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My Blog

Welcome to my blog!

Just you believe in ghost and would you seek them out
Posted:Jul 15, 2024 6:19 pm
Last Updated:Jul 18, 2024 9:29 am

I literally have a better car

6 plus weeks of full pay off of work..

And $$$..yep being gay pays.

and not having means..

You have money to spend on stupid shit/ yourself..

So I thought I might enjoy...exploring the supernatural..

And no

Not ghost shaking shit off a shelf is gonna impress me..

I'm cap..probably the most surreal person you will ever meet..

I am most likely the best person open to this sorta communication..

I am what type of experience I might have..

Maybe that would make a good y tube channel
Biden's state of the union...???
Posted:Jul 15, 2024 5:00 am
Last Updated:Jul 15, 2024 5:59 pm

I honestly don't care what political party you vote for.

But if you watched even a 20 second clip of Biden's address last night...

I think we all can see....

Something is off..

Chalk it up to....whatever? Covid,lack of sleep,meds,old age,..???

I'm not the president,I didn't serve in Congress for numerous years..

Hell I'm not a public speaker..

But even I think I could read off a teleprompter for 6 minutes without messing up the phrase..

Former President trump..

And we win at the ballotbox...

Not we win at the battlebox.. had 1 give a written speech telling Americans to get along and tone down the politically harsh rhetoric..

And you used the term


To which he repeated twice

And didn't catch his mistake..

People....if Joe represents
If you want to vote for
If you want him to be your

I respect your choice and your vote

But then what is the next 4 yrs gonna look like

If this doesn't improve..

And if your riding with Joe

What does that say about vp Harris.. Rick and Morty...Harris is the president.

Why not just make her the candidate
Is there anything worse than b.o. guy
Posted:Jul 14, 2024 6:34 pm
Last Updated:Jul 14, 2024 6:36 pm

I broach this topic very lightly..

I get..yeah maybe your deodorant isn't out..but still left you hanging and now it's 3pm on a work day and your humming..

I also understand that using some products may not be a cultural norm...for someone fairly new to America..

I can even accept the naturalist..the pheromone guy that thinks his ball sweat smell is gonna attract the ladies..

But omg...I was at the gym and doing pull ups when this guy sits on another machine..

And It literally whaffed over to me...this cloud of stench....

Not bro just killing it at the gym and is sweating smell..

I'm not talking like garbage baked in some alleyway can in 110 deg heat smell..

I'm talking bro hasn't bathed in a month sorta funk..probably wearing the same underwear and socks funk

And it literally knocked me off the machine..

So dick slapped me in the mouth..

And it's not the type of smell where the guy is oblivious to his own body odor

He had to know..

And he sat next to me...

Now I'm not a dick....and I'm certainly not the queen of england..I've rode city buses for 7 long years with homeless people on them..

Being stinky doesn't necessarily offend me...

So for me to even write such a blog..

Yeah this 40 ish dude's stench overwhelmed me..

I felt like I needed to hit that lunk alarm...

Have you ever run into someone so stanky...

And did you do something about it
Map pic of trump rally how wasn't this secured
Posted:Jul 14, 2024 4:43 am
Last Updated:Jul 14, 2024 10:52 am
??? Huh

It's like a fair ground..with 2 buildings in the area.

How wasn't this secured

Trump roof pic
Posted:Jul 13, 2024 9:25 pm
Last Updated:Jul 14, 2024 3:44 am
Here is that pic of that roof that the ss had such a hard time securing
Trump rally at butler pa doesn't add up
Posted:Jul 13, 2024 8:32 pm
Last Updated:Jul 14, 2024 3:57 am

So okay..I can't mention certain things on alt or my blog will get denied..

But this wasn't some high building this guy was was a fucking..shed???? CNN showed the video of this guys body laying on top of it..

It wasn't like he was on some high rise filled with tiny's was like a shed to house like farm tractors,trucks,maybe it was part of parks and rec..???
It looked to be a bit higher maybe than a semi truck

There literally is no where to conceal oneself on said shed roof..

How secret service missed someone on said roof amazes's that fucking's like you miss someone crawling along the pavement at walmarts..

The people along the fence line in the vid could easily see that roof from where they were standing

And for those tin foil hat conspiracy idiots that insist this was..

Fake? The guy on the roof no longer has a head...he wasn't moving in the vid
A bystander no longer has brain matter..

And nobody...allows even the best marksman to shoot their ear to gin up support to win an election.

I'm calling sus....something here isn't right and someone has to have cell phone video of all of this..

Your thoughts...

And anyone that has ever been to a campaign stop knows the secret service etc does have snipers etc on high ground positions.

So I'm not sure how anyone just crawled up on this roof...bear crawled across...according to an eye witness..and then leap over to another building???

And 2 people claimed to see this guy and reported it to officers???

Something seems fishy

Your thoughts
Natural male submission via chastity...your thoughts
Posted:Jul 13, 2024 8:43 am
Last Updated:Jul 13, 2024 8:45 am

I've been giving this some thought..

Maybe the reason things didn't work between me and my ex Domme was the frustration..

Because it takes certain Women multiple weeks of communicating before they decide on play etc.

And in my case there was a huge discussion about chastity. She wanted a slave in one..

To which was cool. I like it..,but never bought a proper fitting most toys cause I wasn't ever going to be a real thing..

I own two cages..but neither are long wear.

Then I'd be stuck as " single guy" with a bag of his own toys..

Nothing looks worse than single guy at a play party with his own toy bag..

Anyway it occured to me that I'm viewing this wrong...

A Domme shouldn't be looking for a slave to introduce into chastity.

Instead it is something he always owns,wears,is wearing

I'm a firm believer that males just act differently,have a different mind set with a pair of full balls and a flaccid small cock 24/7.

But then again I never went full term chastity..

I was hoping someone could share their experiences and does it actually change the males mindset.

For the little I worn mine..I'd say yes..

I will say that I looking to buy a cobra brand cock cage...

And wear it longterm..

I just feel like I'm doing this assbackwards and really need to come prepackaged....a chastity slave to an owner.

I think this would really help in the long run
Maybe I do have a problem with women..esp on this point
Posted:Jul 12, 2024 6:20 pm
Last Updated:Jul 13, 2024 3:49 am

For some unfounded reason..

I can't stand a Woman that takes a stand and keeping on keeping on about it until a guy goes insane..

And it doesn't even have to be a big issue..

My roommate bought me a few stickers for my new car/ her old one..

I took the stickers but have yet to put them on..

I have bigger fish to working 45 hrs a week

But omg..does she ever keep harping on about the stickers..

And will not let go..

It's like it's fucking you really want to get into an arguement over that..

But apparently..yeah??
My reply to uncommon
Posted:Jul 12, 2024 4:54 pm
Last Updated:Jul 12, 2024 4:54 pm

I think it is sorta sus..

That someone who claims I banned him from my blog

Still reads and comments on it..

??? Who does that???

I will freely admit that I'm not everyone's cup of tea and I've been banned myself

Yet I'm blocked from reading that bloggers content.

So how are you able to read mine???

Perhaps your that pain in the ass Karen mod that censors alot of blogs with that bs tos garbage.

You seem like a rat
Can we have an honest discussion about Joe biden
Posted:Jul 12, 2024 4:27 am
Last Updated:Jul 12, 2024 4:39 pm

We are all adults here and I thought we could have an honest discussion.
This discussion doesn't even need to get political.

I actually watched the press conference with an open mind and then rewatched it through various media portals...

I will simply say it was like me coming home after a few years away and realising something was wrong with my dad..
It was like he wasn't all there,the twinkle was gone from his eyes and he was half the man he used to be.

My dad was in the state of decline. He died a year later.

Nobody wants to see that in their parents...getting older can be a bitch..

I saw the same look in J oe Biden's face,his eyes,that hestitation..last night.
Making two major goofs that couldn't be easily brushed off by excuses of a cold,being tired,being jet lagged..

His VP....trump???

President of the Ukraine...President putin????

And then strange rants like ban guns not girls...???

How about those odd edits made when J oe went off script at those radio interviews

And yeah I saw myself in George Stephanopoulos...handling someone older with Kidd up softball questions,not pressing and coming to the conclusion that " dad" isn't all there..

I mean if a party loving,koolaide drinking,mega celeb donor lib like George Clooney is saying to replace biden....that speaks volumes

I really don't want to use this argument

But if someone elderly wishes to still drive
We make them take a road test to judge their reflexes, motor skills,cognitive ability to grasp what is going on..

Joe simply refuses to take a similar cognitive test ..a test that could easily sweep this under the rug..prove that he is mentally fit to run the country..
He claims he did similar test with his past physicals

Then release the results...

Cause all I saw in that softball,cherry picked news conference last night was a deer in the headlights..
A confused older man stumbling to get through an easy presser.

But he is that older stuborn male that refuses to give up the keys..

And honestly...

I am not a VP Harris fan....but I'd rather see anyone else on the current ticket including Michelle obama,Oprah, Stacy Abrams..fuck I'll throw in Gavin newsome...

Anyone other than J oe Biden

And after last night

I honestly believe J oe Biden needs to step down as president

I'm not a Kiki Harris fan...

But I'd rather see her running the US as president...

Than have someone going through mental decline like my dad did.

Your honest thoughts..

And this isn't a bash on joe...I believe there should be an age limit on certain gov positions like politicians, judges,scouts etc.

I also think trump is too old to be the president

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