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pac369 62F  
4079 posts
9/18/2021 11:28 am

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10/15/2021 12:23 pm


When was the last time you felt that way??
She has no restraints or shackles holding her down...
But... talk about being vulnerable, and exposed...
No where too run no where too hide....
How erotic is this pic??

Good girls go to heaven, BAD girls go everywhere!
~ Mae West ~

pac369 62F  
4904 posts
9/18/2021 11:29 am

Good girls go to heaven, BAD girls go everywhere!
~ Mae West ~

hardtop4you 56M
46 posts
9/18/2021 11:43 am

She has no restraints or shackles holding her down...

It's called mental bondage. A D/s bond where you compelled to obey by a need to please, rather than the threat of consequences.

pac369 replies on 9/18/2021 11:49 am:
Yes.. I do agree... But I am commenting on the picture...
Thanks for sharing your thoughts though..

SirSdeRoissy 66M
19 posts
9/18/2021 11:53 am

Very erotic. Sometimes I like to watch.

pac369 replies on 9/18/2021 12:03 pm:
I am sure many Dom's feel the same way...
Thanks for sharing your thoughts..

bimom4taboo 51F
1405 posts
9/18/2021 11:56 am

yes it is but one thing there's a guy there not another women. LOL he must be her husband. she wants sex but he saying not today

pac369 replies on 9/18/2021 12:04 pm:
Very cute bimom...
Thanks for the chuckle...

lwbtmboy 56M
362 posts
9/18/2021 12:01 pm


pac369 replies on 9/18/2021 12:06 pm:
Glad you like it boy..

JohnnyLightning 62M  
6785 posts
9/18/2021 12:17 pm

It would be much better if she would stop talking.

Mal ad osteo.

pac369 replies on 9/18/2021 3:38 pm:
Ohhh Johnny!
To funny...

IsoOnlineSub7 62M/54F
587 posts
9/18/2021 1:26 pm

Now that would be better than relaxing and watching Game of Thrones or something. My kind of viewing. My kind of girl. How you manage to find just the right pics that cause my loins to stir is simply wonderful. Thank you.

pac369 replies on 9/18/2021 3:39 pm:
So glad I can help out Iso..

drmgirl622 66F  
17578 posts
9/18/2021 2:03 pm

He is very intent on watching her.

pac369 replies on 9/18/2021 3:40 pm:
Yes he is with his glass of wine...
No flinching allowed...

Suzy_Que 50T
880 posts
9/18/2021 2:24 pm

This pic...

I don't think I would have the self-confidence to sit on display like her. When I am naked with a fully dressed man, I can feel myself shrinking, yielding to his power. I am weak and would be fully under his control if he chose to exercise it. The way she's sitting upright and looking straight at him, I see a bit of an attitude in her where she's owning this situation, willingly giving him the power rather than having him take it.

And again, if I could be her, I would.

pac369 replies on 9/18/2021 3:46 pm:
Totally see your points Suzy...

Being on display like that is a challenge... To not flinch or try to hide your body as your Dom stares you down... You are out of your comfort zone as he expects you to be...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts...

Domkevin03 60M
109 posts
9/18/2021 3:16 pm

Nice photo

pac369 replies on 9/18/2021 3:48 pm:
Thanks kevin..
Glad you like it..

jenny14 72T  
80694 posts
9/18/2021 11:15 pm


She exudes obedience and, not a bad figure either

A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing. George Bernard Shaw


pac369 replies on 9/19/2021 5:50 am:
Yes she does Jenny...
I imagine her front side is nice to..

Just saying..

davinacambs 58T  
296 posts
9/19/2021 1:50 am

I just love this pic for its sensuality.

Just after, the engineer takes over and wonders whether the table legs would give way if she shifted her weight .......... and then I wonder how the voyeur across the street is doing !

D-J xx

pac369 replies on 9/19/2021 5:52 am:
Ahhh davina..

Love the humor..
Thanks for sharing your comments..

Tckg12 66M
546 posts
9/19/2021 4:37 am

it's been a long time!

pac369 replies on 9/19/2021 5:53 am:
I will second that Tckg...

Good luck with that in your future...

kalbi1231 67M
589 posts
9/19/2021 7:59 am

I'm wondering what is going thru their minds... Do they speak or simply look? Either way that is a scorching scenario...

pac369 replies on 9/19/2021 2:41 pm:
I agree kalbi...

It is quite a hot pic for sure..
Congrats on San Fran's big win...

Thanks for sharing...

wantsubbitch 62M
114 posts
9/23/2021 5:26 am

wow what a great photo such a gorgeous women , also what a perfect setting leading to what"s going to happen next

pac369 replies on 10/15/2021 12:21 pm:

Glad you liked the photo..

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