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My Blog

Welcome to my blog!

Can we have an honest discussion about Joe biden
Posted:Jul 12, 2024 4:27 am
Last Updated:Jul 12, 2024 7:36 am

We are all adults here and I thought we could have an honest discussion.
This discussion doesn't even need to get political.

I actually watched the press conference with an open mind and then rewatched it through various media portals...

I will simply say it was like me coming home after a few years away and realising something was wrong with my dad..
It was like he wasn't all there,the twinkle was gone from his eyes and he was half the man he used to be.

My dad was in the state of decline. He died a year later.

Nobody wants to see that in their parents...getting older can be a bitch..

I saw the same look in J oe Biden's face,his eyes,that hestitation..last night.
Making two major goofs that couldn't be easily brushed off by excuses of a cold,being tired,being jet lagged..

His VP....trump???

President of the Ukraine...President putin????

And then strange rants like ban guns not girls...???

How about those odd edits made when J oe went off script at those radio interviews

And yeah I saw myself in George Stephanopoulos...handling someone older with Kidd up softball questions,not pressing and coming to the conclusion that " dad" isn't all there..

I mean if a party loving,koolaide drinking,mega celeb donor lib like George Clooney is saying to replace biden....that speaks volumes

I really don't want to use this argument

But if someone elderly wishes to still drive
We make them take a road test to judge their reflexes, motor skills,cognitive ability to grasp what is going on..

Joe simply refuses to take a similar cognitive test ..a test that could easily sweep this under the rug..prove that he is mentally fit to run the country..
He claims he did similar test with his past physicals

Then release the results...

Cause all I saw in that softball,cherry picked news conference last night was a deer in the headlights..
A confused older man stumbling to get through an easy presser.

But he is that older stuborn male that refuses to give up the keys..

And honestly...

I am not a VP Harris fan....but I'd rather see anyone else on the current ticket including Michelle obama,Oprah, Stacy Abrams..fuck I'll throw in Gavin newsome...

Anyone other than J oe Biden

And after last night

I honestly believe J oe Biden needs to step down as president

I'm not a Kiki Harris fan...

But I'd rather see her running the US as president...

Than have someone going through mental decline like my dad did.

Your honest thoughts..

And this isn't a bash on joe...I believe there should be an age limit on certain gov positions like politicians, judges,scouts etc.

I also think trump is too old to be the president
Is " coming out" going the way of the dodo
Posted:Jul 11, 2024 4:50 am
Last Updated:Jul 12, 2024 3:35 am

Remember back in the day when a young starlets wanted...attention...
She did playboy ( like is that still a thing)..

Then that fizzled out and they only got semi naked in maximum magazine..

Then came the trend of every b list singer,ex Disney star, actress coming out as

1. Bi
3. He,him,her,it,she,be,q,uno reversecard played and pick a pronoun at random..

And as I read an article today online about some actress
That I never heard of..

Telling guys to stand aside..

Cause she now plays for another team..

Omg..clutch your pearls...she's a lesbatorium..

I think that means she votes for the Green party candidate. this day and age..even grandma is a lesbian,or getting that nose ring,or dying her arm pit hair..or on tictactok....or has a body count

And I the dodo bird..

Is this still a thing

And does anyone care.

Esp when it comes to female sexual orientation.

Nobody cares that JoJo bow bow no no is a lesbian..

Hell she is trolling so hard for any sorta attention
That she started drinking onstage...
And her " grandma" approves..

Er..I drink..nobody is guzzling vodka out of a huge bottle unless it's for show..

Pretty sad when being a lesbian and dressed up in bad kiss cosplay doesn't get you the press coverage you desire..

Like honey....nobody cares..

At least with the bros

One gets to play or bottom guessing game..

Makes me honestly wonder what amazing trend women will do to stand out..

Only to look exactly like every other woman..

Including grandma ..

Go on tiktactok...and yep granny has the calf tat,the nostril piercing,multicolored hair....with the thick eyebrows that make her look like she is always suprised
Got pulled over by the popo today😠
Posted:Jul 10, 2024 7:17 pm
Last Updated:Jul 11, 2024 3:55 am

Sooooo yeah...

I've been hauling for a mom and pop shop for 20 plus years and in all that time..

I only got 1 ticket..

And fuck..sometimes I wondered if we weren't the Beverly hillbilies..

Running whiskey tango..illegal AF at times..

And now...with this corporate bs mom and pops company that bought us out over a year ago

I get pulled over...

Cause my load literally shifted because they gave me this beater,no air ride,buckboarding mfer truck that the slightest pothole goes through the truck and loosens the load straps..

And pulled over by the police..

And written up..

Maybe I should have been an actor..

Cause I put on one hell of a show..blaming the company for their bs truck and equipment..
And in the long run..

I think the cop felt bad for me..I don't think he wanted to personally give me that write up..

But..what I haul isn't necessarily safe.

Soooo yeah..that happened
The big gulp
Posted:Jul 10, 2024 4:39 am
Last Updated:Jul 10, 2024 8:31 am

Just curious if you ever had this fantasy..

No brag...but yeah I seem to attract a certain type of women..

And they really seem to like your boy..

But I've never cross certain lines like dating someone at work.

Yet that doesn't mean I can't be playful,nice,make a Woman laugh,make her day etc..

i never flirt...but I can be charming.

And one day this woman literally told me if I don't mess up my counts...she would give me...

A big gulp..


Now most people know a big gulp is a large coke,pepsi,soda pop drink from a 7/11 quicky mart..

But that's not where my mind went..

being real...

I wanted her mouth on my cock ( so hott)..

But dear readers please remember this is very unusual for me..
I'm more into men,I'm a bottom..

Having some woman spontaneously do that is

Sorta rare..

And it isn't even the physical sensation..

As it's their passion,their eagerness,their lust...

Which is a huge turn on for me..

So did you ever have that Bill Clinton fantasy....

Just undoing their belt,sliding down their pants,ripping those underwear down and..


At the office
Does she pass the " bro" test
Posted:Jul 8, 2024 9:34 pm
Last Updated:Jul 9, 2024 2:46 am

I swear to God nothing worse than some small dick pencil pusher trying to bully someone..

In this case I was answering a posting in the bi,gay men group on f..

And this person simply asked if she would be accepted by the group..

Seeing how she is ftm..and omg hasn't started transitioning..

Apparently these small dick mods luv to flex and outright...

Omg..ban women from the group..

( ban women???? Probably the biggest ally gay men have...and this twit just wants to boot them)

This troll of a man actually replied to her positing..

Well if you still identify as a Woman then you gotta go..

Now I'll freely admit that I don't drink the koolaid,don't shop at target and don't wrap myself up in any flag..

I do have issues with the trans community when it comes to the jazz jenner/ non adult situations.

But if your an be you..

I literally wrote..

Why wouldn't men accept you...
For all the bad men get...I don't see any men complaining about the transgender community,the gay community or even women using facilities designed for men.
No man bitches if a Woman comes in to use the toilet cause theirs are crowded.
Nor do we complain about anyone playing in our sports and being on our teams...

And I've never heard any guy bad mouth a ftm person...

Yet flip the script and society,women are freaking out cause mtf people dare use a toilet that the government rubber stamped..
If it says female on their drivers license then they are female..

Anyway I didn't want to get into a deep debate over the trans community.

But me this person is a dude and should feel comfortable in this group..

Hell for all I know this guy may actually see himself as bi or gay
Why are you so afraid to be with a dude
Posted:Jul 8, 2024 4:29 am
Last Updated:Jul 8, 2024 9:07 pm

Like omg times I think I could make a living as..

A life coach...nay...a "bi guy whisperer" alot of men.

I'm literally blown away at how many men step up to that line yet are afraid to cross over..

One guy posted in a group....any advice you'd give for the first time with a guy..???

And I had to roll my eyes..

For fucks sakes literally is more nerve racking to approach women at a bar than to be with a dude...

So why are you so damn afraid???

I'm being honest and real..

Men are want sex..he wants like football.he likes football etc...
You honestly have more in common with bros than you do the hos.

We have basic needs and there is no need to prove oneself hoops to jump need to be prince charming.

You like him and he likes you...

And it's very easy to get a man naked..hell we might even skip the small talk

Women and men approach this differently...
Men are looking for the casual hookup,encounter, date that may grow into a relationship.

Women are very relationship focused from the get are judged for the boyfriend role...anything from your height,your clothes,your job,your income,the type of car you drive,your body, if you'd look good on their Instagram page etc.

With 2 men though...we enter the arena from the same side..

Men are looking for something casual...

I honestly believe it's easier to walk up to any guy and ask him out...
Then it is to be constantly turned down or used for free meals,drinks by women...just for silly maybe your a short king.

So why are you afraid to be with a guy?

The couch is open....5 cents please ( a little Lucy van pelt/ peanuts reference)
Someone actually commented..this used to be a great site on my blog
Posted:Jul 6, 2024 7:52 pm
Last Updated:Jul 10, 2024 5:43 am

First off...

I'm not sure what time frame your referring to..

And now I'm sorta wishing that I didn't ban you..

But I'm leo....maybe you heard of me..

Running ..fuck??? 23yrs strong on alt...

I'm the original oldhead of this site..

Then to just jump on my blog....

And make such a dumbass comment..

Bro..I paid my dues...I survived the vlad floods and what 4 presidents.

I'm leo...

Im not here to suck your dick or entertain your kink..

Have some respect..

This is my blog,my rules

Don't come in and piss on my carpet
I decided to become a star....yes you heard me correctly
Posted:Jul 6, 2024 9:27 am
Last Updated:Jul 7, 2024 3:19 am

I drive alot....

And had my fill of bad and cringy country songs..

. we all reached that point where we believe we could write a country hit song..

A truck plus B girl equals follow the formula

And alot of songs sound just like that..a bunch of small label b side songs

Now I'm listening to to escape the insanity of tailor swift in kc..

And I've come to the notion that I ....a 55 yr old white dude...
Could be a star.

???? Huh,how,wtf

Yes I said it... star..

The one gift I have been blessed by God with...

Is the ability to look behind the curtain and escape out of the box .

See most white people think is all about rhymes....and that rappers are modern day when they try to it's all about finding words ...instead of those words having meaning and power.

A good song should hit you deep and leave it's Mark upon you.

Look at marshal matthers...he is best because he doesn't have to really rhyme..fucker can use orange with orange in a song lyric. It doesn't matter

It's not about the's about the flow and the hussle.

And just sharing that common experience..

It's like marshals movie( 8 mile) the final battle with poppa doc, rabbit asks who is from the 313..

Put your fucking hands up...and they do..

Everyone has their hand up except Clarence..

It's that shared experience I am talking about...that connection.

Nobody give a fuck that it's a white boy spitting out lyrics..

It's the bars he drops is what's important.

is like being a don't have to be robin Williams to get a laugh.
You just have to be that story teller..share that common experience...
And it will register with people...
Like its funny cause that's my mom,that's the guy I use to date,that's the mfer from work or the hood.
I too have these problems with life

It's getting out of your box and realising isn't about's a bigger picture.

And then fuck...just buy a throw away beat like lil nas did online for a few dollars..

Now you got a sound to upload to...the sound clouds..

And if you really believe a 55 yr old can't write a hit song..

Then you probably think is just a black thing...

Like there are no other white rappers,no Latino rappers,no Asian rappers..

If so you need to open your box and see beyond your limited world..
1 comment
Sleepy joe...time to wake up america
Posted:Jul 5, 2024 5:47 pm
Last Updated:Jul 6, 2024 7:54 pm

And trust me I'm honestly trying not to be political..

But when our president j oe B iden says..hey..maybe we shouldn't schedule anything after 8pm..

He becomes the grumpy old man that goes to bed at 8..,and gets up at 3 am.

Well j oe admits he gets up at 10am..

I'm 55..I'm working my ass off..I get up at alot of Americans..sleeping to.10 am???

Is he like royality????

I don't trust him behind the wheel of a car more or less with nuclear codes..

And trump is no better..

Like why are 70,80,90 yr olds in position of power..

Oh wait..j oe had a cold,j oe didn't sleep,j oe is jetlagged..

Or perhaps j oe B iden is 80yrs old and suffering dementia
Does anything really phase you in the lifestyle
Posted:Jul 5, 2024 5:01 pm
Last Updated:Jul 6, 2024 7:56 pm

I'm curious if anything anyone really said could phase you.

Yes I get there are ass hat trolls out there just looking for sex.

But say they stayed within the bdsm guidlines..

And of course didn't mention pets,branding,non adults ,poo etc. The big no nos

Is there anything someone could suggest that would make you say..

Nope I'm outta here..

And I get and appreciate not ever sexual orientation is so casual as the gay male one..

But on my profile I listed that I enjoy kink..

And it was like a Pandora box opening...

Some guys wanted...foot sex..huh???

Others wanted my cum

Another wanted to urinate into my mouth..

And I was hardly offended..

Maybe I'm jaded
Maybe I'm enlightened
Maybe I'm too run down to give a fuck..

Have you've come to the point where nothing can really sticker shock you???


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