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Postad:16 september 2021 3:56 pm
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Dom with a soft centre when off duty seeks woman who craves to be overwhelmed and enjoyed. I'm well educated, articulate and athletic - not looking to change my life but for us both to enjoy it more.

In public you'll find me intelligent, respectful and fun to be with. In private things are very different. Whether you enjoy the confident command of a power exchange, the white noise of being overwhelmed or the joy of the struggle you will find me satisfying your desires. I get off on the way you respond. My taste is for rough domination of women - to take them when necessary and to take full charge when not. We can also take things more gently if that's your way and I enjoy introducing women to dark desires.

Board director, six foot, lean and strong with a sharp mind. Confident and experienced enough to know what I need and take it.

I especially enjoy intelligent women with a fascination for demanding and controlling men.

I’m here to enjoy life more - so if you're female, fed up with complications and not wasting anyone's time and want some sexual experiences to remember then let me know. Will meet you one off but prefer to connect mentally and enjoy a longer connection.

What can I say: I can be rough and punish whilst humiliating a female, exalting in her vulnerability, shame and ignominy before I fuck her hard. Equally, I relish taking charge and seeing your obedience. I’m the bad man your mother warned you about.

I am always willing to introduce a willing newbie to her inner desires - young, old, large or small. And cuckold is a particular kink to explore - with him as voyeur or helpless and humiliated.

I offer total discretion from your vanilla life and demand the same! Outside of the bedroom a nice guy, during sex..........

Happy to discuss any limits you may wish to bring to the table, but I don’t negotiate during sessions!

My Ideal Person Lack of inhibition, discretion, willingness to live in the moment and an aching to submit or be taken
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