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Slave Auction Photos 9
Postad:25 october 2021 12:53 am
Senast Uppdaterad:25 october 2021 12:55 am
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Ninth in a daily series of volunteered slaves @ auctions.
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Teacher and Maria
Postad:25 october 2021 12:37 am
Senast Uppdaterad:25 october 2021 1:30 am
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4 of 5
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Slave Auction Photos 8
Postad:24 october 2021 2:20 am
Senast Uppdaterad:25 october 2021 12:31 am
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Eighth in a daily series of volunteered slaves @ auctions.
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Postad:3 october 2021 6:09 am
Senast Uppdaterad:16 october 2021 7:36 am
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I was asked this by Ardri58 on messenger yesterday so thought i would copy paste and record it as blog post

Ardri58 - what is your best blog post, real story you have ever written?

Well Sir some of my early stories written under the instructions and during my training with Sir Don Brown were very, very naive.
Not many i did not like when i read again, if any at all.
When its your own life sometimes its strange.
Being written by me about me sort of made me feel good, its what i wanted to do to show our HD or Home Discipline regime was fun, challenging but so rewarding.

Some stories make me cringe when i read them, like picking a guy from the taxi rank after a night out in Leeds and letting him fuck me up against a brick building down "Shaggers Alley" a place i had heard of but thought it fiction, how common it was and made me feel but still makes me tingle.
It also brings back brilliant memories of me sort of coming out of myself.
I hasten to add in my defence, it was not a one off, one boy was so into it when i got home, late, and over my fathers knee he wanted to know how i got my bottom so grazed, he took a photo to show me?
Being the girl he made me i told him, and my graze was spanked and then into his office at 11.30 at night for 10 hard cane stripes.
As i matured the thrill of that night and the upset i caused my father shocks me, i am now all for pleasing my betters and when i fail i feel awful.
I pussy wanked and fingered for days on the pain and the memory.

Maybe my highlight was only a few moths ago whilst we were in Cornwall, The Charity Auction.
It was all the things slave girl dreams of when playing in her bed, her mind on its own journey Sir and her fingers following the thoughts Sir.

Adri58 - the taxi rank one does not sound like you - certainly not now!

No, for sure Sir, but then, it was a couple of years ago, i was hungry to have what everyone else has, freedom for just a few hours on a night out.
Most nights when i was at home with my parents i would get home late and be spanked for it, really rounded my night off, can you understand that Sir?

Ardri58 - Do you still do wrong to get a spanking like you used to?

Things have altered Sir, Marc usually gives me a swift one most days, my father and his dad call pretty regular and if i feel i need one, in go undress and stand my Marc's side, i am soon over his knee.

Another change is he will now spank me if i slip up when he is entertaining his soccer friends i have to get naked in front of them and he puts his foot up on the footstool and over i go, then offered to one of his mates for a spanking. Remember they all have partners at home in this lifestyle Sir.

Ardri58 - do the partners of these friends know about this? If they do not what do you think
about that?

Yes of course Sir, some of them sometimes come with them and join in, if you see what i mean Sir
Not all of our friends and community live the Home Discipline life like us Sir but maybe, HoH so very similar restrictions, also not all subs or slaves.
Also Sir some are just ordinary just wives and daughters who are disciplined when needed Sir.
I also decided i would change the name of the life i live from DD, Domestic Discipline, to Home Discipline.
I did not want anyone to feel it meant Domestic Abuse Sir, an act i find abhorrent and one i have played a few concerts on behalf of. sara xx

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Praying Mantis
Postad:2 october 2021 12:40 pm
Senast Uppdaterad:6 october 2021 11:31 am
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Praying Mantis Position
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Crab Position
Postad:2 october 2021 2:13 am
Senast Uppdaterad:3 october 2021 11:48 pm
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Who does not love this position and look how good she is at it?
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My BDSM Meanings
Postad:28 september 2021 8:56 am
Senast Uppdaterad:3 october 2021 4:58 am
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This is a very brief guide for both the experienced Sir/Master/Mistress and the wife//newbie sub/slave of just some of the abbreviations used under the BDSM banner, with particular interest the lifestyle i live, DD.

BDSM - Bondage, Discipline (or Domination) Sadism and Masochism
This is the heading all other Initials stem from.
A few practice all the above where as others tend specialise on their particular love.
Here are the once connected me.

HoH - Head of House
The head of the house/home is the patriarch all under his roof must obey, in some cases even visitors in the life.

TiH - Taken in Hand
A wife or are the ones need taking in hand.
Hand being the appropriate word.
Most TiH occurrences in the UK begin with a being naked, then a spanking, then depending on the digression, the belt, cane or both

Otk - Over the Knee
A simple abbreviation for a usual bare bottom spanking over his knee as a swift conclusion of a needed situation.

DD - Domestic Discipline (HD Home Discipline, as below but a more politically correct in I think)
A follow on from HoH and TiH incorporating both plus more on the sexual side.
Unlike other discipline DD is a mutually agreed way of home life benefit both parties and the recipient can always say no. No restraints are ever used so she can simply walk away.
DD follows the pattern of discipline not when a does something wrong or is generally naughty but could be so the Sir can show her body off or indeed just show off others in the room.
Also keep in mind most, if not all DD girls actually need the punishment be able go about their daily lives. Need can be the tingle she gets below or the pointing and throbbing of her nipples a spanking, thanking and soothing relieves.
can include humiliation, corner time, morning and bed time spanking, just a short sharp 20 slap spanking and not a prolonged session.
We say, long enough for tears yet short enough for no screams.
I touched briefly on the girls thanking and soothing.
These can come in any order but as a rule in my home, when composed the girl takes the slave position of kneeling and as her Sir walks towards her opens her mouth and sticks out her tongue to take in his cock.
Left in usually just to stiffness or he may decide to her face a cum.
A usual action if she has been punished.
Otherwise she is put in her favoured position, with us its on all fours and takes her Sir in where he wants it with the hope it hits her spot occasionally!

Anyone any thoughts of DD being HD instead?

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First and Last Undies
Postad:18 september 2021 3:07 am
Senast Uppdaterad:4 october 2021 4:25 am
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Now here is a question for Sirs/Mistresses and Subs/slaves

When i was trained, by Don Brown, from when i was 18, i was taught a certain way of how to dress and undress. Which luckily for me was the way Don taught me.

I was allowed to explain, when i was growing up it was always pants first before vest/bra on dressing and pants last after vest/bra when undressing for me, others in PE were more mixed.

The only think i can think of is younger we had nothing to show up top.

So here is my question, to Sirs/Mistresses first, have you a preference?

Girl subs/slaves, which way around do you do it and do you choose your own undies?

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Busy Weekend - slave girl sara
Postad:15 september 2021 6:39 am
Senast Uppdaterad:16 october 2021 7:36 am
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Probably my last story for a while, i am thinking not enough people like and comment enough, which makes me feel they are not liked.
Will still add the odd quiz and funny post though, sara xx

Busy Weekend - slave girl sara

Last Saturday morning i woke sir in my usual way and was sent for my shower.
When i came back my pillows were set in the middle of the bed and i took my position.
When Marc came back from his shower he said i needed his mark and gave me 5 stripes on my sit spot, pulled me back, kissed each stripe and mounted me from behind, my tears of pain were soon overwhelmed with tears of pleasure.
We then showered together and had a good long cuddle.

We went down naked and swam together for a while, showered again and for some breakfast.
It was only a cereal and toast and my mums home made-marmalade.
Nothing was said over breakfast as to why i needed striping, i knew it was nothing imminent as i was singing at a concert at church in the afternoon i had organised.

Marc did a little office work and i waited for our grocery delivery, then put it away.
I dropped 2 tins the tiled floor and Mark made an appearance from his office and sat a kitchen stool.
I dropped of my house coat and went over his knee for a spanking my swelling stripes. I did not need an explanation why, but got one, on the lines of only pick what you know you can carry.

With that i was carried the lounge and we made the most perfect love our long leather settee.
He took and my guitar the hall he went off his football match.

I was after a year old magician who was nothing short of amazing.
I was called help him with 3 tricks and how the 7 of diamonds ended in my guitar case is a complete mystery .

I sang a medley of Simon and Garfunkel, Everly Brothers and Beach Boy songs i had grown with, then had the audience join in i played the first verse of every Beatles song you could "Imagine" they loved it.

I helped wash the tea cups and Marks mum said i was going home with them as Marc had a casino night in a hotel booked for someones birthday and was stopping over and would see us at church.
Then the stripes i had been given became clearer.

He had even packed me a small bag with clean undies and my toilet bag.
His dad kissed my forehead and patted my bottom in congratulations for the show i had organised.

We had dinner, a hot pot from her slow cooker and a half jacket potato.
We sat a little and i excused myself to the guest room, actually Marcs old bedroom.
I came out of the shower at the time his dad came in, not sure why but he mentioned my red bottom and lines.
He said he would be giving me my Maintenance in the morning and to wait in bed until he came in.
He swung me over his knee for a good girl spanking on my show, then onto fours for a fucking.
I so needed one at that time and embraced his attention, the first of quite a few that evening,

the sun came through the curtains i could hear the sounds coming down the corridor of his mum getting her maintenance, then steps coming towards my room.
I pulled down my pillows and just settled over them he reached my door.

He knocked and walked in, doubled belt in hand and took no time in leathering my bottom.
He lifted me , sat his knee and comforted .
He said he would leave the caning Marc when he came home from his afternoon of watching a professional game in the companies hospitality box and he would be there too.

I helped with breakfast and put my bedding to wash, i must be a domestic goddess now after keeping mine and Marcs house a couple of months.
I had to put my concert stuff back on and we went to church.
Marc was waiting for me on the steps and i nearly cried to see him, to be fair, i did cry.
I linked up with him and we walked into church.

Our Pastor led the , and would you believe his sermon was about secrets and the beauty of keeping them and of sharing them, hmmmm.

After the we had coffee, still socially distancing and some wore masks when convenient.
I saw Marc, his dad and my father chatting, could only be one outcome i guessed and i would feel it.
Marc kissed me and said i was go home with my parents and after dinner my Father would bring me home.
I was happy with that.

We snacked for lunch and mum led me my fathers study, knocked his door, squeezed my hand and pushed in.
I saw the junior cane the table and began undress.
I was not stopped and was soon naked.
My hands folded behind my back until i saw my father raise his eyebrows and i quickly put them on my head, his favoured place for them.

He walked round and examined my body, visually and not medically.
I was bent forward and the first 5 stripes over the fullness of my bottom were the last 5.
Only 5 but enough to have me crying bye the third.
I was stood and pulled into his arms he hugged and rubbed by bottom gently.
One soothed i slid down his body to my knees to thank him.

My mum showed the carton of plastic tubs, and lids, mark had sent to her, even better than the ones she had she said.
I cuddled her tight and put myself in quite a predicament in my thoughts.
If i had to make a decision there and then, where would i choose to live, my new home or mums?

We played a few board games and had dinner, just a small for me but i cleaned my plate.
They both took me home and left me all alone in our big house. i had a plan.

The front door opened and closed and Marc was met by a tightly pigtailed school girl, regulation olive green big knickers, navy blue gym tunic, white blouse, no bra until you were big enough to fill one, and white pumps.

I handed him a note;
Dear headmaster
I have sent sara to you this evening as i am sick and tired of telling her to be quiet and to stop putting her hands down her knickers front
She was also found by the janitor behind the bike shed with two boys, sucking their privates with her breasts on show.
The lines i give her make no difference at all to her attitude, perhaps you have some stronger lines you could give her.
Yours sincerely
Ida Slapter

He pushed my skirt, lowered my knickers my knees and pushed his cock through my legs.
Lifted off the floor with sat astride his stiff shaft and took upstairs like that, i think i may have cum every step.

I was stripped naked, put over his knee for a swift spanking and ordered bed, top of him.
We both slept through our alarms the following Monday and i was warned he would be home for lunch to administer the lines i was due.

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A Double Sleepover - slave girl sara
Postad:12 september 2021 1:13 am
Senast Uppdaterad:4 october 2021 7:39 am
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A Double Sleepover - slave girl sara

Marc told me on Thursday lunchtime he had a manager from one of the Midlands offices coming up for a meeting, he was bringing his PA who was also his girl friend/sub/slave not over sure what her actual title is.

Marc had stayed with them a few times and she bed warmed for him, as i will for his friend.
I suppose as he fucks his PA again in return.

For those who do not know the way our community/faith woks, here it is briefly.
The man of the house is responsible for the discipline of whoever is under his roof at the time.
If they get visitors the wife or a daughter, if old enough, acts as a bed warmer and gives sexual favours as requested.

So when Marc goes away he stays with such a family as indeed Don Brown used to.
When at home a lady is at the command of the head of house and again done as requested.
I think that is enough about how we live and will leave you with the fact, so no man from our local community/faith has ever been charged with adultery.

They arrived with Marc, who had picked them up from the station as i was sorting out lunch/dinner.
It was a big shop bought roasted chicken and already prepared roast potatoes, only to put in a tin in then oven, ready made Yorkshire puddings, just to warm as the potatoes cook and 3 bags of fresh microwave veggys.
I had done this meal a lot so was quite good art it, my mum did me some gravy she makes from stock, not over sure what stock is.

When finished the dinner i had a white loaf of bread to slice to mop up any gravy left on the plate and more gravy added if wanted and the remaining Yorkshire puddings on a plate to eat covered with golden syrup.
Both Yorkshire traditions i think meant to fill the family up, some even had the gravy soaked bread before dinner, so my gran says.

Adam was a big 6 foot handsome black man, Andi a 5-8 white girl with a body to kill for or trade your slave for!

He was in very smart casual shirt and slacks with his belt end hanging down a long way, as was the trend a few years ago.
She was in very little.

It was suggested by Marc a swim before dinner, i said i only needed 40 minutes as all was ready to go.
That fell into place the caning i got before he went to work, only 5 but like railway tracks, he used the senior, not hard but firm.
He turned out to be a BBC, Big Black Cock, which was on display as we all stripped naked to bathe.
Her nipples were like little pinkie ends, they looked delish.
As she turned to get in the water her bottom had more than a red hue.

We had all sorts of games with hoops, balls, and an inflatable flamingo, yes, we got one too.
Only an hour and i love them both so much already, we laughed and played like kids, i particularly liked swimming underwater between Adams legs, maybe thats another story, but i can disclose i needed help by grabbing things, me not being a very good swimmer,

Marc said it was now 3.00 so time i sorted our meal so i got out, wiped myself down and just popped on an apron mum gave me when i left home to sort the meal out.
The meal was a huge success as was the two bottles of wine and 2 bottles of Prosecco we devoured.
Those who know me know i am not a good drinker, as the photos Mark took on his phone show, but hey, i had a great time and only had a quarter of what they had.

I recall Adam wanted a pee and i had to take him and hold his willy facing the pot, it was a 2 hander for sure.
We went into the lounge for coffee and the men had brandy and i had a nap.

Marc woke me about 7.00, i was not hungover but felt a tad woozy, but raring to go.
I made a light supper of crackers and lots of cheeses for later an returned back in as the men were doing Andi from both ends, i knelt beside Sir with my knees open and arms folded behind my back, nipples stood to double attention.

She still got the double fucking and i got a fingering, id Sir was happy so was i.
Sir pulled out and i opened my mouth, gratefully and finished him off.
I was sent to kneel by Adam and had the pleasure of finishing him off too.

I was told to kneel by Andi and she was told to lie down to be fucked by me, ping ping, nipple alert.
I made sure i enjoyed the rewards of Sirs endeavour and tried to suck her sweet juices dry whilst she toe fucked me at the same time, we swapped positions, then pussy screwed, well all i knew and a little bit i did not.

The men got drinks and were wanking so we each finished of the others partner, as instructed i may add, not on our own volition.

I brought in the supper and we talked about our lifestyle, loves, hates, wants needs.
they put their drinks down and Sir pulled Andi over his knee, i looked at Adam and he patted his knee, i want over, pushing high to show off my proud stripes.

To cut to the chase Sir showed how a swift hard spanking was suffice, Andi was soon yelping as spank and her spank hit her sit spot.
I joined in the yelping harmony as Adam duplicated Sirs moves.
The fact he was hitting Sirs stripes coupled with his swollen cock pressing on my clit gave me a huge screaming climax which all heard, i was soon on the floor being relieved of my cum, as was Andi after her spanking.
You know what, we held hands and i felt happy Sir would be fucking her most of the night as she was bed warming him too.

We played and chatted a bit longer then at 10 me and Andi were sent to shower and get into bed ready for the man to arrive.
About 20 minutes and 2 cums later i heard them come upstairs.

Adam came in and i hooped out of bed and led him to the toilet for a pee.
I knocked his cock against my other hand to get rid of ant lingering drops.
I set his shower going and he was happy enough to shower himself so i waited to dry him.

I went into the bedroom and knelt in the slave position hoping for his Big Black Cock, i was not disappointed.
It filled my mouth semi hard so concentrated on licking it up and down his shaft to its fucking length.

He told me to assume my favoured position on the bed, so straight onto all fours on my knees and elbows.
He wet his hand and and rubbed it on my already soaking pussy and gently pushed in, and out, and in and out and Mmmmmmmm

Although so long he rarely hit my spot but when he did the contraction of my pussy on his shaft gave him a moan too.
He pulled out and i spun round to take his juice and taste my lovely juices too, i finished him of and he turned me over and finished me off too with a tongue as long as his cock.

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