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30 %
Posted:Jan 16, 2022 10:56 am
Last Updated:Jan 17, 2022 7:31 am

There is a 30! % higher suicide range then last and the year before, among and young adults to the age of 30.....
THink about it!!

Young adults are made to have no future at all
They can not learn how to socialise, with the same age groups,
they cant learn how to be a group player, how to be part of a bigger thing...
They are made to become sociophates
Or take their own lifes!

30% more suicide in Holland alone!!

I dont want to know about the rest of the world.
Those young adults are destroyed by this socalled mandemie...

If you kill the yought, you dont have a next generation.....
There will be a very big gap, the next generation are the ones, who are in kindergarden now..
and maybe primary school.......

Think about what the consequences are!
For the whole of society.

All the elderly people died of corona or the stap, or the side effects of the stap...
A big part of the yought are taking their own lives.....

They are destroying our world, as we know it.
The sociophatic leaders all over the world, and their buddys who love to be part of the big game, but lack any backone what so ever...

Disruptive, destroyng our world.

This is much much larger then the fight/ war about being vaccinated or not
That is just the superfical show, to keep people bussy, fighting each other over that hidious stap.

So they dont see, what is right under their noses...

Just my view, you dont have to agree.
Please refrain from comments if you cant keep it civilized, thank you.
lifetime, lifelong
Posted:Jan 12, 2022 8:32 am
Last Updated:Jan 12, 2022 9:31 pm

Prince Andrew, from England, has a really big problem.

He could not keep his dick in his trousers.
He fancied very ...

AND he was a big friend with that EPstein monster.
Who knew too much, knew to many very important people
wich he could manipulate into what ever he needed or wanted...

Hence his socalled suicide in jail, at a moment that the cameras were off, and the gaurds were not on their post.
How convenience!

His 'girlfriend' helped him, caoxing, manipulating girls, into all this pedo netwerk.

This netwerk, that is, i believe, very wide and with a lot of very 'political powerfull' men.
So, now, it is Prince Andrews turn to lie and cheat and squirm himself out of taking any responsibility.

THe only person who got lifelong is the victim

NO matter how much therapy such a victim gets, it is part of her or his past.
His experience with something that could be called s e x...

Very young, finding your own way, with boy and or girlfriends, is the sort of normal way, to explore your sexuality.

Being xaped, by a group of adult sick fucks of men..... is not a healthy way to grow and evolve as a wholesome sexual self image/ person...

So lifelong is the only way, or
And that is maybe the best way to 'punish' those sick fucks
Hang them by their balls.
and let the birds take care of the rest...
Or, chemical castration.

Because pedos, is a sickness, in their heads, they lack a certain emotional adulthood, they will repeat, and repeat this behaviour.

( and most of the time, like the bullys at kindergarten, they themselfs where most of the time, victim themselfs.)

What does that say, of the upbringing of this Prince Edward?
Just looking at him, makes me wanne puke, so weak, so i am THE victum attitude, disgusting role. play....amp;

Boarding schools, is the place where a lot of sick stuff happens.
That is a speciality in England, there are a lot of peopls, who did go to Boarding school, and stil go...

Xape, humiliation, degradation to be allowed to become part of a certain group...
group manipulation.
What does that tell about his character, or lack of....?

JUst like in any other organisation were there is a monopoly on power by one group of people, mostly men.. over a proup of people with less power, to begin with...

See the Chruch, sport clubs, etc etc, etc...

I say; chemical castration, or lock them up and throw away the key.

His lawsuit... i cant take that serious.. scapegoat..he will become
Is send abroad, somewhere, and can go on, with his abusing of .

Hospital, masks, volenteerswork?
Posted:Jan 12, 2022 7:27 am
Last Updated:Jan 18, 2022 10:56 am

And more....

The mother of my Chinese family needed to go to the hospital, again...

Ever since she took the second shot, she is not really welll
This time it is her lymph node in her neck.
Her nymph node is bigger then 'normal', since some months now,
and she is somehow a bit afraid.

Her ability to talk and understand Dutch is very minimal....
Medicial terms are a totall nightmare with her.

Everyone, who is not trained in that special language is at a loss when a doctor gives you his knowledge....

Anyway, we come into the hospital, there are hostesses, to help people find their section, their doctor....
My Chinese friend wears such a socalled hospital/ medicinale mask, i wear a home made one, with dubble layers, wich a wash everyday...

That hostess tells me; You nééd to wear this medicinal mask.

I look at her, ( i cant stand it, when someone i dont know, tells, me, I NÉÉD to do this or that...)
WHo the Blieb is that person, to tell me that??

So, i tell her, thank you, madam, it is an advice, i have my own mask, thank you!
She looked really angry at me.
I am not at all impressed with people making themselfs more important then they really are... get real!

So what?
I am not some brain dead sheep!
I am informed about rules and advice, or a law...

The Chinese woman, was a bit taken back, why dont i take that mask...?
I cant explain that, very well, because of her lack of understanding of the Dutch langauge.....

It is an advice! not a law.

I tried to have a conversation about the possibility of side effects of this vaccin?
It is almost impossible, it is as if i attack that doctor personally...

Wich i dont, i just want to know, if he, in this case, is willing to have an open mind, about this, just look into the possiblity of it....

The Chinese woman also dont want to hear about the side effects of the vaccins..
She just deny that possibility.

Friends from a friend, did get the Booster, got terrible sick and is not really back to her normal health niveau.

An other friend, took also the Booster, and was terrible ill, was afraid she had a heart attack, shaking, could not work, terrible sick.

I told her, before, please, please, don take the Booster, just dont!
She was sick from the first and second vaccin, too
So, i told her, they are talking about the seventh or eighth vaccin...
What are you going to do?
Take those too?

She told me, no, i wont take them, but i think, she just will take them too....
Because the government tells her so...
And, ofcourse she is free to make that decision.....

A weakness for so called authority figures... stop thinking for yourself....
totall bliss
Posted:Jan 9, 2022 12:18 am
Last Updated:Jan 11, 2022 11:39 am

I was in my garden, feeding the birds, check on what they eat and what is dirty and have to throw out.
I was standing by the feeding plank, behind some conifers,
i took a peak around the conifere, and i saw MY robin,

peacefully eating from such a greaze boll....
Just stay there, looking at me and eating....

Totall bliss.
I did not move and just watched....

So thankful for such littlle gifts of nature.
I was so ready! for it!
Posted:Jan 8, 2022 3:05 am
Last Updated:Jan 9, 2022 10:54 am

All pumped up, muscles ready, tools on stand by....
Ready to go!
Heavy boots, working clothes... gloves too....

And then i got this message.....
Hmm, i was not happy at all!

I felt like a balloon losing too much air too fast....

So i called to check it all out, what she did say made sense,
although i wished it was different...

Oh, alright.
So, now what? to do?

I almost did dig the holes,
Thank the Goddess, i did not...
It also did freeze last night...... So in the end, it was maybe for the better..?
The whole thing did not work out....

I wanted it, soo bad!!
What now??

Going to do some grocery shopping, i think.
maybe buy some comfort sweet.... although it is better for my tummy, not to do that...
I will see...
7 th vaccin!
Posted:Jan 8, 2022 1:09 am
Last Updated:Jan 9, 2022 10:56 am

Are they stark down right out of their Ff mind!!

My god, you almost would believe the peoples are not dying fast enough!!

Un be fucking levable!!

My daugther, who did take the stap...
And is sort of sick all the time.... ever since.

Wanting the shot, "because they wanted to go to festival/ parks" ...
She is now too sick!
To go to those festivals.

Still, she thinks about also taking this booster...😳🥴🤯

HOW MANY BOOSTERS do they want you to take!!
before you die??
Also, when people die, they dont write down if you died of corona....

They lie all the time.
About the numbers, about the hospitals.

The France PM told on national tv, he wants to pester those who did not take the shot.
Make their social, working life impossible

Aint that great!😲😖
This guy is leading france....?!?!

terror is the next step?
ff disgusting!! 🤢🤮

Have a great day! 😛
Posted:Jan 7, 2022 6:54 am
Last Updated:Jan 9, 2022 12:21 am
I love making fire
I am pretty good at it, too.

I have a fire starter,but i also can make a fire without all those tools.
Just some paper, kindling, matches en gó!

Survival of the fitist.!

I am going to buy a Kelly Kettle, it is a Irish product.
I think it will be great to cook on it or make some tea...

Yesterday evening,
Posted:Jan 5, 2022 6:03 am
Last Updated:Jan 7, 2022 12:20 am

I was closing the place down.
Checking the doors, putting all the lights out.
Putting the breakfast stuff on the table, allready...

I did not see Cato Karel for two days, so i was a bit worried about him.
He is already an old cat, you know....

So i opened the kitchen window and called out his name.
In a very high pitched voice, LOUD.
it sounded horrible, but i did enjoy myself, shouting like that!

He did not come...

But, this blackbird, siting in my Lark, silhouetted to the already dark evening clouds....
was singing her/ his? lungs out!
It was soo nice, and so full of melodie!
I tried to follow her song, but i failed ! Ofcourse!

I had my own private concert from this blackbird

Cato Karel was present this morning for his breakfast.
So, all is good.
cleaning out my bookshelves,
Posted:Jan 4, 2022 10:29 am
Last Updated:Jan 5, 2022 9:12 pm

I got a letter, from a friend living in France.

He is a natural dominant, i know him since the 70 ish.
Always felt very good and centred when i was wiht him.
And he with me...

BUT, he did not know how to behave with this big urge inside him.
In the 70 ish, i tried to talk about all these feelings and wants/ urges....

That did not really find a ground in him... ignoring, not knowing what to do, with those feelings, having girlfriends, who really were bitches from hell, wanting to controle him and their whole relation...
time and time again, with every other woman, he did meet....

I was very innocent, stupid maybe....?
Because, i thought, hé is the one....

I never thought about him having to have dark hair or black eyes, or a dick pick..
Or, god knows what guys think is important for them, in a woman.

Any way, he always went for the blond girls, knowing they are called beautiful and knowing it too!
I hate those bitches! WHAHAHAHA

The three women he did have a relation with, all fucked him over real bad...
I always tried to let him see, what was happening...
What he did, or not do, or could not.....
What she did, how she manipulated him into doing her demand.

He was always sooo bussy with how these women looked.

and i was there, always helping him, in his shop, i was still following a study...
We never arguid, i always followed his lead, as that came natural to me.
That was always very harmonieus with us....

BUT, he never, ever did see me, as his - to be partner-
I was very open and fulnerable to him....
always explaining... dominance and submission, without using those words....
( i did not know these words, then)
BUT, i knew the feelings.
There was some real big disagreement between the two of us... once, and we lost contact......

So, we lost contact for some years, due to him totally not seeing what was right in front of him...
I did a search, i knew he was living in France, and i knew some friends, from friends.
Finally, we get in contact again....

Now, in this relation, his partner wants him to get into therapy, as if Dominance is something you can get rid of, by gettng into therapy.

He is in a mess. emotional, he does not know, what he is doing wrong...
is being accused of being suppressive to his partner...
He IS NOT DOING ANYTHING WRONG, They are just not compatible!
She, is not submissive.

BUT< she is just a vanilla, wanting to controle the relation, ( as so many vanilla women, secretly want to controle the man, the relation)
That is also, what "we wimmins"is shown to us, in movies, in books, even in other relations..
"how to controle a man, once he is in your spidernest" -bleagh! amp;

I feel for him.
He has no idea how to handle this... and is at a loss....

i wrote him a letter, explaining about some women being more subservitude...
obedient, more orientated on the wants and needs of their partner.

He is not the problem, and also she is not the problem, but they are, to each other, the problem
They dont match
This is going on, for some years now.
I feel for him.

I really still adore him.
I want him to be happy, even if that means, with an other woman.

But, also this woman wants to manipulate him, wich is very bad to do to a dominant man.
Hé knows, that that is not a natural way for him.
He feels trapped.

It is against his nature.

Maybe i will visit him, this year, in France.... If he let me....

I could write him a thousend letters, telling him, explaining, making him accept his nature.
explaining him, about my feelings, for him, my struggle with acceptng my feelings and wants /needs, too...

Just to let him know, he is normal, he is not sick
he does not "need" therapy.

It wont work, he will only start hating himself, and his partner, too, for getting him through this, while it is totally not necessary.

They should quit thier relation.
SHe is not happy, with him, she tries to make his life a living hell
he is not happy, with her... and dont know, how to chance his behaviour,
because THIS comes natural to him....THIS IS him.
Dominant in every vein of his body...

Just being with him, makes me feel at home, at peace, i found my place, centre, kind of thing...

And when he is with me, ( he sometimes visits me) he is at ease too... he feels he is appreciated for who he is, and that scare the living daylights out of him, at the same time.
And, i can even understand thát, too....


Soo very painfull to have to witness this...

What would you do?
In such a situation?

tenderlovingcare is much appreciated....😊😚😘
Posted:Dec 29, 2021 12:10 pm
Last Updated:Jan 4, 2022 6:58 pm

I love these radio shows, with all the old hits from last and beyond years!

i have the radio on, all day, and sometimes there is this very old song, and without knowing how i know, i sing the lyrics!

Just comes to me, out of nowhere!
It always makes me laugh.
Where did that came from??

i like to listen, and be surprised with the hits, some are horrendous, and others are a trip down memory lane!
I have listen to the Top 4000 on Radio 10, now i am listening Radio 2 the Top 2000.
It is great to hear soo many great songs, it makes these horrible dark days a bit more light, for me..

And, in the new year they start with all the music that did not make it, into those Top lists.
I love it!

We did not see the sun, for more then 4 days now!
it makes me feel very depressed.
The musis helps.
Going outside, every day, helps too.

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