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This older Chinese Lady,
Posted:Dec 7, 2021 4:53 am
Last Updated:Dec 8, 2021 1:32 am

In this hamlet, there is this older, demented Chinese Lady.
She still lives on her own.
But, well, she acts strange...
She collets all kind of rubish, get stuff out of peoples bicycle bags, and takes all kind of stuff with her, to her place.

If shops have clothes hanging outside, she takes some of that with her too.
Collect all kind of garbage....

Her know this, and try to keep her at her house, but, well, what can you do?

So, the other day, she was walking around with small clothes, all collected.
I noticed her before and thought; hmm, there is something going on, with this woman..

An other day, i saw her again, she started talking, in Chinese, ofcourse to me.
A whole story... About gods knows what....

Later i talked with a shop owner, he told me, her grown up do what they can, but, what can you do?
Every now and then, they clean out her house, but all that sruff, gives her security.
so taking it all away can make things even worst
Get her in a panick, and then she will take more and more into her appartment...

There are also people who know how to take advantage of someone like this Lady,
nasty pieces of shit.

The other day, she just took a real big pack of toiletpaper from a bike.
Just like that.
She is very fast!
I know the woman, she stole that from, that woman was really very angry, i just told her; she is demented, you can not get angry at her!
How much does toilet paper cost, anyway, nowadays!

I can laugh about it, but it is also very sad....
I did not see her, for a long time now....
I wonder what happened to her, i will ask this shopowner.....
Desert cheese,
Posted:Dec 6, 2021 5:41 am
Last Updated:Dec 7, 2021 4:09 am

I sometimes treat myself on special cheese, i especially like the goat and sheep cheese.
I gave the tomcat some cheese, jst to see if he will eat it,
and now, every day, after he eat his regular food, he jumps on the garden table and waits there..
Wanting the sheep cheese

It is unbelieveble! funny,
He just sits there and waits, watching every move i make!

It is a very spoiled cat, he knows what he likes!
I like that about cats.

is cheese good for a cat?
Or not?
Maybe it is too salty? bad for his kidneys?
Posted:Dec 5, 2021 11:28 pm
Last Updated:Dec 7, 2021 5:46 am

The journey,

Into your own deeper feelings, longings, and maybe shame too?
Accepting, yourselve as you are,

More below,
Posted:Dec 5, 2021 5:07 am
Last Updated:Dec 6, 2021 7:54 am

Feeding the birdies again,
I was in my shed, collecting all the food, i came outside again and there he/she? was,
a robin, at a meter distance, it was soo sweet.
She just stood there, watching me, as i was watching her....

The Jay has developted from a very shy forest bird, to a very bold garden bird.
It is unbelievable, how they chase the crows away.
Even the doves, chase the other birds away.

It is a wildwest in my garden!
The blackbirds are always very silent...
I love to hang all kind of food in shrubs in my garden.

The sparrows are eating a lot, i have some food for them in my front garden too!
I see them eating, right now!

I need to buy some peanutbutter for the birds too.

Live is good, live is sweet,
As someone, on here, said it before, it are the small things.. that matters.
I ask your contribution, please?!
Posted:Dec 5, 2021 4:00 am
Last Updated:Dec 7, 2021 4:38 am

story below,
444 sades of grey
Posted:Dec 4, 2021 12:32 am
Last Updated:Dec 5, 2021 3:58 am

It is just such a day, in wich i know, there will be totally no sunshine, at all.
Such a drag...

I am going to look for a real nice Christmas tree.
They smell soo good!

Somehow, they (?) changed the freqencies of the radio stations, so now i cant find my all time favorite station!

I need music!
I music.

I am slowly collecting all my Christmas stuff and see how i will decorate my house.
I have three shoeboxes with Christmas stuff.

People all over this place, have already put up all the lights of the world, or so it seems.
How you mean? Lets overdo things!

You just have to dare such bold act!

It always makes me laugh.

I am for the more subtile act.
Posted:Dec 2, 2021 10:28 am
Last Updated:Dec 5, 2021 9:21 am

This year is yet an other year of war - to me. that is.

i will buy a very small christmas tree, with roots, because i love the smell of fresh christmas tree in my living room.
So, i can put it in my garden, after Christmas.

I am not going to make it all one big deal.
I just buy what i like to eat, some special treats, like bleu cheese, the france kind...Rouqefort, some salmon too.

Something nice to drink, alcoholic, some great herbal teas.
maybe have a new, fresh thriller to read, too?

Just enjoying myself, as i always did when i was alone during the festive days.

I like being alone during the holyday season, i find those family gathering almost always very unnatural, very forced ,to be "nice" to nieces, nephews you dont like at all,
and all that socializing.
all that nonsens, all that small talk, or stupid political talk...
I dont have anything to tell most of my family members,
Or they wont understand me....

It cost too much, i dont get enough back, on a emotional level.
I am drained afterwards...

So, i will listen to radio 10, with some great music, The top 4000 it is called, or put some CD in my stereo and enjoy myself.

You all have a great Christmas and have fun, be safe, dont drink and drive, please.
It is about -othe other-.
Posted:Dec 2, 2021 9:47 am
Last Updated:Dec 4, 2021 9:02 am

I cant say this enough, it seems.

When i get into a conversation with a man, i always know, it is all about thém
while, it should be all about mé... within two or messages.

it is in their style of writing, it is in their not willing answer my questions,
BUT< demand i answer any and all question they have for ...

( and those questions, all evolve around kinky fuckery)

with some minor side steps my personal life, but most of the time they dont remember those (very important answers) and only remember what i told about my sexual preferences...

I dont do that no more, IF you have no personal interest in whó i am?

I, for sure, are not telling you anything intimate about my being submissive/ masochistic, and what thát means to mé.

Because you are not worthy of that knowledge.

Show interest in mé, as a whole person - not as a fetish dispenser.

It always comes down to what they want from me, never about what they have to offer mé.

my neigbour has a very bussy job, she is living alone, has a very big demanding family,
so she has not much time to clean out the leaves in her garden.
For her, it is very important that her garden looks neat.
When she comes home, it is already dark.

I, on the other hand, have a sort of ecological wild garden, i leave the leaves lying around so the little animals, funges and what not, can eat and find protection against the winter times...

I do keep my path clean, sort of....

So, the other day, [ it is about them/ the other ]
i was bussy in my front garden and noticed she did not cleaned away the leaves, yet

So, i cleaned some of the leaves on her part of the path and some other parts too.

It is all about - the other -
Now, i dont have a love relation with her, but i like to help
especially when her family is demanding stuff from her....

I dont say a thing about it, i dont need to be praised,
I just do!.

It is about - the other-.
thát is a mind set.
my submissive mindset, if you like to call it that...

As a Dominant has such a mindset too.
it is about the submissive, his care, his guidance, his making her into a better version of herself... without her knowing she was able to make that happen..
He can help her make that happen.
It is -about the other- | whén you want a relationship.

Not some sex fuck kinky contact, once in while, to get your fluids pumping....
When you just want to pump some body fluids, who cares who she ís, as a person?
as long as she does, what you want, when you want it, RIGHT?

Does that sound dominant?
Not to mé.
To me that sound like a sexkinky fuckery player.

Or, just an other selfcentred, egoistic prick?

So, this *** contact? *** was just an other learning moment, for me.

I am thankful for all the learning moments those wankers make possible for me, to grow and know.

Now, i would like to meet a man, who is really, really interested in mé, in having a 24/7, TAT, powerdynamic, with the kinky sex fun too.

BUT thát is NOT the fundament of the whole contact/ dynamic.

The one thing is kink orientated
The other thing is relation/ dynamic orientated.
Thát is the difference.

(most of those wankers dont even know, there is a difference!)
Love to call themselfs Master of the Universe, Lord, know what...

And, all lack soo much substance....
So happy,
Posted:Dec 1, 2021 6:17 am
Last Updated:Dec 2, 2021 9:09 am
Well, since the Sinterklaas party can not take place....
I was a bit worried, i dont see my dear sister this year, anymore.

But, she arranged it so, that tomorrow she is going to visit me!!

I am soo happy, and thankful, for this.
Because i worry about their health, since they took the vaxxin...
They both have strange kind of.... reaction? side effects??

I am afraid her husband is not going to make it, till the end of this year...

So i baked something nice,
muffins, sort of.... hahah, very healthy muffins!

Posted:Nov 28, 2021 9:53 am
Last Updated:Nov 29, 2021 4:59 am


Just an other thing a lot of men on here, i dont call them dominants.
they have to prove that first.

All they want is "controle" the submissive.
She nééds to do this, she nééds to do that. if not! she will be punished = porn talk!

it is very strange,
In my eyes it is the submissive who controles herself, and decide to give over some controle, or all....
The amount of controle, over the things they discussed, before hand.

A dom who wants to "controle" his submissve all day and night, needs a extra job.

In my case, i, as a submissive decide to listen and obey him, in the things we both agreed on.
I choose to follow his lead.
MY submission is very active. pro active.
Not him.
I decide, if he is trustworthy, he is reliable, he is an emotional stable person, who has his shit together.
Who knows how to make wise decisions.
Who will listen to my input and take that into account.
Who can make my laugh, especially about myself.

He, on the other hand, also will make the decision, if i fit his emotional needs and wants.
On the whole relation.
Not as some kinky fuck game playing.

Unless we both negotiated that!
As part of the whole dynamic, M/s.

I crinche when i read ads where the "dominant" starts talking about "controling the submissve".
I think, a lot of men, dont mean bad, but are soo full of all the porn shit they see, they lost track with reality.
of life, of living a life...
Of how to treat an other human being....

A dominant FIRST need to show he is able to controle himself, every time again, all day, every day.

I love to hear your ideas about this.

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