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A Japanese obedient submissive, looking for a lifelong master with BDSM and filthy plays

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Medlem sedan: 11 november 2019

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Kön:   Kvinna
Födelsedatum:   12 juli 1984
(37 år.)
Astrologisk Kompatibilitet
Bor i:   秩父, 埼玉, Japan
Längd:   Föredrar att inte säga
Kroppstyp:   Atletisk
Rökning:   Jag röker inte
Dricker:   Jag dricker socialt emellanåt
Droger:   Föredrar att inte säga
Utbildning:   Föredrar att inte säga
Etnicitet:   asiat
Sexuell Läggning:   Hetero
Talar:   Engelska, Tyska, Japanska
Hårfärg:   Föredrar att inte säga
Hårlängd :   Föredrar att inte säga
Ögonfärg :   Föredrar att inte säga
Glasögon eller Kontaktlinser :   Föredrar att inte säga

Jag tycker ALT livsstil:   Föredrar att inte säga
Roll:   Föredrar att inte säga
Erfarenhetsnivå:   Föredrar att inte säga
Klädsel:   Föredrar att inte säga
Social Inriktning :   Föredrar att inte säga
Säker Sex:   Föredrar att inte säga
Hållning:   Föredrar att inte säga

Religion: Föredrar att inte säga

37 årig Kvinna i 秩父, 埼玉, Japan Söker: Män

NiimMasakos Profil
Hello! I am living alone in rural area of Japan, have been looking for a western man as both of my lifelong master and husband. I want to relocate to his country as his obedient wife, but same time just like a pet, much lower status than an ordinary wife... I love sports, especially jogging and volleyball, playing so hard until getting exhausted. During playing sports, I usually sweat so much. I love my face, body and bare legs all covered with my fresh sweat, or keep my PE outfits soaked with my old sweat, unwashed for weeks until they stink so strongly like dirty rotten wet clothes... I expect both odors show me so active, cheerful and playful for physical exercises and self-trainings... I go jogging into forest and hiking around hills and mountains near my home, where there are lots of trees and bushes. I run alone every morning and sometimes late night, even rainy or snowy days, with a smile of pleasure and joy, putting very thin tight short knickers just look like panties which are called bloomers in Japan, also tight half sleeve PE shirts and pure white socks with cheap white sneakers on, without bras nor panties regardless of season, to feel light and smooth for my pleasure. I had grown up at a poor rural village surrounded by mountains, always smelling both of pig and cow shit odor strongly, where only few farmers live. There I had been disciplined, trained hard by my step dad and strict volleyball coaches. Through their hard trainings I became a pure obedient, polite, shy, submissive but unsophisticated country girl who had been obsessed with a strong strict dominant and even sadistic man. Also I have to write about my dirty fetish, I have been dirty not only with sweat but mud and sand while practicing volleyball and lots of physical exercises outdoor. Furthermore I have to confess with so shameful feelings, while practicing volleyball I had been peeing much, and even pooping a little, both inside my bloomers, because of no rest time was allowed during practices lasted for hours a day. I had been thinking and expecting my step dad would be very pleased and satisfied whenever I tried so hard and do best only for playing sports, not for showing myself good. So I always did my utmost effort to play so hard even until peeing and pooping ... I feel a cheerful pleasure by degrading myself so much and became loving smells of my own piss and poo... During my jogging, I shamefully have masturbations with fingers in woods...sometimes run into dirtiest old ruined public toilet in the forest park, and throw my T-shirt, bloomers, even white long socks into the urinal to let them dirty and stink...When the urinal is too dry I soak them with my own pee....and again put them on, finally much more and more shamefully, I have much squirting on the dirty stinking toilet floor... Also I have to confess that I feel big pleasure and ecstasy of humiliation when I pee and poop inside the ruined toilet in the forest park, or just on the ground behind trees in the forest... As a result of hard physical and mental trainings, I became a polite and obedient submissive, but same time rather a strange, kinky girl who always expect and want to be trained hard, degraded and humiliated with filthy, dirty and perverted treatments, also pain punishments, being called abusive names by dominant men. I have been so obedient for men, do immoral sexual plays just as orders without any hesitations to satisfy and please them. I really believe I was just born to serve and please men, especially one western man for lifelong as both of his sex snd domestic slave. But honestly saying, I love rough sex itself so much, especially BDSM sex plays, with lots of pain and dirty or erotic humiliation. So it must be my ultimate pleasure being used as a pure obedient dirty sex slave, who would accept rough bare sex many times a day obediently, and make myself exhaust so much, sleep on smelly pasture grasses weakly in a dirty cage just with a bowl for both my urinal and meals, also a metal bucket for my defecation... In the cage or barn I might be kept chained and collared... Also I would cry so easily like a baby and squirt so much and so often just like pee when men abuse, tease, molest and punish me. I have been treated as a BDSM submissive, being slapped, spanked, whipped, often tied with hemp ropes tightly, gagged and collared, sometimes cuffed, to accept disciplines...and humiliated with continuous enema, accepting piss and sperm as bukkake on my face or into my mouth, saliva and phlegm exchanging repeatedly, also rubbed my own or men's feces on my cheeks to degrade me.... When I meet foreign men on dates, I have been often said by them, I seem so innocent, young, pure, unsophisticated and honest looking, just like a typical village-grown rural Asian girl, always smiling with shining pink cheek skin almost or totally without make-up, and slim body with sweat smell or just a little, slight soap odor, instead of perfume and cosmetics... Most of foreign men said my charming points are shaved tight smooth pussy and its cheesy, sour sweet flavor, squirting much like pee, shining skins especially cheeks, making myself in flexible body position for accepting hot seeds of men eagerly, sucking their cocks and vacuuming sperm also licking their ass so passionately... and also very obedient polite attitude to men, always smiling with my half opened mouth... I want my master would own, train, control, discipline, punish, torture and fuck me roughly anytime as his property. I would surely do, not only sexual services but also house services, such as cleaning and cooking. I need a strong foreign man in a foreign country (not any race man living in Japan nor Asia) as my master and a superior dominant husband. I love to go foreign countries, so I have ever been to Europe (UK, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary), Hawaii, Guam, HongKong, Australia and India, all were only my alone trip, except India where I visited with a college lecturer man. I prefer a white or a black tall man living in Europe or Americas, who used to BDSM and dirty plays... [if254 1]

Min Ideal Person:
I am looking for a strong strict dominant man in western country as my lifelong master and husband. I do not want to be a girlfriend or a lover...but just a submissive pet or a sex slave for lifetime, at same time I want to be his wife, not equal partner but a belonging to him...

I also like to be humiliated and degraded so much, so I look for a man who could use me by filthy ways...

And I expect my master would treat me rough and dirty, let me accept BDSM plays with various his tools and equipments, also pee plays, enema and more dirty things...So he must be very much into dirty plays...

I love a farm, maybe because I used to live at a poor village, I helped farmers after every morning jogging when I was a junior high school student, by cleaning feces of livestocks at cow barns and pig barns, always with my sweaty jogging PE outfits in summer.
My dreams is... living in rural place especially at a farm, almost no one live near, only my master and me are living together there, or if my master lives in a town, being captured, bound at a basement or cage at my master's house, where no one could find me...

I imagine my master would train, discipline, punish, torture me inside a dirty barn or basement, cage, and I must scream so loud, but no one could hear my cries...
And he must keep fucking me so roughly, have a big passion to pour his dense sperm into my narrow vagina and tight asshole many times a day....He would keep yelling that he has to make me bred with his seeds, or coat my whole body and face with both of his white milk and yellow piss to fix his odor on my skin, and finally he would declare conquering me totally...

I dream a western master would use me not only as a human sex slave but rather as his property material such as a sperm bag or a toilet paper...always both my big pleasure to please and satisfy him...

I am sorry I am not going to play cybersex or command -do play games. Please do not contact me if you just want to say "Please take your panties off, and then...." I do not have such time....

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