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A Dirigible lost on the wind!

One soul, one life, and a shower of sparks.

Raking in blond hair !
Posted:Jul 17, 2024 8:07 pm
Last Updated:Jul 18, 2024 6:12 am
The threat was real ! Since an unknown age far behind us in history, a change came and the animals were forced to adapt.
I was watching the movie "Walkabout" and the ancient landscape and thorny reptile perfectly at home in the dry rocky and sometimes sandy place.
This landmass shows it was isolated from the rest of the World for a long time.
Generation after generation fought the Sun's dryness in blazing blueness each day a repeat of the one before.
Water, water.....
At times sparce but animals knew how to find it, they could smell it and some animals knew how to dig for it.
Then birds would flock, congregating and the sound of them spread the word that water was there!
Now the prophet warned of economic collapse and a landscape poisoned. Water good enough to drink is in short supply.
I decided to "get on it" to add more water to my emergency supplies. So maybe if worst comes to worst I'd still have my cup of tea, sweetened with honey. !

Boombastic and Dobalina feat.
Posted:Jul 16, 2024 5:05 pm
Last Updated:Jul 17, 2024 8:54 am
Faithless is returning back on stage too. How will that go without Max?

JD rolls in like a sherriff in the old west !
Posted:Jul 15, 2024 6:02 pm
Last Updated:Jul 18, 2024 12:33 am
Honestly , a lot of scared chickens went running trying not to get squashed under his feet !!!! Under his spur adorned boots rather. His "itchen fleas" ready to settle the argument as to what's best to bring to a gun fight.
Folks we got a battle on our hands !!!!!! Lets pop that corn and settle in for a old west shootout !!!! Now a screen play by Leone with a tough playing with flies !!!! Man that was a good movie, they don't build trains like they used to !

Affiliated !
Posted:Jul 15, 2024 3:41 pm
Last Updated:Jul 15, 2024 4:06 pm
For some reason my blog about deep states disappeared completely. Is Alt affiliated?

1 comment
Do you feel it ?
Posted:Jul 14, 2024 7:37 pm
Last Updated:Jul 16, 2024 4:13 pm
We've slipped into a new time, a joy like you've never felt before builds , the climax is coming. 666 is the end of a system, financiers lose their power and barter becomes the norm.
Great struggles begin in the fall, and a total collapse toward '25.
I wonder if people were blinded to alloy a prophesy to come true. The grazing bullet ? Are we really in some sort of hologram where the future is known?

Oh sh!t,,,, stunned by stupidity.
Posted:Jul 13, 2024 6:22 pm
Last Updated:Jul 14, 2024 11:36 am
outside rallies are just asking for it,FBI snipers with binoculars on the lookout. What a world !

You may not need a brain, afterall !
Posted:Jul 12, 2024 5:44 pm
Last Updated:Jul 14, 2024 3:58 pm
Now it is the nature of quantitative retention and resourcefulness that allows machines to do your thinking for you. Statistical anomalies and your reaction when the 'bad' thing is taken from you."psycological"
The spirit of the sky !
Is watching.
"Friends the 'divergents' live amongst us !"
I had to come up with a screwy movie plot that included T girls.
Something like Brad Pitt in 12 monkeys.
Over the top screwiness and UFO's Everything had to be tailored for.
Certifiable's unique in their way of being at the cutting edge of extraordinary events "what's about to hit".
The boss T had a way of getting her bitches (other T's) in order.
Her no bullshit walk told of a male but her thin waist and butt spoke feminine, it was too hard to tell.
She'd get your attention , giving you a playful kick to the nuts, so she knew about nuts.
Having some herself !
And she thought she knew how the hologram worked.
We were all basically connected in a soup of trans electromagnetic radiation..
That gave trans the advantage of being able to recoup the 'sways' and complex idiosynchronicities of the holographers.
What they were up to.
The plans they made.
The air had ears and it was in the faraday shielded trailers that the 60's rejects could express themselves without the hologram knowing anything about it.
Like the 'groovy guru' and Austin powers by nature and that led to entitlement, entitled to go back to the glorious sixties and even take more modern dance styles back to show them sixtians how to do it another way.
My T's on stage dancin and grooving doing Bony M.
Ha Ha my loose jointed brain was making progress.
The time lapse of crimes too so hideously out of sync with respectable clocks.
The chime of big ben stating that time must be an illusion.
Yes the only good movie could pick and chose a time.
Baroque in a world of wood, but with some porcelain hardness to poke your finger through.
T's in elegant 17th century style dress, another good point there that T's got left out of 'impotent history'. (One girl always used that term as history was so impotent !)
Let's fix that. Oh I think in earlier times maybe Egyptian a Goddess was endowed with items beyond the standard female.
So they may have been more liberal minded, like treasuring the oddity like Indians do the ones with traits of a monkey.
A monkey T, now lets throw that in there. A T with a beard with monkey characteristics who could foretell the future. Her off spring too gifted the same and we found one at an Indian marketplace.
An autistic, couldn't speak but his monkey friends told him what to draw, a prophesy for a nickle given to any tourist with a care.
Then our T with also the Nostradamus talent of peering through time by the use of mirrors. Entering the holographers personal spaces. Pulling their strings unexpectedly. So it would be a musical at its core barely a scene interfering with the song and dance choreography. "What do you think" I asked the crew, , they looked at each other before deciding that they loved it.
"It could work you know" ! Tom dish added ! Big enough to interest a big player too if wanted to go that way.

I sent 'Tomboy' over to ask her if she was 'packing junk'.
Posted:Jul 11, 2024 4:56 pm
Last Updated:Jul 12, 2024 3:08 pm
Side bets quickly followed.
Was she the one to star in our movie?
I started a critical commentary about the action of her buttocks, like a movie producer.
We all chipped in, things like the way she expressed dominance with the I.D.G.A. fuck.. aggressiveness in her curt little butt movements.
She was a thing of beauty anyway, no matter what side of the wall she swung her junk over.
I wanted to throw a ladyboy in with a beard, to add some flavor to the movie.
Or would that be horror?
I guess my likes deserve their own category.
Odd types enjoyed my humor too, I put together a bunch of my clips in a black label compilation that came at a high price.
Seems others liked my take on the ridiculousness of my work.
A friend from Singapore , a young quirky guy came to see me and it thrilled me how he worked.
The abuse he craved was really attention grabbing.
I could see how perfectly he'd fit into a movie scene I had going around in my head.
I put it to my friends to look around in their own cities to see what they could find.
One found military uniforms like the Cubans would wear and that done it for me.
Reminded me of a scene from James Bond, the one with that cool little jet craft, pure genius there.
I'm not sure that what I was producing would match any conflict though.
It was a beautiful piece of work though, fitted so stupidly with the bold but funny crap I'd already done.
It showcased the beautiful form of the young man.
I'd seen somewhere an account of a jungle scene where a captive was used in an unspeakable crime and many had and to turn that into something people could watch was truly shocking.
No one else wanted a part in it so I bribed them as best I could.
It's only a comedy I said, you'll see! You'll love it I promise you !
Some thought it dis gusting.
Basically the 'Cubans' took this singaporean , though you're supposed to think Japanese , as a prisoner and they tied him up in an unusual way.
Strung up and waiting as they smoked and played cards with brusque looks brought on from false beards stuck on.
An ancient rifle wit bayonet attached leant against the table.
Maybe their weapons were antiques like the cars they drove.
One Cuban managed a fire under a hotplate , pealing onions with an army pocket knife.
Camera angles were important and one zoomed over the card players to take in the prisoner.
He'd been curiously 'ham strung' by the ankles upside down with the legs drawn widec apart, those tender little buttocks zoomed in on, the asshole could be seen between those superb little buns, but why was he held like that?
I guess you've heard the story too !
What the Jap had for his lunch !
So when the hotplate was sizzling the onions one grabbed the ancient WWI bayoneted weapon and weapon in hand went into the room where the prisoner was held and we heard some appropriate sounds then he returned taking his prize over to the hotplate and plonking down the two cups of meat onto the hotplate, grinding pepper onto them as they sizzled then sticking a fork in.
We used lumps of pork.
It was so absurdly stupid everyone found it hard to keep a straight face.
The singapore man thought it was funny too but not fulfilling enough to quench his need!
The position he was held in he liked though so we did another scene like that, the whip tip occasionally sneaking between the butt cheeks to sting the asshole.
He loved that. We paid him well too, we liked to help him in any way we could. I even gave him a job as a masseuse at the bath house, he even did the cleaning and other odd jobs ,not afraid of work at all.
We'd bring his friends over in the future too.
They'd all get in the hot tub together and speak in another language.
So enjoyable to see and the morning sun was so beautiful.
I'd regained the feeling I had when I was young.
Feeling excited before some blossoming life changes.
I remember a monk who claimed he;d done that thinking it must be bullshit, but now I knew it was real, and maybe the way he described a mutated love was true too.
It seemed kind of permiscuous to abuse love in that way.
It was meant to be short and sweet I thought though I knew some were smitten for many years.
Buchanan for Nicks for instance.
Basically you'd find a way to let love simmer in your heart, without destroying it.
It would be the light of your soul !

What women want !
Posted:Jul 11, 2024 1:13 am
Last Updated:Jul 11, 2024 3:01 pm
A bath house !
One of my projects appeared in my stubborn brain , I'd set the place up for golfers and musicians and my kinky friends never really pandering to what women like.
It had to be pointed out to me by a woman. and I can't believe such a simple and happy project was right in front of me.
I had a special spot with a commanding view and I was too scared to put anything there , until a bath house was suggested to me and I'd found by accident that the wild animals that I fed would follow me , figuring out where I was, so I used that to get them to feed of my breakfast cereal in the partly enclosed garden at the bath house,.
Women loved long baths and now with my cuddly creatures about to feed and pat it became a known and appreciated holiday spot.
Safe too as no humans were anywhere near there.
So I setup a decent sound system and screen for blu-ray and a lot of bath tubs around some in a communal lounge and others privately walled and women loved it.
I even supplied the music, and blu-ray movies.
One I liked with Will Holden called the Earthling, the nature scenes especially in blu-ray were magical.
And they had the animals right in the garden to interact with.
The superb view to relax to and sip some wine.
Such a thrill to hear them say it was well recommended and groups of ladies booked it out.
Some lesbian groups too, I chatted with the lesbians too.
I showed them projects I was working on and I found they would with the machinery.
Digging holes with the excavator or dozer.
Who'd have thought women were into that?
I'd go down to the pub and hear the publican complain about his empty accommodation when I was full.
But I was helping him in other ways as my paying guests went there for a drink.
Crazy that for so long I never attempted anything, too cynical to think anything would work.

A "Goddess" by any another name !!!
Posted:Jul 9, 2024 5:29 pm
Last Updated:Jul 12, 2024 7:01 pm
It all meant the same thing.
Don't mess with me , and if you do you will pay the price for many who came before, the cheeky rude ones ,maybe feeling safe behind the counter of the Haberdashery, eyeing my plentiful form with cynicism.
He could sense the rage that burned within and her strong limbs would quickly answer her wickedness.
The b0y would know that.
The "Queen" knew her stuff, thrusting with abandon to take her b0y to a higher place.
A place of unapologetic joy of the senses.
The crudeness involved in achieving that!!!!!!
Was her forte , sadistic to the core !
Enlivened by her crime, something inside her sought fulfillment in her special kind of way.
And it now seemed the perfect time to take to him with the whip !!!!
His little buttocks would now come alive to her punishing whip strokes, bruising and reddening the bum !!!!!!!!!!
It was a scene of role playing and she wanted it that way, I felt nice in the suit she'd chosen, feeling fresh from my bath.
And yes there'd be a tie, a blue one and I'd see to her requests about what would look good on her.
What would look good on her?
A raincoat !
In my mind a circus was going on ' Al Bundy sarcasm, was rife in my thoughts.
If I got it right I'd get my reward.
Have my nice long hair ruffled by her menacing grip.
She requested the items to be delivered in person by me to the address she gave me on a piece of paper.
Would I be in for a tip?
I(t was out in the bush somewhere and iron items hung on a stump, I'd seen similar before when coming across them in a book.
I gave a shudder , at realizing that this place was where they were used.
Lincoln would put a stop to it and Henry ford would replace those workers with tractors.
I must have missed something, a gate perhaps as this all of a sudden didn't look the same place anymore.
Also my clothes had changed, and a girl appeared carrying a tray of tea stuff through a door out onto the porch.
Then I noticed the manacles on my wrists, and a feeling of dread ran through me.
I knew then that I would be used for entertainment, a skinny wh#te boy on the wrong side of the colored rulers.
They came out in their own time once the tea stuff was set, engaged in small talk idly taking their seats waiting for the show to start.
One looked at me commenting on what a wisp of a boy I was ,and that the "Mistress" had something special lined up for me.
Was it a whipping post?
I should have known , but I'd dropped out of school and didn't know much of the World.
Oh I did manage to read Huckleberry Finn, and now I felt I could do with a wide river and a raft, to get away from my pursuers.
Maybe this was some kind of test , that I had to get through that to get to the pearly gates.
They poured the tea and enjoyed sponge soft cakes and I wanted one too.
They smiled at sensing what I thought.
There'd be no "fairy" cakes coming my way.
Only the bull lash of the whip strung and stripped naked.
The hoe in the field stuck in the ground at the point where I would do no more,
Protesting about my miserable wage.
I angled myself away from the prying eyes and whip to protect the little dignity I had left. Now all of them would see my runty little bum, I was so ashamed of that.
But I presented that to the whip as I didn't have much choice.
The thong cracked in the air behind the user at it was drawn high in the air before it flashed down and caught me good on the buttocks.
A slicing pain at that and noise from the group, then another and another..............
And eventually I found In was in an odd looking room, like a survivalists bunker, I looked around and then back to the words I'd written down.
It needed work, didn't catch the points I wanted made.
I put the kettle on for some hot tea, with honey as the sweetener.
I sipped as I considered my problem........................................and put some Neil Diamond on the player !


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