icing o.n the cake and can be done without arrogance.
5. Her need is for her mates t.o be self confident and naturally dominant because no one else could handle her strength.
6. Her big heart and how she is intrinsically a good person t.o others w.ho are less fortunate.
7. Her connections will most likely fall in love with her.

That's not t/o say th.ere isn't a Dick Craft, Dom Craft, etc. th.ere is, of course, all of the aforementioned. T.o hone a craft is t.o exercise skill in the making or doing of something. W.ho am I t.o judge?

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Adrenalize Your Slut
Postad:24 october 2021 9:42 pm
Senast Uppdaterad:24 october 2021 9:45 pm
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He always beca feral whenever a mood overok him. He would get this glint in his eye and she could see that his cock would swell in his pants. His eyes burned in hers and his voice dropped in that raspy deepness.

“I want that pussy now, and I want it ready”

His hand encircled Isabelle’s soft neck. His fingers gripped in her arteries slightly and she could not wrench herself away from him, no matter how hard she tried. She would only feign the fight, but it made him growl deeper...

“You know you want this hard cock. You know you want take it like a good slut”

He hissed the words in her ear and ld her with force, “Take those fucking clothes off now.”

Isabelle moaned a soft moan and then wriggled again trying fight it, knowing what would co. The slap of his hand on her face brought a soft pink mark on her cheek and she beca submissive him ntly. Isabelle relented and her hands pulled up the skirt baring her ass and pussy his other hand. His fingers pushed in her slit, feeling the wetness within. His hand squeezed her neck again, making her just a bit dizzy.

“That’s right my slut.” He approved and praised her as his two fingers shoved in her tight cunt. “You’re wet and ready. You are my filthy little bitch, aren’t you?” And his hand jerked her jaw face him. “Aren’t you?”

“Yes Sir.” she managed get out of her clenched jaw.

His free hand freed his big hard cock from his pants, and she felt her legs give as she knelt and ok it in her mouth hungrily moaning. His hips thrust in her mouth as he groaned again and praised her, “Fuck yes that feels good. You are such a filthy little hungry whore, and I love it”

Isabelle gagged trying take him entirely. Her spit slobbered over his length and out the corners of her mouth.

“Get up and get on the bed on fours. I want fuck you now my slut” He ordered her, and she obeyed quickly, raising her ass up so he could mount her. He did so and shoved his cock in over and over so hard it made her body jerk. His hand pulled her hair as he did so and she squirted so hard, they left a puddle in their wake. Isabelle loved it when he ok her like a feral animal.

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Adrenalize - In This Mont
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Comfortably Numb
Postad:17 october 2021 3:27 am
Senast Uppdaterad:23 october 2021 6:39 pm
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Isabelle had showered and shaved so she was silky smooth over. This was her ritual...Her hair smelled of orange and coconut mixed with a hint of amber, her body smelled of coconut, and her face smelled of whipped honey. She dropped her towels and crawled into the sheets behind his body. She whispered to him as her face pressed against his back, “Da.ddy, please wake u.p and fuck m.e ”

He groaned and muttered softly, “What is it you want baby?”

Isabelle kissed the skin at the middle of his sh0oulder blades around his spine...her nipples pressed against him though they were hard, “Please Da.ddy, I need you”

He groaned, “Baby I’m tired. Wrap your arms around and let m.e sleep.”

She sighed and did told, for a minute.... then she rolled back onto her back, frustrated and restless. She got and put her nightgown once more, walking out dejected and pent . She wondered if this was what happened couples, and she remembered how the one before had made her wait the time.

The next day, they sat upon the porch, and he seemed consumed by chess on his laptop, completely silent. This was his new habit. He once had engaged with her for hours at a time, now he seemed more interested in the opponents on games and ignored her. Perhaps the comfort zone of having her had become his norm and he took her for granted now? Isabelle pondered the thought for a moment.

She wondered what would sn.ap him out of it. Last night she had worn his favorite dress. She had done her makeup wasn’t as if she wasn’t putting effort into it. Perhaps Daddy needed a reminder of how much he wanted her. She thought to herself as her wheels turned “Do I dare?” Isabelle was dazed when he abruptly interrupted her daydream.

“What are you thinking about” He pointedly asked.

“Um, Christmas gifts Da.ddy” Isabelle looked at her coffee cup and stirred it hoping to hide her deviant inner brat.

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50's Housewifery
Postad:10 october 2021 11:33 am
Senast Uppdaterad:17 october 2021 3:28 am
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I am cooking baked beans for the Kinkconnect pool party and cookout later today. It’s been two days of cooking to prep, which I really don’t mind. Being in the kitchen is my happy place to create and use my skills to please anyone who eats what I have made. I think of food as sure-fire way to please others and anyone I am with.

My current Dom used to cook for me all the time. Then, I finally talked him into letting me cook for him occasionally. Now, he jokingly says I don’t allow him in the kitchen, when truth is he adores everything, I cook. He rarely cooks for me now. So, be forewarned that if you are a talented cook, this may be your new fate. However, I do enjoy the sounds he makes when he finally takes a bite of something I have made.

There is something sexy about tantalizing someone’s tastebuds. In return it makes me feel appreciated, talented, and capable of eliciting happiness. For a service submissive, this is an incredibly gratifying feeling. It is like when I clean the house, even after a hard day, and he appreciates it with such kindness and thoughtfulness to the effort I have put forth.

Perhaps its why I do love a 50’s type household, or else equate my dynamic as such. It encompasses being in service as the natural order of things. It is accepted by most surrounding me and works in the vanilla world. But start overstepping onto my habits or vices and I begin to be a mouthy little brat. Sorry ‘bout that, but what fun would I be if I didn’t have some flaws? After all, at least the doormat in front of the door is clean and dinner will be divine, followed by incredible acts of submission. But there will be no doormat in the kitchen cooking, that’s for sure.

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Bread and Butter - The Newbeats
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Twirling On The Pole On Memory Lane
Postad:7 october 2021 5:32 pm
Senast Uppdaterad:10 october 2021 7:50 am
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It’s October and the heat here is finally subsiding a bit. I enjoy the mornings and evenings now with the ocean breeze and less humidity. The struggle has been real for this mountain chick. I like the beach when the chill of winter is here. laying in the sun t.o worship i.t until I am a raisin, like the women in Florida. They get out at sun rise and stay until sunset. They ar.e like a California Raisin commercial with pink lips and bleached blonde hair.

The last time I lived here I was in my early twenties and a stripper. I was working the pole at the Crazy Horse, one of the top strip joints on the beach. My roommate was this cray cray bitch w.ho had several personalities from her dysfunctional family abusing her.

I can remember watching her work with fascination as she would change personalities between dances. Clearly that was never going last, because eventually she would turn on me, and I knew i.t. She taught me the valuable art of seduction through role playing though and many more tricks of the trade. I was a naïve country g.irl from North Carolina and Myrtle Beach was just the first step I made on the journey into that world. I.t was here that my was changed into an exotic pseudonym, and I learned how to dance in a huge champagne glass. Don’t you wish you could add that talent to your resume?

In memory of Kathrine and her lessons, here is a list of my favorite strip songs that made up my p.laylist on any given night

Cream – Prince

Flesh for Fantasy – Billy Idol

Sad But True – Metallica

Della Brown – Queensryche

My Lovin (Never Gonna Get It) – En Vogue

Red Light Special – TLC

Mama – Phil Collins

Justify My Love – Madonna

I Need You Tonight – INXS

Thunderstruck – AC/DC

The Pusher – Steppenwolf

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More Human Than a Human
Postad:29 september 2021 6:35 pm
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"There is some kind of a sweet innocence in being human - In not having be just happy or just sad - In the nature of being able be both broken and whole, at the time" C. Joybell C.

People tend e.o immortalize their lost humans by forgetting that they were human. We do it with relationships, with past times in our lives, and with our beloved dead, especially. I tend t.o always try t.o lend reality t.o my words and thoughts and not paint things a.s being supernormal. It is probably an annoying trait, but well, it is part of what makes m.e ever humble in the face of the grand picture.

My offspring has placed my late husband o.n a pedestal and so have other people in my life. The always say, "Nikki, I am so sorry t.o hear of Tim's passing, he was such a wonderful man and he seemed be such an incredible person" And although I am swelled with pride, my response will inevitably be, "He was, and yet he was also human. None of us are perfect."

Am I diminishing their sentiment? Maybe. But, I believe we are human and imperfection is our true self -Not the pretty picture people picture us being. And when I die, I can hear them doing the s.ame at the reception or wake. I will have become the best person anyone ever knew...Except, I know the truth....

When I first came this lifestyle, it was much easier t.o paint a rosy picture of my slavery and my submission. After living it every day, I have another story to tell.. Of how hard it was to be the breadwinner while he was ill and suffered and yet give him the power to make decisions. It was fucking back breaking to work two jobs and he got to educate our daughter and become her favorite. It took everything I had to put him on a plane knowing it was because I felt like a failure as a slave. I will forever wonder if he knew the struggle I faced or ever appreciated how deeply I hurt inside for a time...

We will never know the answer. And maybe that is why I diminish their statements of praise. Because after a,ll of it, I am human. Imperfectly perfect in my faults and strengths.

He was imperfectly human and probably felt like a failure at some of our endeavors and questioned his actions just as I do my own. Forget the Christian Grey version, he was my dominant and just like any other person I interact with, they have baggage. My baggage is my closeted shit that my partner has t.o sift through, just like any vanilla relationship on this earth.

If you can take anything from this slave and submissive of over a quarter of a century, let it be that you realize that we a,ll are imperfect and make mistakes and missteps. Even though they publish a hundred manuals o.n how t.o be what we are, there will always be the underlying human characteristics that make us tick.
We are human after a.ll.

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Hush Little Sister
Postad:22 september 2021 5:06 pm
Senast Uppdaterad:30 september 2021 7:55 am
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For all the Gabby Petitos' of the world...

Hush, little sister
Please don't cry
I wish I could be there
To sing you a lullaby

I can see your arms
Bloodied and bruised
That's strange, little sister
Mine were like that too

I can see the way
He's hurting you
I'm sorry, little sister
He did that to me too

Hey, little sister
You want to know why I'm not there?
It's a sad story, little sister
But people should care

He screamed at me
And smashed my head against the door
While you slept, little sister
I died on the floor

I'm sorry little sister
He's in a bad mood
Run while you can

Uh oh little sister
He's lifting his belt
Scream while you can, little sister
Call for help

Hush little sister
You don't need to cry
No one can hurt you
You're in my arms tonight.

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Voices Carry - 'Til Tuesday
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