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kheaven 62M
24 posts
6/16/2024 12:01 am

Last Read:
7/2/2024 9:57 am


I am walking in the parking lot of my workplace, and one of my favorite customers of the last half dozen years who I have a crush on, pulls in. We apparently have a moment alone. I try to look around and see all the area that surrounds us. I say to her, " I want to say something. I think you know, or kind of know, or it makes sense to you that I have a crush on you. I believe I gaze upon you... adoringly... every time you come in to this place of business. Do you know that? Or, does my telling you this, like, make sense, or ring with some ... truth?" "Yes." She says. She pauses, her eyes shift sideways, as if to look out at a distant spot in the sky. She says, "I think when I first started coming here, some handful of years back, I could see that you really liked, ... me, or at least the sight of me, .... and we seemed to ... click. It was ... a bit..." her eyes drifted sideways again, as if seeking for heavens in the distance again. There was a glint, a squint, a sparkle, a smile and a subtle bite of the side of her lower lip. she said "it was kind of exciting, ... what's that word? I felt like you were turned on, and seeing you looking turned on with me certainly got me turned on. " She paused to consider what more she might say. She is always gracious, and graciously sexy, whether she was speaking or silent. She is always charismatic, charming, lovely. she says, "I .... I loved.... that I was , that even maybe if it just seemed like I was a turn on to you. And I, ... I mean I'm a lot older than you, so I had to imagine that , well sure, I'm cute, I've always gotten attention for being a very attractive woman, especially when I was much younger. So I, ... it was easy for me to .... feel like I get it, I've seen it enough, a guy who finds me hot. I've seen it enough that why not, why would it not be possible, Sure, I still see it in even at my age, although, it's a lot more rare. And, when I saw you apparently looking at me, and, ... looking , well, turned on, I mean, you're young, but not outrageously so much younger than me, but young, and cute. Well, I didn't mind entertaining the very pleasant thought, 'is it possible?, could I have a twenty something years younger boyfriend here? And I tried... to keep sensible and not get carried away, thinking this was on, me and you. I tried to downplay what I saw when I walked in on you and saw you light up as you looked at me, " ... she paused to ponder that. " but you kept doing it, and you seemed ... openly, amorous... I began to .. fall for you. And I must say, I still love the way you behave toward me. Although I think its kind of not alright, for you to privately sort of dote over me, ... at least it seems like you do, and then not actually make a play on me, or whatever, hit on me, proposition me, open up and share how you find yourself as into me as you appear to be. " She leaned back on her car, looking at me. "So, what ,. to what do we owe your approaching me right now?" Do you want to hit on me at last? She paused and gazed. "Or do you want to just confess, so that you feel better, yourself, and then return to maintaining your safe distance, and continue to gaze, fondly upon the sight of me? And never take me to dinner, never ride off with me into the sunset, never spend the night together. Another moment in quiet thought. Her eyelids squeezing with calculation as she pitches her elegant glistening blue eyes at me like bullets. "Do you, have you ever jacked off, thinking of me?" Our eyes are locked on each other, although I can also see and am loving her ample curves going all the way down to her bare ankles. I see her eyes crackle with spirit like light from inside her mind, and her heart, and I believe that sparkle is her determining that she has hit a nail on a head. If you have jacked off, at the thought of me, and now, here you are wanting to confess, or make, amends, or break bread, or ... make something right, or bond, with me, and you have jacked the f.. jacked off, and I think I can see by that mischievous look... all over you," she smiles broadly but the broad bright white smile subsides into a confident relaxed smile within her glowing bold beautiful face, and her head nods subtly forward and back and forward right at me, almost as if she's readying to head butt... somebody, "I want you to confess that to me." Another thought comes across her mind and her eyes wag wildly, swiftly, in some humility, to one side, a puckered smile on her luscious lips. "if you've never jacked off to me, lie." With the word lie, spoken, her brow furrows and she waves a hand, palm down, sideways, as if sweeping something away. I tell her, "I've jacked off to you." She looks and looks at me, silently, searching for the next slice of lucid poignant thought. I move to speak, to look for some words, I am anxious and stifled, but feel I might succeed with something if I just start to blurt. " I , I . ... I want to spend time with you, ... I want to kiss you, I want to make love... we can start... with a back rub, or maybe we can start with dinner, or a grand tour for all the best tacos, around, or,... crab, or whatever you like, I'm pretty good in the kitchen too,... she says, "I like the back rub idea, ... and I say, "and walks in the sunset," She; "Sunrise?" Me; "well, .. okay... you said sunset, ... I don't get up at the crack of dawn too often, but ... anything" ... "yes" she snaps, "anything. Anything I want is everything I want. I want you to shower upon me, ... and shower with me, but, indulge me, from now on, like those, gazes, those endless love struck gazes you... amaze me with, that will probably diminish once you've gotten me naked. But you have jacked off to me and then kept on imbibing the sight of me the sound and the smell of me, probably, almost certainly to entertain and turn yourself on some more. Are you turned on now? The challenge is , can you keep feeling turned on? And maybe back rubs will be key, ..... and foot rubs, and my knees, and my bellybutton... you can spend an extended time kissing, and licking, my bellybutton and my tummy and, the more time you spend the more you will appreciate the tender human being I am that you've be superficially doting over for the past seven years. Promise me everything, anything, and I will develop your capacity to love everything and anything, as well as yourself. I ask her, "Do you want to marry me?" She capriciously demurs. "eh, maybe". her eyes sparkle. I ask, "Would you be okay, if I asked you to make me wear, like a cat collar, around my balls, and, you could have a leash." She lets out a quiet one chuckle and minutely shakes her head, "I don't know so much about that" she says. "Ooh but, I might like you with a nice fat gold ring pierced through the head of that bad boy little jack off dick of yours. Cause it's mine now isn't it?" "Yes, it is" I tell her. A thought dawns on her, she says, "I can imagine, now, that I might have to keep you captive, until I've broken you of that insidious selfish little primate that you are, and turned you into a captive of your love, a real love, that I am going to introduce you to. It's all right here, she says with a grin, running a pointing finger slowly in a circle around her tummy, and then drifting her pointing finger up high to her heart, and then down." I say to her, "I love you". She says, "You don't love me yet like you're going to. I think you will. Maybe we'll go ahead and get you that cat collar, ... and how about the pierced cock ring?" I say, "okay, yeah, okay." She looks at me with widened eyes. she asks, "Anything?" . I say, "Anything"

kheaven 62M
65 posts
6/16/2024 12:02 am


Tckg12 69M
2731 posts
6/16/2024 2:16 am

wonderful story. can't wait for next chapter. sometimes honesty is best

All4TheMistress 56M  
1677 posts
6/16/2024 7:48 am

Very interesting beginning!

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