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lisamac197906 42F
126 posts
9/5/2021 2:49 pm

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bimom4taboo 51F
1405 posts
9/5/2021 2:54 pm

first tou must look at the people who are saying it. im very sure they never cared for you to start with. so just laugh it off

Montanaguy50 49M  
107 posts
9/5/2021 3:15 pm

A good Dom will build you up and help you to do better. Not JUST degrade you. A path to that redemption should be laid out for you.

alwaysassertive 61M
1993 posts
9/5/2021 3:19 pm

we really

lisamac197906 42F
15 posts
9/5/2021 3:27 pm

I should clarify that these are internal feelings. Not things said by a dom. I just don’t know how to get over the internal battle.

Strongdesire40 53M
126 posts
9/5/2021 4:14 pm

It is not an uncommon thought/feeling. it is scary how we place a "Pass" "fail" status on all our relationships. with so many factors that go into a relationship working, you have to restructure your thinking to protect your self worth. just because it did not work out does not mean your value diminishes or your desirability. take a step back from those thoughts and think about all the good things you do for people start to make a internal list of the value you bring to the table. allow yourself to accept your value/skill set might not be what somebody else is looking for. and first you don't need rescued, fixed, so don't let anybody say they have the answer to your problems the answers come from within. create the value recognize what you bring to the table than seek a person you connect with.

slaveforyou365 60M  
2902 posts
9/5/2021 4:15 pm

Slave rick

bnc124312 68M/63F  
68 posts
9/5/2021 5:42 pm

HI SWEETIE ! Do not worry so much about things ! You will make your self crazy . We love you!!!!!

slaveforyou365 60M  
2902 posts
9/5/2021 5:47 pm

Slave rick

lisamac197906 42F
15 posts
9/5/2021 7:18 pm

Love this!

eagerlywanting 68M
38 posts
9/5/2021 9:14 pm

Sometimes we can be our worst critics just to later realize it was false.

tastetester61 60M
654 posts
9/5/2021 10:22 pm

I have never come across a sub that was a disappointment, mine or others. I have however, seen how bad many dom(me)s are. What a mean, disgusting, sociopath of a prick it would have been to leave you in such a state. Yes, a sub may be substandard in their abilities, but it is up to the dom to help them grow from that. A dom/sub relationship is a constant work of progress, it never ends until the relationship ends. If a dom can't cope within such an environment, they aren't a dom.

I'll put it to you that you are of great worth, and the lesser your abilities now gives further room to grow and improve, giving greater satisfaction to both the dom and yourself. Any decent dom would never use psychological abuse or torture as a method of breaking you down, and after care is always a must.

Think of yourself as an untrained sensation just waiting to bloom. I certainly do.

tom60sub 58M
3 posts
9/6/2021 3:31 am

Agrees with you!

DancingDom 72M
19419 posts
9/6/2021 5:22 am

    Quoting Montanaguy50:
    A good Dom will build you up and help you to do better. Not JUST degrade you. A path to that redemption should be laid out for you.
I will echo this fellows comment.

"One Big Sky Covers Us All Equally"

Sucker4Ever 110M
6603 posts
9/6/2021 8:34 am

There are 3 enemies of the human mind, body and soul that one must avoid like the plague. Their names are: Doubt, Worry, and Fear.
The good news is, there's a guy named Faith, that can beat the crap out of all 3 of them!

“Beyond a wholesome discipline, be gentle with yourself.”

Tribal_Seed 54M
26 posts
9/8/2021 6:30 pm

Brutus will always be there for this girl ...

heatedcorrosion 53M
15 posts
9/12/2021 7:15 am

The mind Is a cruel master. And at times will try to break you. The best thing is to have someone to talk to honestly. Some times it helps to have thing out so you can see them.

It is a hard thing to overcome and takes a long time. Enjoy what you enjoy and celebrate those moments when your mind is in the present and you are enjoying yourself in the moment.

The cruelest punishment is no punishment at all.

wantsubbitch 62M
114 posts
9/17/2021 6:05 am

believe me your not alone , i as a man have been raised hard, with a hard hand and a rough life, raised the life is hard just suck it up, taught to fight and win, told over and over real men don"t cry , never shed a tear, but i had a women that am truly in love with several days ago crush me with only a few words, am sure i will never get over it now , so you don"t and are not walking in this alone, good luck in finding your way again

switchforcurves 48M
143 posts
9/18/2021 7:22 am

I agree no one wants to hear that...hang in there

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