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rosaenaluin 62F
3708 posts
9/19/2021 2:16 am
emotional poverty?

This was something, that hits me real hard, early this morning,
still lying in my bed, listening to my favorite radio program...

rosaenaluin 62F
5131 posts
9/19/2021 2:30 am

emotional poverty,

physical poverty?

The need and want to be cherished, cared for, being seen, as i am,
Not what i show, the outside world, or on here...

The need to want to be held, cherished, nurtured for who i am,
deep down inside...
Not the persona i portrait in the outside world...

My skin hunger is soo big, so intens, so deep, it almost hurt physically.

Ever since this pandemie, i have not been touched by anybody.
touched in a lovely caring way (- non sexual) full of care & understanding for me...

Sure, my sister toches me, i touche her, i hug her and she me...
That is, maybe, once a month....?
Sure, my daughter hugs me, i hug her, that, too is maybe once in three months...?

While being active with volenteers work, the women of those groups always touched each other, (and me, too) some parts of the arabic culture is very open to touch, especially among women.
That was always such a warm feeling....

I mis that very much, the care, the connection, the humor too...

poverty, since this pandemie... emotional poverty... sighs.. cry a little...

jenny14 72T  
80694 posts
9/19/2021 3:07 am


I can feel your pain.....this pandemic is taking a huge emotional toll as well as a physical one!

A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing. George Bernard Shaw


bimom4taboo 51F
1405 posts
9/19/2021 3:24 am

your not alone in feeling that way. try to stay strong and hope it will be over soon

capecodoldman 62M
24 posts
9/19/2021 3:45 am

too common of a feeling for all...hang in its going to get better

Tckg12 66M
546 posts
9/19/2021 4:25 am

definitely not alone!!1

pac369 62F  
4904 posts
9/19/2021 7:26 am

I feel you rose...
It's a horrible feeling not to be touched in a loving way by a partner...
Can only hope it get's better...

Good girls go to heaven, BAD girls go everywhere!
~ Mae West ~

drmgirl622 66F  
17578 posts
9/19/2021 8:48 am

I know what you mean, Rosa. Even my best friends and I have kept it restrained.

rosaenaluin 62F
5131 posts
9/20/2021 1:44 am

Thank you all, for your loving, supporting words.

I am glad i am not alone, although i would wish others wont feel as bad, or down or how ever you want to call it, in this situation...

Not all days are as bad, as this sunday morning was.....
I struggle and handle it... as good as i can...
I have moments of joy, singing, dancing in my own living room....
only... yeah... well, you all know that.... sighs...

You, too, take good care of yourself, be nice and loving to yourself, that makes a big difference.
forgive yourself, if that is needed, or wanted (?)

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